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  1. We had a bet around the office about how quickly you all would figure these things out. I guessed it would be 100% discovered by the end of the first day. I'm out 20 bucks, by the way... Looks like you guys and gals are on the right track, keep looking.
  2. how about... "Angel Feet" -Hero is healed for X% over Y seconds every time they jump. "Spring Shoes" -Hero jumps X% higher "Brand-Spankin'-New Kicks" Enemies are dazzled by your shiny new kicks, and are stunned for X seconds every time you jump. None of these are confirmed, mind you. Ideation is just fun. Ya'll got any more? Feel free to share!
  3. Lawlta don't call the shots! I'm adding a Ric Flair hero immediately!
  4. We love the Barbarian as much as you all do, and can't wait for him to make a return!! We did some work on him, and I even posted a .gif in a Dev log a little while ago, but he's not done yet. Eventually he will get the attention he deserves and our old friend will make his long awaited debut.
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