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  1. I would use it if it worked on ranked but it doesnt This is exactly the reason modding won't go very far as is. The real game is played in ranked mode, and no mods work in ranked mode. Hopefully trendy is going to jump on this and make some sort of mod certification process, otherwise any sort of mods will be DOA for exactly this quoted reason.
  2. Nope. But if I was going to attempt to, I would at least sit at my computer while I was playing. I might watch a football game or something on TV.. but all of this talk about going to bed/work/school and letting the game run is ridiculous imo. Getting to wave 30 on survival can take 25 hours. How many football games were you planning on watching? ;)
  3. "Call Apogee and say Aardwolf" I'm kind of curious if the devs thought this would result in anything other than people finding this secret almost immediately and then leaking it on the internet. I'm surprised I haven't seen it on this forum until now, honestly. Other places were talking about it last week. If Apogee's trick was figured out and leaked to everyone when that game came out almost 20 years ago, and now we're living in the instant-data era... well, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, I suppose.
  4. For people who want a quick way to find better equipment, just look for green dots on the minimap. Green dots don't take upgrades into account. At the very least, it needs to compare the un-upgraded version of your item to the item on the ground. If you only look at green items, you'll ignore items that would actually be better than what you have, if you just put a few levels of upgrade into them.
  5. Really? Wave 30? Wouldn't that take HOURS? At least. Once you get up to wave 15 or so a single wave can literally take more than an hour to complete. I shudder to think what wave 30 would be like. This isn't so much a challenge of skill as it is a challenge of patience. I'm curious if a dev would care to comment, assuming for argument that each creep walked out the door and died almost instantly, exactly how many hours (days?) in real time would it take for waves 1 - 30?
  6. Clearly something is wrong here then. Either the listed attack speed, which I assume is coming from using a tower after you've built it, is reporting incorrectly, or the tower is firing at the wrong speed.
  7. 1. Because it's funny. 2. Are you also offended by female characters in games who are dressed in what amounts to a chainmail bra and panties?
  8. I don't think the point is whether the class is overpowered or not, but it's pretty clear that the class doesn't have a downside. It's easy to point out the weakness of every other class. Can anyone tell me what the squire's weakness is?
  9. If hacked 2 billion point scores are 'okay' in these versions, why even have a leaderboard and why show the top player on the forge? Limit leaderboards and the forge place of honor to the ranked version.
  10. Pure physical immunity is probably a bad idea since the squire couldn't do anything at all to them without an elemental effect weapon. However, you could make 'armored' versions of the creeps who take only 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4th physical damage. That makes more sense and allows the squire to still deal with them, while still having those 'oh crap' moments that the other classes have when a creep immune to their element comes down their lane.
  11. In solo mode it does, anyways. I've gotten an extra 1000 mana between hitting "Return to Tavern" and actually loading into the tavern before, when I left stuff all over the floor. That may be true, I admit to not testing it thoroughly. I know when you hit next level it makes a point of saying on screen how much mana for items you get, while hitting the tavern button just jumps to a loading screen, after a misleading message that your progress will not be saved.
  12. Buying power in a game is a terrible idea, always. Adding in micro-transactions to buy in-game power after release is about the worst idea I've ever heard. The line of people asking for refunds would be miles long. I'm almost tempted to root for it, just because it would be amusing to watch the internet's collective head explode.
  13. 'Next level' will also sell and divvy up the mana for anything left on the floor. Return to tavern, I believe, does not. So if you're leaving junk weapons on the floor to be auto-sold, that can be a problem.
  14. Has anyone tried this script? It works as advertised, but testing on an Apprentice it does lose maybe 10-15% of the damage you would do by spam clicking. Not ideal, but better than a broken mouse.
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