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    Item Check Thread

    https://imgur.com/a/ZZlBYD3 https://imgur.com/a/UjuCTVW Farmed mahself...
  2. Sadly, I have stopped playing because of this. Hope it gets fixed in a future patch....
  3. I sell my better ones for 2B as well. I classify better as positive hero stats with starting pet damage at 23k+. I have these 3 I haven't put in to stock yet, just let me know if you want them. http://imgur.com/a/P4Qql
  4. Cleared that one for ya just now and the player was banned already a bit ago. Thanks a ton!
  5. I was happy to see them clear the Moonbase ones, but there is currently another hacker in the #1 spot for NM Moonbase.
  6. Have they nerfed Tavern Defense? I have played it a few times since the last update and didn't notice any difference.
  7. More cores = fewer mobs. I do a 1 core build because it is the first one I was successful with and I'm too lazy to try any others, but I pay for it as my matches take 10+ more minutes than folks who do a 3 core build. I guess a 1 core would produce more drops as there are more mobs. There may be other differences I am not aware of...
  8. Oh, still alive and playing DD1 almost daily. Fallout 4 and work are eating into my DD1 treasured time.
  9. Nice to see such a strong build and fast time. Could I hope to come close to this without event items? I was playing other games when the events were happening and I like to use self farmed stuff as trading for event items is a bit dicey IMHO.
  10. Well.......I've been insulted quite a few times. I'm not what you'd call a 'good' player, more of a just keep trying until I get it done. I've had my builds insulted on more than one occasion(quite rudely), and well, they aren't elegant so maybe I deserved it. I've also been ridiculed several times about how many achievements I don't have for the hours I've put into the game. It's true, I should have them all, but I really don't care about achievements. Hell, I've been straight out followed around and trolled because I kicked obvious h4x. Yeah, on the whole it is a pretty mature comm
  11. OK, I have to be stupid. I can not get an image to show on my posts. I have done it before on lots of forums, and even here, but I just can't get this one to show up. any tips? Here's what I am trying to show... https://imgflip.com/i/rglik
  12. Thanks for the replies guys! I just found it weird that I seem to be lucky with Ult++ blasters, kinda lucky with Bloodshots so far, but never above an Ult Obsidian or even Pawnshot, and I have run Akhatiti and KG a hundred times each. Still, I'll keep grinding for the Ult++ Bloodshot. I do it NMHCMM with 3 other Apps, and yeah, Nova's guide is what got me trying for one.
  13. So, I have been trying for a week or so to get an Ult++ Bloodshot staff. I have gotten 3 Ult+ staffs. Seems they are dropping well. My question is, I have tried for Ult++ blasters, and Ult++ Obsidians. I have several Ult++ Blasters, several Ult+ blood shots, but no Ult++ Obsidians. So, are Ult+ bloodshots common, but Ult++ Bloodshots super rare?
  14. Why those waves, do you enjoy upping? i hate it. Horse runs Aquanos survival is my fav as well. Just curious, how long does it take you to build a horse only run?
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