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  1. Sorry, i could not answer before. I'm happy for you that is fixed for you. How can i access to this discord ?
  2. Hi, i have the same problem. Is there an issue ? (sorry if it is not clear, i'm french)
  3. Thanks but i'm also waiting for an official answer. :)
  4. Hi, First, sorry if my message is not clear, i'm french. So, in DD2 there was a big problem with the local mod: all the menus (as the inventory where there are our items for examples) were taking all the screen and not only the screen of the player who was using its. So, the second player should wait to go in his inventory or deck while in DD1 the inventory was own to our part of our screen and was not a problem for the other local players. Also, i have an other question. On consols, DD2 menus letters were too small compared to DD1. So, will those problems be fixed or not in DDA ?
  5. Hi, I quote from the kickstarter : "ACCESS INVENTORY ANYWHERE: The power of the Forge is in your pocket!" I think that is not a good idea, because it's a part of DD1 to have to go back everytime to the forge to build for example. (sorry i have difficulties to explain more, i'm french)
  6. [[174297,users]]: In that case sorry, i believed that the event was during the week end of the 2 and of the 3 ! ^^"
  7. Yes but i couldn't participate because i had a problem because my game was in french. It's not my fault if the update had a problem in french.
  8. Hi, recently i had this problem : http://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/159193/see-comment?scrollTo=1334323#1334323 So, i have can't participe this week end. So, could i do it this week end instead (i can't before during the week) please to get those items ? (sorry if it is not clear, i'm french)
  9. Hi, me too but it's diferent. I'm not in beta mod but i'm in 8.5 but i can't see new maps. (sorry if it's not clear, i'm french)
  10. OrderOfParadox: thanks ^^ I want the vortex shield. But who are Kana and Avonlea on the forum ? EDIT: It's good, i got my item, thanks ! :)
  11. Hi, because i'm living in France i never see your shop when i'm looking for you. x') So, when we could meet us ?
  12. Sorry, i'm French so i don't really understand all, so how i know if i won please ? EDIT: Perhaps i have understand now, so if it is i have lost. And if i have understand, there is not winner for Plout Onion number 38 (and what is it ? ^^") ? Sorry for all my questions... x)
  13. And why not: BRAVE Path from GooDCrafter this time ? ^^"
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