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  1. It's sure, i understand your progress problems, it sucks. And like you, i hope a new color will be added on time for the PS4 release.
  2. All is in the title, i'm waiting the PS4 release and i would like to know the ennemies color in massacre without spoilers, it's quiete important to me. Thanks
  3. Sorry, i could not answer before. I'm happy for you that is fixed for you. How can i access to this discord ?
  4. Hi, i have the same problem. Is there an issue ? (sorry if it is not clear, i'm french)
  5. [[174297,users]]: In that case sorry, i believed that the event was during the week end of the 2 and of the 3 ! ^^"
  6. Yes but i couldn't participate because i had a problem because my game was in french. It's not my fault if the update had a problem in french.
  7. Hi, recently i had this problem : http://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/159193/see-comment?scrollTo=1334323#1334323 So, i have can't participe this week end. So, could i do it this week end instead (i can't before during the week) please to get those items ? (sorry if it is not clear, i'm french)
  8. Hi, me too but it's diferent. I'm not in beta mod but i'm in 8.5 but i can't see new maps. (sorry if it's not clear, i'm french)
  9. OrderOfParadox: thanks ^^ I want the vortex shield. But who are Kana and Avonlea on the forum ? EDIT: It's good, i got my item, thanks ! :)
  10. Hi, because i'm living in France i never see your shop when i'm looking for you. x') So, when we could meet us ?
  11. Sorry, i'm French so i don't really understand all, so how i know if i won please ? EDIT: Perhaps i have understand now, so if it is i have lost. And if i have understand, there is not winner for Plout Onion number 38 (and what is it ? ^^") ? Sorry for all my questions... x)
  12. And why not: BRAVE Path from GooDCrafter this time ? ^^"
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