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  1. Once in Yaissor (by Valera Entertainment on Steam)
  2. Sorry, I'm not going to be entering the giveaway. I'm just here to help clarify things from what I'm understanding from the current context ^^ For those who don't understand the rules: This giveaway is similar to Plane's giveaway(Please DO NOT necropost on this giveaway, the giveaway is over and I'm only using this link as an example for others to read). The only difference is that there are two winners per screenshot and there aren't raffle winners, only matching screenshot winners. For those who say "they don't have diamonds or gear to match the picture": Before following these directions subscribe to this map. When you launch the game and head to the main menu, you most likely hit "Play Online" and then join the "Ranked" multiplayer mode. While in the "Ranked" multiplayer mode after you select a character on the bottom left of your screen there is an "Export To Open" button(This button replicates your ranked stats, characters, and items in Open mode) press esc twice to go back to the main menu and then go to "Play Online" and instead of joining "Ranked" multiplayer, join "Open" multiplayer. Please do keep in mind, anything you do in open is not saved in "Ranked" mode, however, it may be a fun mode to play around in because you're able to play on community made maps. Host a private game and then right below "Campaign" and "Challenges" is a "Custom Missions" button, press this and select "Mod: Event Armory Shipment". On this map, you're able to get free gear to help do events in Open, you just need to attack the training dummies and the map will add the items to your item box. TLDR: Subscribe to Tavern Armory shipment and just grab the free gear there to enter this giveaway. Thanks for hosting this giveaway for the community Jyutta! :)
  3. Since it's close to valentines, why not an attempt to draw a carebear ^^
  4. Eyyy, Thanks for the giveaway :) Steam Build Screenshot 1 Build Screenshot 2 Build Map Display Polly n' I Players,Wave, and Difficulty My list: CelebrationAmorBlu
  5. 1) 13 2) Bent Knife 3) 13 years and 5 months 4) Sea lion 5) Udon
  6. Yey wishlist time :D 1) Mail DPS Set for barb (Sup/Ult) 2) Plate DPS Chest & Gloves for DPS Monk (Ult) 3) Leather or Plate Tower Set for Apprentice (Sup/Ult) (Just made one and not so sure about what stats to prioritize so pick based on your preference pls ^^) 4) Mail Tower Helm for Squire (Sup/Ult) (Hp/Rate/Dmg) 5) 5 Tower Bracers 400+ dmg, if possible 5 accs w/ 3 sides w/ 2 atleast 200+ hp, if not 3 accs w/ 4 stats(2 with 200+ hp) and 2 w/ 3 stats (hp/rate/dmg) 6) 3 DPS Bracers 400+ dmg, 2 with ab2, 1 without 7) 2 Tower Masks 400+ dmg all 4 stats 8) 1 DPS Mask 400+ dmg w/ ab2 9) 1 Tower Hat 400+ dmg w/ all sides 10) 2 DPS Hats 400+ dmg w/ ab2 Collecting: 11) All negative stat cursed annatar accs 12) All negative stat cursed armor set 13) Ult/Ult+/Ult++ Hydrostaffs (Staff farmed from survival aquanos) Take your time checking for these, I'm not in a rush :P I'll add "Edit: " if i ever need anything else, Thanks for checking Moonwalk :D
  7. Added on steam to discuss details^^ (timezone, availability, etc.)
  8. Group Photo Story: This was when i was farming Buccaneer Bay about 3 months ago, I used emulators and completed the run and got my rewards but mobs kept spawning and killing my characters over and over again :C Story Pic I choose lucky numbah 7 ^^
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