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  1. Query on what people are finding useful for the Mystic, and also what if any you have found/use for Lava and EV2 builders
  2. I really wish the Steam tie-in worked better on my Samsung and I could use this forum at all on my iPhone. But I digress.. I've posted several times over the course of the DD2 years on this one - very excited to see progress on this finally! #1 search/sort/filter and stack these Eg looking for frosty equippable on my EV for a certain slot. Looking for a mythical or better ipwr/lvl or better equipment for my mystic - with mystic relevant passives. Help us upgrade and compare across a myriad of loot for a myriad of heroes and builds. Search on stats (DP, AP, looking for certain combo of stats on gear, sort by best you have descending equippable). #2 is the very nice help us sell as others mention but isn't as key as #1 IMO. We move off what we want to keep and rest becomes garbage or not even collected in the first place (what I had to go to when you killed the temp inv box, flasher in town only helps when you've overflowed). #3 Please do right by your supporters. Sounds like you are re-jiggering inventory. I originally bought the game with the best inv bags/options and got more, with the mystic update I just bought her and lavamancer and added the bag pack for $25 to max it out so I could play scenario from scratch with those two and a couple alts. So I would hope regardless of inventory changes to continue to enjoy benefits from those purchases.
  3. Yup understand all the above, but just seems an opportunity missed again to start a fresh run outside of 'run first map and keep going'. Why not let us kick if off the same way? I imagine I've overestimated the difference but even so. I'm disappointed the option they showed me when I was first at the main menu ended up going away as I readied my band of 4 level 1s - calculations once in game perhaps removing that option (for good)? My feedback would be don't be heavy handed here. You have a turnstile of new heroes, a lot of us have been playing forever, a fresh start option even for vets would have been nice. Maybe even limiting levels/ipwr used, eg I am now having to run this entire thing Private as everyone ends up whipping out their 50s. Yes I have a boatload of those guys too but aren't we here to enjoy it? I'm taking my own varied pack of 4 thru it for fun. I'm going to guess/assume/hope it'll run exactly like had I restarted but to be blunt, I have absolutely no way of knowing if that is the case or not. Am I getting the interesting drops to provide varied builds as I go like Trendy suggested? Did the plan for other heroes at all or just core 4 (so in this case only my merry monk might apply)? Again I have no idea. Even better if I could have just done it. Oh well.
  4. Hearing how there is good pacing and a good time I was excited to enjoy this new/redone Campaign experience. So I saw an option for starting a campaign from the main screen (with 0 slots free*), I thought 'Cool!' and enacted my plan - 1) Wanted to play the new Mystic, bought with gems, Hero 1 in the deck 2) Hadn't bought the Lavamancer yet, threw 10K Medals at it, Hero 2 in the deck 3) No alt Abyss Lord yet, he's #3 4) No alt Monk yet, he's #4 ...but now I see nothing in game nor from the front screen anymore (??) to kick this off. (* doesn't seem to be a 0 slots free issue as I didn't have slots free last go-around) Do I get the whole experience and whole equip path / enjoyment of 1-50 with it? Is this a problem because I'm using the latest hero(es)? Which would be a big mistake IMO with the Mystic tie-in... Sorry if I have missed something but I'd rather play the game thru new campaign with 4 fresh level 1s from my hero deck rather than Harbringer to NM and then farm.. I suppose I can still step through the maps but is that the new 'curated experience'? I spent my time and money getting ready to go rather than on every Dev detail here, what am I missing?
  5. no daily sitting there for me today :(
  6. yeah bigger thread on this, seems no-one is getting dailies. go see if your weekly has reset though and you can do a bling king to get the 600
  7. Hmm I like this idea with the following tweak - an item drops that turns any ONE item into a 750. [Whether it wipes out current level progress on said item or not I leave to other discussion]. Probably need a minimum, but I'd say make that iPWR 550 (best store item) or no higher than 600 (or if really need be, 650) - your general NM4 farm stuff. If you've snagged something that nice already, that's the win after putting in so much work. If these items drops need to be specific slot (eg one for boots, helm etc) so be it too. But this keeps farming all of NM4 semi-relevant without 'one iPWR to rule them all!' mentality. If you're not going to increase the drop amount (where the frequency seems absurd) at least drop an item that is immediately useful at a minimum (or future if still need the right slot drop) rather than pray for all the right passives and stats with it. edit - [[158136,users]] yeah it was a moving target, in the end it was only the abyss lord book.. which didn't seem to be true either
  8. ^ actually my point was more the core code / engine bugs then 'rebalance core', however I do feel for Zimmerman and those who still try.. Monk was my happy main (and thus avatar) long ago.. Mage continues to lose his (arguably one/most important) role.. thankfully Huntress is back on the map with her PDTs if too strongly.. but I digress. New stuff is great but if stuff like orbs/spheres and core META (eg frozen towers helping the Mage and Monk) and medal gathering routes and 'hunt the loot' keep moving/breaking/re-breaking, tough to easily embrace the new. My main point was take a breathier to really fix some of these occurrences because the quick-fixing clearly hasn't been working... I am glad there is at least a resurgence in biting back at the meddling medal bugs!
  9. 1) Did Bling Tuesday twice, no credit no medals but said I finished. Still said finished Wed so didn't retry. Today saw it show as available, did it, got credit. 2) Daily missions OK Monday reset/Tuesday play, did it and got credit. No Daily offered Tues reset/Wed play nor Wed reset/Thurs play, so no dailies since. 3) Per #2 no reset, no new daily. [So daily resets appear busted since Tues patch drop at least for me - and many others]
  10. I getcha and appreciate a different opinion and I certainly enjoy the new stuff too. I just feel the track record is there now - I've felt it ever since the alleged push to Beta (you don't see that anywhere anymore do you? that one destroyed passives across existing equipment it wasn't supposed too) - too many things reoccurring too often eg simple changes always breaking orbs, dailies, weeklies, frosties?? Lock it down man! The idea we're headed into a rather serious strategic revamp (+ new hero) scares me a bit...!
  11. I evolved it once and still he's got no stats so I gave up on him.. well he sits in inventory taking space. That was an early Trendy thank you.. umm.. thanks. With no game breaking (or at least imbalanced pet) ability like Dracolich he really has no usability / point. I wouldn't expect that to change.
  12. Weekly doesn't work, Daily doesn't work, orbs don't work, frostbite towers don't work - all for the x/y/zth time. Communications are haphazard - Loot 2.0 is in for a bunch of heroes, nope just a book, nope not the book, sorry. Legendary loot gets moved, may be reverted, nope stays, move clarified, still questionable dropping and long odds. Just quick examples with the last few patches.. kudos for all the new things, new heroes, new maps, and we have new / more strategic play coming etc etc - but too many basic operations and mechanics seem off-kilter. Some regular expectations end up in surprise like costume costs more when has alterations - but now plain jane costumes with no alterations are 1200 gems and no 'just costume' sale this Tuesday? New heroes drop overpowered (noted in Test too) with the nerf bat swinging hard right after, often knocking out some of the fun or what made them special, referring to recent Lavamancer threads around the Maw and Gunwitch mobility slowdown. Original 4 supposedly got some love but the Monk still lags behind everyone (lightning auras and AA) and can't be reliably propped up by Frostbite towers. Pets are still in a very funny spot with most of us wishing for some path to Dracolich (broken - sure to be fixed once everyone has a path to catch up...), Narwhale and others - still most not useful outside stats, making one of the original freebie pet gifts for early types having no stats a particularly epic fail. Some of these may even be next now, but are very old issues. But even before these things, I come back to my own topic.. a DD2 deep breath to lock down orbs and passives and routes to medals (since that is the key currency for anything important now) and build basics / basic builder (and dps hero) viability etc etc. Don't get me wrong, variety is cool, new maps are cool, new heroes are cool, I/we eat it up. I'm a big fan from DD1 (who happily skipped that interim product) and DD2 is something cool. But I know for myself and I'm hearing / feeling it from many others we just need that core engine to get some love too, nail some stuff down and keep to it. There are quality of life items (and quite a list now too per thread) that would go a long way, I know for myself if I could even just sort across bags for text it'd be a huge win, focus on passives and 'defense power' upgrades for example. Some things honestly I think you had more right early but I know marketers and $ change things - the temporary bag and ability for you to make all your bags look like one was great! No offense to 'old man flasher' in town but just getting involved AFTER your own bags have overflowed or if something falls of the world isn't nearly as cool, and your fans who play multiple builds were gonna buy those bags anyway, especially as heroes/build variety continue to grow. I feel that was a departure to the wrong. But you've generally done a lot right, I'm still here and writing too long a post lol. tl;dr tighten in down rather than continuing to expand / redo IMO, there are too many things that continue to break too easily too often and the latest hero or map or change-up or costume may make a blip but won't help cement your core
  13. I didn't get a daily today.. so Trendy are you gonna send us all the 1K+ defender medals (some people approaching 2K sounds like) you're making us lose? =b On that note I thought every week was going to have a specific gem outfit sale every Tuesday - sorry but that package deal doesn't count (at least for me, have EV2) hoping for a Mark 3 costume break...
  14. Ok unused defense and reflector fun aside, we have 0 spheres around proton beams, buff beams and general builders. [Two general non-EV spheres *did* work to amp attack speed and crit chance, but instead of re-balancing them to work with them at some level, they just don't anymore. Unfortunately that seems to be the way the nerf bat takes a swing.] But with new heroes not getting small/med/uber we can't add our own base crit, stats, even move speed if we want to get around faster. Sure you can do this on equipment one might say, but why can't we get anything useful on spheres? DPS is OK, there are enough options. But taking a page from another new builder, the Abyss Lord can at least buff (all of) his ranged and barrier defenses and doesn't have the speed/crit nerfs EV2 has. He even has a specific for skeletal orcs. I haven't caught up with the Lavamancer (who apparently has also been nerfed, following the Gunwitch speed nerf) but it sounds like he may suffer with spheres when built as a builder the same way EV2 does. If so, be nice to change that too. --> Short term easy change? Let the new heroes place small and medium spheres into their large ones - they should fit right?? Lol. So worst case scenario EV2 builder could put crit 5%, crit 3%, crit 2% in there and maybe dp or def speed.
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