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  1. Once in Yaissor (by Valera Entertainment on Steam)
  2. Sorry, I'm not going to be entering the giveaway. I'm just here to help clarify things from what I'm understanding from the current context ^^ For those who don't understand the rules: This giveaway is similar to Plane's giveaway(Please DO NOT necropost on this giveaway, the giveaway is over and I'm only using this link as an example for others to read). The only difference is that there are two winners per screenshot and there aren't raffle winners, only matching screenshot winners. For those who say "they don't have diamonds or gear to match the picture": Before following these directions su
  3. Since it's close to valentines, why not an attempt to draw a carebear ^^
  4. Eyyy, Thanks for the giveaway :) Steam Build Screenshot 1 Build Screenshot 2 Build Map Display Polly n' I Players,Wave, and Difficulty My list: CelebrationAmorBlu
  5. 1) 13 2) Bent Knife 3) 13 years and 5 months 4) Sea lion 5) Udon
  6. Yey wishlist time :D 1) Mail DPS Set for barb (Sup/Ult) 2) Plate DPS Chest & Gloves for DPS Monk (Ult) 3) Leather or Plate Tower Set for Apprentice (Sup/Ult) (Just made one and not so sure about what stats to prioritize so pick based on your preference pls ^^) 4) Mail Tower Helm for Squire (Sup/Ult) (Hp/Rate/Dmg) 5) 5 Tower Bracers 400+ dmg, if possible 5 accs w/ 3 sides w/ 2 atleast 200+ hp, if not 3 accs w/ 4 stats(2 with 200+ hp) and 2 w/ 3 stats (hp/rate/dmg) 6) 3 DPS Bracers 400+ dmg, 2 with ab2, 1 without 7) 2 Tower Masks 400+ dmg all 4 stats 8) 1 DPS Mask 400+ dmg w/ ab2 9) 1 Tower
  7. Added on steam to discuss details^^ (timezone, availability, etc.)
  8. Group Photo Story: This was when i was farming Buccaneer Bay about 3 months ago, I used emulators and completed the run and got my rewards but mobs kept spawning and killing my characters over and over again :C Story Pic I choose lucky numbah 7 ^^
  9. Tower 1 Tower 2 Heroes My Profile Moonwalk's Profile I ran together with moonwalk he wanted me to post for him since he forgot screenies :) Moonwalk's favorite tower: atherial trap My favorite tower: Ogre Minion Edit: Tiger-Hell NL also wanted me to add him on. Steam Profile(can't hyperlink it): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014233812/ Tiger-Hell NL's favorite tower: Harpoon
  10. Kana, You're just like my mana, You're plentiful and fill up my bank. Just ignore the fact that the opener didn't rhyme, because our DD builds just chime. Acen's "newb" godly set, Isn't as adorable as how your propeller cat gets pet. If only those radiant blue eyes could be seen, On the OOP Twitch Stream in my screen, (#KanaCamOrRiot) So i could watch you call an evil cow, a De - mooooness with a 666 tower damage stat. Unfortunately, I still don't know what rhymes with "Kana", but we can still chat. ;) PS: #Lea, Pixel, Kana, Rubby Cam Or Riot
  11. Theo is the winner https://www.twitch.tv/orderofparadox/v/112694692 This is the video of them streaming the raffle, skip to 00:45:00
  12. Bump, C/O Updated, IC added, and end date added
  13. Currency/Items accepted: Cubes Coal 6:1 Diamonds 4/10/15 IC: Self farmed, IC Link No reserve, a bid within 2 hours of the end date will increase the time limit by 24 hours End date: 1/12/17 10 PM MST C/O: 5 Cube (Michili) - Winner, waiting for him to contact me :)
  14. IC pls, uncensored sent to Acen, Atlas and Caimen
  15. Bump, C/O changed, End date increased due to bid within 8:00 - 9:59 PM MST Bid ends in 7 hours and 36 minutes
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