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  1. Affix rolls could be bit weighted on currently played class (e.q. currently I'm getting alot of Apprentice stuff while playing monk)I don't feel progress as I can't get better loot because my gear isn't that greatCritical chance should show as a percent instead of int (I have no idea what 153 CC could mean)
  2. You only feed your pets broccoli?! So mean ;-; Maybe his pet is a vegan.
  3. The tower page also should tell us which buffs are active and how big the benefit is.
  4. I'm having some issues with uploading the image. It manages to send the base64 payload (upload the image), but it doesn't do anything after it. Was able to use it on Chrome, but with Firefox it didn't work at all.
  5. Is there gonna be steam trading cards? (Yes, please) Will there be open API, so we could, as community, do cool stuff?
  6. I hope that's the case, would be so cool if pets gained details growing up. They were speaking about the subject a little at the latest [[3781,hashtags]].
  7. Mapatti


    The active character will get the exp (so monk, if it in play).
  8. This is currently how the boost aura works (increase on DPS per tower): Disclaimer: I did the math using base and max boost value (+20% from accessory slot) on rank 1 aura. The tower DPS is based on relative ( 1 tower = 100% dps). Currently there isn't any mechanics offering this much utility and monk is only class that has access to this kind of power. Should this kind of game mechanic be seperated from class (e.g. a trinket that could be attached on tower) or could the damage be shifted from boosts to combo system? Edit: fixed the math on max boost value, thanks to knubey
  9. Do you have approximate total run time or avg time per run?
  10. As should be the reward for doing the hardest content, that game has to offer. Currently I'm better farming off the other maps than Betsy because I can get more loot faster. Only thing that would make me want to play Betsy is that the B legendaries would actually scale on my stats.
  11. This is for 5.11. (or 11.5. for EU folks).
  12. Haven't seen the Squire uber yet but the Lightning Strikes feels powerful.
  13. Or you could only pick up only up to 6 eggs ( 6 * 8 hours = 48 hours) until they implement something with rotten eggs.
  14. This is basicly what probablity and RNG is about. Even if you had even chances to hatch the pets, it would be possible to the similar patterns emerge. At the moment I don't have problem with the chances to get pets.
  15. I think that Betsy spawns only on 20+ Free Mode and 25+++ Incursions.
  16. Are you sure that you don't have "35% Chance do deal x magical earth damage when landing after jumping" passive on your boots?
  17. I stopped looting the eggs just because of this. It is way more convenient to have only 6 eggs or less in your inventory at any time, because you cannot possibly hatch more than that during the rot timer (48 hrs / 8 hrs = 6).
  18. I'm getting 1-3 eggs each incursion run, maybe even more if I'm "lucky".
  19. Sometimes if you do changes on your hero deck, the spheres doesn't give you the bonus anymore. To fix that you need to re-equip the spheres even if it shows you that those are already equiped.
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