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  1. [[491,hashtags]] Still has that magic feel:
  2. You can always bug me once in a while if you need runs. I never charge.
  3. [[265,hashtags]] As the search continues I feel like sharing a funky bit:
  4. #9 This bit is a personal faovirte of mine:
  5. #8 As we continue this little walk down dream lane, I thought we'd sit back for a bit and enjoy another tasteful, nostalgic selection of music. Let's kick back and enjoy Little River Band, shall we?
  6. Using only App towers it definitely won't be an easy fight.
  7. Thanks for the support, Eagle. This is the only thing I'm honestly looking for in the game. I'm perfectly happy with everything I've got, but this Serpent...It's my dream item.
  8. #7 A little music selection on the side: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZftuhcuJBRQ
  9. These items could have made someone very happy. :kobold:
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