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  1. Endless mode? Versus mode? Challenge mode? Weekly progression based incursions (mini stories of 5-10 maps randomly rotated each week)? Weekly Leaderboards based off the above? Full custom difficulty settings (host can set up exact spawn types, enemy level, enemy density, per wave increase modifiers, potential bosses)? Im not sure there necessarily needs to be an additional level of loot beyond a certain point? So long as ascension exists in some form, players will still feel like they can progress, although it may not be quite as satisfying on that front. However, having challenge modes and
  2. Just wanted to note that irrespective of massive calaculations, Orbs will never hold up if looking far into the future for the simple reason that, due to hard caps, the stat will not scale infinitely. At some point, you will hit the cap with a C6 or C7 orb, and any more powerful orbs beyond that will give zero stat benefit due to the cap. There's a reason speed is usually a secondary stat. Damage numbers and monster health can always scale infinitely. Speed cannot in any balanced way do the same.
  3. Aaah, that makes more sense. Still worth it imo :P
  4. ....... So I'm gunna be leveling up my Huntress instead of my Monk then... Flame Aura eat your heart out haha!
  5. I've noticed a number of comments popping up about people not being satisfied with the way defences are currently quite heavily restricted, especially in Chaos tier. Most of the comments I've seen have been something along the lines of "increase the DU limit" in some way. What I want to put forward however is a discussion on why we even have or need a limit in the first place? Of course feel free to chip in with reasons why we should and why it should just be higher. Why the current limit is too restrictive Lets get this one out the way first. There are a few differing opinions but they se
  6. attack speed cap 0.75s only reduced with a single shard to 0.56s. Flamethrower has no cap yet seen, fastest tick rate I have gotten with a DP medallion was 0.15s. Target cap is 8 targets like already mentioned, flamethrower supposedly has a cap but I cant test it, however its huge DPS (3 times+ that of flame aura) means even with a cap its wrecking enemies to quickly to even have it matter. All ground defenses have 8 target caps except for explosive traps which are very limited in use. Oh dammit, I thought from reading the OP they had removed the target cap this patch :'( Damn you for getti
  7. I'd also say if you look at just how much dps the tower is doing, considering its hitting all targets and very frequently, I would wager its probably just as high if not far higher than any other defence in the game? Its just not as flashy about it and its very sink or swim as mentioned before if you don't quiiiite do enough damage.
  8. Out of curiosity, How well does one single aura do to burn a lane if you don't stack them up? I know people will want to try and make builds like this where FA is the core damage source of your setup, but to me I don't feel like the style of the tower will ever suite it being the only damaging defence on the map, even for non-bosses. If FA was capable of outright killing units before they reached the barricade, that'd make it insanely OP because of how reliable it is as a damage source. In fitting with the monks theme I think it functions far better as a supporting, extremely cheap and probabl
  9. Aaah I don't have any time to play until like next weeeek :( It's hard to tell what is and isn't sarcasm in this thread.. but at the risk of taking you too seriously, I'd point out you're ascension level 280 odd and I assume you have pretty awesome gear equipped. It's a bit hard to ask for things to be balanced for most normal players, while presenting them with enough progression to fulfil the fantasy that they're powering up and can one day achieve some awesome crazy build/character, while aaalso wanting it to still be challenging once you achieve that fantasy with your stats all maxed out
  10. Reading this actually ruined the game for me last night. As a quick side issue, it seriously frustrates me that this kind of information isn't available in an advanced tooltip somewhere in the game. Trendy seem to have zero care for transparency on how defenses or abilities actually work with regards to how much bonus damage things get, from what source and what the limitations are. Having things like hard caps on speed with no visual aid to let you know its been reached is just frustrating, having a hidden cap on enemies hit is just plain wrong. Back on topic.. Threat Enemies: First off,
  11. Posted this to the tavern keeper: EV2 buff beam. Increasing defense power reduces the bonus damage of the buff beam instead of increasing it. Test by buffing a defense with no gear and no stats assigned, then put 200 points into defense power and the damage of the defense will go down.
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