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  1. Hey, its been a LONG time since ive been on here. I was a very avid PS3 player of DD1 until online play shut down. I now have an Xbox One and am very pleased that Trendy listened and released DD2 on Xbox. I currently am Ascension 15 and I need some help farming Chaos 2 for some shards, specificaly for my Gunwitch. If you can help msg me, my GT is MeiodicRain (The first "i" is capital) Thanks ^~^
  2. In the eternia shards DLC maps there are different 'pets' that you can interact with that give you mana and sometimes items. Mistymire are shroomites, Morrago are Donkeys, Aquanos are Seahorses, and Sky City are Prop Cats
  3. Hey, I was wondering if there is anyone here that still plays the 360 version? I used to play ps3 but online servers shut down. I cant find a SINGLE game on 360 where ppl arent using modded gear and I'd like some legit ppl to play with ^-^ ~GT Rainbeat1209
  4. Hey guys, idk if some of you remember me, i used to play on ps3 but then online play for it got shut down. I recently got the 360 version and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help power lvl me and stuff. No modded items or anything pls. If you can, hit me up, my GT is Rainbeat1209
  5. Banned because I don't know what you are talking about
  6. Banned because I cant think of a reason to ban you
  7. Banned because you are on Defense Council and im not
  8. im actually pretty excited. I just hope Disney doesn't mess it up. star wars is a classic.
  9. Hey, its me, I haven't posted in a VERY LONG time, but I thought I would see whats been up. I was wondering, how many PS3 DD players there still are. I know that after the online service went down I kinda just forgot about it. but I know that a few ppl said they would still play.
  10. aww filly Derpy is cute :3 Infinity/10
  11. Xylophone (I would actually love to have it in mine, but the space it takes up is the reason why I don't)
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