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  1. Celebration and 20cv diamonds
  2. Hello all, I would like to auction off my most prized possession, a traced Rainmaker. I am looking for a few useful events I messed out on or cubes. Gaia's - 45cv Waterfall - 40cv Ginger - 40cv Azure - 27cv Butterscotch - 27cv bLACK mAGICK - 15cv Salem - 15cv The auction will run through 1pm CST (8pm CET) Sunday Nov 24. I reserve the right to not sell if the price isn't what I think it should be. Thanks
  3. I have a Boneyard Blade, Vile Lords Clutch and Mana Master.
  4. Danka. I just starting playing DD again after about 2-3 years so I'm trying to catch back up with all the changes.
  5. What would something like this be worth? I can't figure out whether it would be a better tower or dps.
  6. by 'c' do you mean coal? sorry, i meant cubes
  7. 5c on genie 3c on sword 10c on non upgrade chain boots 7c on upgraded chain boots 5c on kraken kannon 3c on tower mischief 5c on mischief
  8. I'll go ahead and end this. Add me and i'll trade you the armor. SID: flyinhawaiian57
  9. My item box is getting too full, so I'm getting rid of all of the supreme armor I have. I'll accept mana, coal, cubes, lab runs and first borns. Tower Plate TP1: 1 Coal TP2: 1 Coal TP3: 1 Cube TP4: 1 Coal TP5: 1 Coal Tower Leather TL1: 1 Coal TL2: 3 Coal TL3: 1 Coal TL4: 1 Coal Tower Chain TC1: 1 Coal TC2: 1 Coal TC3: 1 Coal TC4: 1 Coal Tower Mail TM1: 2 Cubes TM2: 1 Coal TM3: 1 Coal TM4: 1 Coal TM5: 1 Coal DPS Chain DC1: 3 Coal DC2: 1 Coal DC3: 1 Coal DC4: 2 Cube Plate DP1: 1 Coal DP2: 1 Coal Leather DL1: 1 Coal DL2: 1 Coal DL3: 1 Coal
  10. Hey, I'll take some runs. I have cubes and maybe some event items.
  11. I'll take some runs, I have about 60 cubes and some other misc stuff laying around.
  12. I'll buy some runs also, i have about 50 cubes i think, so however many you want to do.
  13. I have the lava cuffs I believe. i would prefer lab runs if at all possible. Add me on steam, flyinhawaiian57.
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