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  1. No Ellie Goulding?!.... I'll back out quietly, now. (props to the art team, though).
  2. Currently enjoying Too Young by Phoenix. (video) Not that I'm working out now, lol, but this is one of my playlist (pic) Frou Frou is the bomb, and so is Muse.
  3. Idk how u kept your list so short, Laura! You have me- Gungor Bella's Regionals- Barden Bellas (pitch perfect sound track) Kind- Eisley (all-time fav band of all Time and Time, again) Adam Lives in Theory- Lauryn Hill 1000 Words- FFX-2 Still Sane- Lorde Chimie Physique- Yelle Like a Star- Corrine Bailey Rae Killing me Softly- The Fugees (yes I like my oldies, WAT?) Your Love- The Outfield Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper Valerie (Live BBC radio version)- Amy Winehouse First Train Home- Imogen Heap Passion- Utada Hikaru so manyyyy
  4. The Squire: Chris Hemsworth The Huntress: Emma Roberts The Apprentice: Justin Long The Monk: Tahj Mowry
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