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  1. Please view the following thread about pet deletion, don't accidentally delete your pets! This is not meant as a re-post but just a warning to other DD2 players. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128720/pets-getting-deletedduplicated
  2. Here is a video showing that when you double click pets to equip them, they can delete. An update from this video is that some of these pets will go into your scavenger, however not all of them(or the scavenger becomes full in some way). Most of my useful/evolved pets (all but 1) are still gone. One of my Bearkiras returned, however the other seems to be lost. It is also possible to duplicate your Bearikas (though this only seems possible when you have 2 Bearkiras).
  3. Me and my friend are here to join anyone trying to figure this out, add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/thiefofalways/
  4. Go back to gates on campaign. Xp gear drops their but isnt super common since their arnt very many drops overall. I did about 10 runs of it to get me a weapon for all the classes, chest peice, and I think boots. It doesnt take to long to do it though, and it helped me level about 7 characters so far. I don't think they're actually worth farming for though, they only reward experience based on enemies killed by heroes or enemies killed by defenses and the majority of your experience comes from completing a wave / totally completing a level. Would be worth slotting them on if you picked some up by chance but yeah. Hmm, Yeah I went back and found a few items but you do make a good point Mouldy. However If I use this same gear to level multiple characters it might prove useful in all. But I didn't think about that too much actually hah. :(
  5. So when I was leveling I found a few items that gave me +exp%... however, since then I've found nothing even after going back to lover levels and even campaign mode. Am I missing something?
  6. Thanks [[31593,users]] I'll be watching this later tonight, in my dark room, by myself. Though I might fast-forward to the good parts, 50min is pretty long ;) zektiv
  7. [[43511,users]], whoever had it unlocked - I don't think he means completed. Just that you were working on it or had it as a quest. That's how I understood it because I also completed on the 28th and got another Bearika.
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