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  1. What I liked about the summoner was that he offered an entirely unique way to play and the flavour of a summoner is really to my tastes. I do feel that he was lacking in certain respects - I think that a separate and full DU was a mistake, and in order to balance this his minion's damage was sub-standard compared to the other heroes. I do however feel that out of perhaps all the heroes, the Summoner has the most scope for some really exiting changes - the only limit is the minions he copies! Or he could even have unique minions. Till then I guess I'll just go with the Apprentice :(
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone had any info on whether the :summoner: Summoner from DD1 would be coming back in DD2. The Summoner was by far my favourite class, even with its imperfections, and with a bit of tweeking (but I hope not too much change from its original concept!) I feel it would be my favourite in DD2, as I love the kind of gameplay that the Summoner evokes. Also as an aside, with the new focus on character lore, it would be interesting to see what direction they took the Summoner. Thanks.
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