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  1. SID: ivoferro LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ivoferro?l=portuguese
  2. Damn sword!!! xD That's the real hibrid set! eheh
  3. Just a heads up, most people only upgrade genies to 29k, then use the rest of them ups for stats. If they don't do this, I recommend taking a look at this: http://forums.dungeondefenders2.com/showthread.php?92933 I mean with 61k u got 500 mana, and to a faster upgrader u might want it, its worth. And the 62k i said on title its to take an idea how good the genie is, u upgrade the genie for however u need it.
  4. Currency accept: Cubes, coal, diamonds. coal to cubes: 6:1 Item checked by Simian Minimum bid: 1cube or 6coal C/O: B/O: 6cubes
  5. I will take a ticket, SID on tag. Thanks
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