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  1. I also play a lot of solo. U might want to build a booster monk that helped me a lot during boss fights. Is this an AFK char that you level up hero boost on or something similar? I'm more then happy to give everything a try once :P
  2. To be honest, I've managed to come up with and do my own builds and adaptations which have worked for me allowing me to get through Kings Game on insane for the weapons when I had crap stats, and even some nightmare maps, making use of a DPS monk with the aura to heal towers, then hero for killing down ogres and such. Not wanting to seem egotistical I just felt I had to put ALOT of work into the early transition to nightmare to get where I am today. I want to try firstwave NM akatiti just to see if I can survive. Sure as hell wont do the boss even with just 1 char out but would be fun to ge
  3. One more thing. The obsidian gear from Akatiti is actually more powerful than it looks by the numbers. You should actually compare the damage numbers from using the weapons. Apparently the hero damage scaling for obs weapons is much greater than for most. I.e., a 20k obsidian sparus will do more damage than a 20k floor drop. My most powerful weapon is a 48K obs Clava on my jester that can do 4 to 6 million DPS in nightmare. That's very interesting to know, does this work for say all of them? Including the ones for the barbrians? I just threw one away because it was not as good but knowing th
  4. As an update I downed the kraken and have begun farming myself a better seahorse, no luck as of yet. I did have to put basically ALL my minons where the kraken spawned and die my way through it... Although I am seeing the benifit of Atkatiti jungle on insane I have yet to yield anything of real worth in about 10 runs sadly, but I will keep going. NM Kings game weapon rewards have been doing until now. I am able to just about do this with 3-AFK's for the last wave. It takes awhile but I've managed to get a defence which works for insane. Just 430 Million HP when I do about 350K per bolt with
  5. Thanks for the fast reply, maybe I didn't invest enough in to resistances or something I still feel my char takes a crap load of damage when hit sometimes as for AQ... EDIT - Most of the chars are 78+ at time of writing. My DPS monk is 90 because I use him the most to get me through difficult progression levels. The problem was I could not do the campaign version of AQ NMHC, the kraken is a broken boss by ANY person who has tried. I actually literally just this second did it, by massing so many minions with healers and archers with 2 spiders that my main goal was to direct the krakens b
  6. Good afternoon! I've been playing Dungeon Defenders awhile now, been reading alot of guides hints and tips of how to get somewhere and I am to all extents a solo player, I like to play games and beat them my way without the aid or support of people boosting me. However, despite my love of the game...the difficulty curve and gear curve is utterly, totally broken, poorly balanced and wrong. Short of farming certain maps hundreds of times hoping for that one random drop which rolls the stats you require(Which by the way is not a fun thing to do), not only this getting INTO nightmare at the
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