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  1. Came back from a few months break when I saw about that new ancient power update. I thought onslaught was the new improved infinite mode we had like 2 years ago, but less boring. All it is is the same crap we had since the beginning, I don't really see any difference from trials especially since it seemed to be advertised as the new hotness. I've been here since nearly the beginning of alpha (dec 2014) when cap was 25 and throne room was end game, guess your loosing another long time customer.
  2. I just can't do the 1st map, tried everything people say on forums and I just can't. Tried it solo or with 2-3-4 peeps, made all the changes (totem for volcano etc.) and nothing works, those lady orcs always pass everything no problem. Must have tried this stupid map over 20 times now. Trial has been boring AF since months and months ago and mastery is getting to frustrating, no middle fun. Guess like Fozzie I need to quit or take a long break from this game soon.
  3. Its a grind fest nearly as soon as you start the game for the 1st time. No point in upgrading anything until you actually reach max C7 gear since we level up to fast to 50 and after that getting better gear fast with a mule. (some ppl have gotten from C1 to C7 in a day). Campaign is short with only 2 bosses and playing the campaign does not feel rewarding at all. No infinite mode and the one we had before was boring as hell. No pvp or other fun modes besides grind grind grind.... have I mentioned grind? 2 modes only : the boring trial and the frustrating mastery. Maps need to be bigger and m
  4. Same pretty much on Xbox One. When will stupid Sony, Microsoft and whatever other companies remove they're dam stick up their butt and finally work together for full cross platform games........ FFXI for example went cross platform a long time ago and it worked well.
  5. Instead of fully quitting the game just take a 6 months break like I did before. The game feels a little more fresh when you come back, especially if there's a few updates while your gone.
  6. It be easier to get only 1 hero geared if you are planning on getting carried. If not, having around 65k life in C5 will help a bunch on each hero. Furthermore, if you can snag a Gato pet you can re-roll its ability until you have Sparkly Party. That will help keep them pesky Assassin's at bay. If you don't want to waste thousand of money on rerolls, use proton beams with frosty shard and Mystic walls. Both can remove assassins form your butt as soon as they spawn on you, also combine that with a hard hitting defense like LSA. Crits from LSA can kill those pesky assassins rather quickly.
  7. Use ramsters from abyss lord, they bypass shield gobs ability to block projectiles.
  8. I got my first deadly strike at around ascension 200... and that's cause I bought a shard pack... =/
  9. I haven't met a single person who does not auto quit as soon as we loose 2 stars, its basically 5 stars or nothing for everyone I played with.
  10. I agree 100% with this, and most people I played with in mastery also agree since we talk about that often. Failed so many times with these when someone else join mid build and screwed up repairing/upgrading when not allowed. Funny part is yesturday someone did not agree with this and said : just gotta pay attention.... 10 seconds later we failed cause "HE" built a AA when not allowed.
  11. Defenses need more combos, add a low fire DOT damage and a debuff that reduce mobs armor thus receiving more damage from any source while the DOT is active.
  12. I agree. There´s no challenge in doing the META on all maps. Looking forward to the C2 mastery, those cyborks gonna be a real *** when we can only place auras or nodes. :O
  13. I don't know if it was mentioned or if its a bug but why can't we check all trials match of every tier at the same time now?? Got to manually switch trial tier and go to the "trial" option every time if you wanna check the match list cause it always revert to the info list option. It's very annoying.
  14. I don't understand the (limiting part) some people are complaining about, in chaos we were already been limited in lots of ways, can't place most towers cause of geodes for example. It wouldn't be a challenge if we could have placed any defenses. I enjoyed the mastery, we made (and tested) new builds, good way to group up, and no overpowered players rampaging everything cause its only C1. And seriously, trials are grindy AF, always the same build and most people play solo so newcomers can have a very hard time when jumping into a new chaos tier. I do admit tho no shards from end chest is kinda
  15. There's no big difference between shards, especially normalized. You don't need to have every character to be a builder to make it through mastery, it helps but not an absolute necessity since you can play with other people. Shard list?? : https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Shards We get only 1 hyper shard per difficulty, its not like we have a dozen mass destruct shards. Lastly, C7 has already been kinda boring (can carry low level ppl in every map) for a good amount of people for quite awhile now so I'm sure lots of us welcome the new mastery mode.
  16. Nah, its not that hard, already a couple of peeps including myself that already have 105 stars, Just need to find the right build and right people for it.
  17. Lavamancer's Volcano with high +range asc skill and a range shard can cover the entire map on most zones. It cost 100 but it will pretty much never stop attacking, projectiles going through walls and geodes shield + aoe damage and can even take care of flying mobs so need less AA and sometimes no AA at all.
  18. I knew Devs said stuff about it awhile back but I quit for a couple of months so kinda lost track of that but I really hope the Jester will be an unlockable reward next time the carnival make a stop in town. :) Like most people I cant wait to see the new content next friday. :D
  19. I was checking some stuff on DD2 and came upon the old carnival event which makes me think when is it coming back and will the Jester be finally an unlockable character as the ultimate reward? I was not a big fan about that event myself but the newer players would surely want to try it out ( I still got 100 of those popcorn buffs :P ). Maybe there was some news about that awhile back? Any hint from Devs would be appreciated. :)
  20. Cross-platform would probably prolonged the lifespan of many games.
  21. Try using a long line proton beam in the middle with the frosty beam shard + raise the proton beam slow perk in asc if you got an EV. That will eat alot of mobs by itself + it will slow down bosses giving you way more time to kill them. If you can't do it hit me up, maybe I can help if I'm online. Online name's Vankman.
  22. Lol I do 1 or 2 maps and I'm usually bored to death after that, so 10 hours straight is out of the question for me. XD
  23. Glad I could satisfy someone's curiosity. Yeah I would really want to use it because it is insanely rare now since its unobtainable anymore (cough ima show off...) but with no empowerment stat it kinda makes its meh. :(
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