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  1. You know what would be nice? Being able to map "leave game" to a button. Player 2 could press like Select or Right Analog stick to just leave the game. that would be awesome.
  2. The way I see it is: You run NMHC if you want more upgrades on items (dps items) You run INHC if you want to preserve stats on items (tower items i.e. perfect kobolds) Or you run Nightmare because you realize there is only one true difficulty in the game: NMHC. This explains why one tends to run INHC Lab Survival for chickens; you can't get more than 200 ups, as well as why nmhc akatiti jungle is best akatiti jungle (can roll enough ups to get ult++ capping... maybe... sometimes)
  3. I'll spend my last cube on this. 2 runs, please.
  4. Gee, mister, how can we be sure we can trust you? I don't think I've seen you around here before. Ever. [spoiler] <3[/spoiler]
  5. I'm totally down to calculate scores based on seconds. That way you can have the illusion of having way more points than you should. Would also be cool to do the Challenge maps over campaign
  6. Check your item box. Usually, when one deletes a character, all their stuff is thrown into your item box.
  7. http://puu.sh/7JHj6.png Thanks for playing.
  8. That thing is an early unlock. I've had it for ages. Also, last 3 levels!
  9. Beat the last boss. Going for 100% clear now.
  10. oh man, we just got a real bid.
  11. Tragic bump Merc Kings comes out tomorrow, so tomorrow is when the countdown officially begins.
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