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  1. Endless mode? Versus mode? Challenge mode? Weekly progression based incursions (mini stories of 5-10 maps randomly rotated each week)? Weekly Leaderboards based off the above? Full custom difficulty settings (host can set up exact spawn types, enemy level, enemy density, per wave increase modifiers, potential bosses)? Im not sure there necessarily needs to be an additional level of loot beyond a certain point? So long as ascension exists in some form, players will still feel like they can progress, although it may not be quite as satisfying on that front. However, having challenge modes and incursions that change weekly to give something for players to compete over could provide enough incentive. Competitive modes could be locked at X ascension to make them fair and challenging. While custom game modes and endless settings etc allow you to just show off your insane ascension levels.. Idk theres so many things they *could* do. There's so many struggles for them still to overcome though.
  2. Just wanted to note that irrespective of massive calaculations, Orbs will never hold up if looking far into the future for the simple reason that, due to hard caps, the stat will not scale infinitely. At some point, you will hit the cap with a C6 or C7 orb, and any more powerful orbs beyond that will give zero stat benefit due to the cap. There's a reason speed is usually a secondary stat. Damage numbers and monster health can always scale infinitely. Speed cannot in any balanced way do the same.
  3. Aaah, that makes more sense. Still worth it imo :P
  4. ....... So I'm gunna be leveling up my Huntress instead of my Monk then... Flame Aura eat your heart out haha!
  5. I've noticed a number of comments popping up about people not being satisfied with the way defences are currently quite heavily restricted, especially in Chaos tier. Most of the comments I've seen have been something along the lines of "increase the DU limit" in some way. What I want to put forward however is a discussion on why we even have or need a limit in the first place? Of course feel free to chip in with reasons why we should and why it should just be higher. Why the current limit is too restrictive Lets get this one out the way first. There are a few differing opinions but they seem to boil down to these two major points: AI is buggy/unreliable meaning large numbers of blockades need to be used, reducing flexibility.The base limit is just too low, shutting down many potential build strategies and even certain towers completely because they just aren't worth the DU spent.Many people have probably come from DD1 where it was much more reasonable to expect large numbers of defences on every choke with many combinations working in sync. I think these people will be happy if the DU limit simply increases slightly to allow for more potential, even if this has a knock-on effect when it comes to the balance and strength of towers and enemies. However, lets try taking this a little further. What are the pros/cons of having the Defence Limit in the game Pros: Additional Balance lever (read band-aid).Gives some structure and purpose when thinking about how to build the map, especially for newer players.Additional layer of strategy/complexity/difficulty.Stops visual clutter created by having too many defences. Technical limitations can be controlled (too many defences may overload the server etc). Cons: Results usually in only one builder per game, meaning 3 of 4 players are not participating in the tower defence aspect of a tower defence game. Players with defences that define their playstyle (think EV weapon manufacturer/Lavamancer fissures/buff towers) are potentially grieved for wanting to play that style due to consuming DU.Lack of choice/restrictive strategies due to only a few viable builds existing within the allotted DU.Lack of impact/variance when multiple players play together (even with 4 total strangers playing together, the one builder will build the entire map the exact same way they always do, joining a public game gives little chance to impact the game or strategy or build in any way).Little chance of newer players being able to contribute or feeling like they can be useful at all in a public game.Almost all of the Tower Building gameplay occurs in the first build phase. There is often enough mana to near enough completely fill the DU limit before the game even starts, with all subsequent build phases being an simple choice of what to upgrade first. Leading on to..There is little strategy or thought at all beyond planning out the exact completed defence. Usually there will be consideration of how exactly to survive the early rounds to earn enough mana to get to the full desired build. Each wave is supposed to be a fight for resources with difficult choice of what to spend it on first. This aspect of the game currently doesn't exist at all unless you're losing badly. First off there are absolutely reasons why the DU limit exists, not least because we just know that without one, someone or many people would be wanting to see just how many T1 Flamethrowers they can fit on the map before the game crashes! However, most of the 'need to stop players doing x scenario' factors for the DU limit can arguably be achieved by properly balancing the other levers that exist in the game already. I would personally argue that rebalancing these other systems and removing the DU limit completely would be a huge net benefit to the game, so let me quickly run through what would need to be examined and why. T1 defences are too strong Currently, T1 defences are far, far more powerful and provide far more benefit per mana spent than trying to upgrade. This is in stark contrast to many TD games out there. Usually, constructing a huge number of T1 defences will be a fast way to lose due to no single defence doing enough damage. However, currently many defences in the game are hugely beneficial with only the base tier, even in the final waves. This isn't always bad, but in the vast majority of cases and especially with blockades and dps towers, the T1 version should be fairly weak. This encourages people to try to upgrade more instead of just going for large numbers of defences. This leads on to... Upgrades are too weak! Upgrades scale terribly on most of the defences in the game. As mentioned above, especially when it comes to dps and blockade towers, upgrades should be king. There should be huge bonuses for upgrading towers to the max, possibly even room for later expansion into the territory of allowing players to spec and customise the bonuses their towers get as they upgrade. Bottom line, I should be excited about getting a tower upgraded all the way. And the balance should be weighted in this favour, forcing players to pick, do I really need to place a new tower? Or can I be greedy and push for that one T5 tower on my main choke?? At this point many different aspects of strategy start to develop beyond just "what build do you use to clear this map?" and then carbon copying someone else's setup to victory. Mana is too easy to get Compounding this is that mana is far too plentiful. There is basically no resource gameplay in the game at all. You simple get thrown enough mana at the start of the game to pretty much completely set up all defences on the map before an enemy has even appeared. You're then continually thrown a fairly sizeable amount of mana throughout the game to immediately start focusing on upgrading, and there's usually more than enough mana to upgrade all of the key defences on every single lane.. No thought required here. While it wouldn't be fun to have the resource game be too restrictive since that causes tension within the team when it comes to spending it. However, this should be the gating factor when it comes to progressing through the waves and building new things. It also allows balancing of things like weapon manufacturers and fissures, which are arguably required for that playstyle to work, by making them very cheap, but placing a per player limit on the number of them on any one map. Maybe we're only allowed 1 weapon manufacturer per player, but it costs very little mana to place. This makes the 'increased number of nodes' shard far more interesting to boot. Overall this side of the game feels like its being totally ignored in favour of just letting the DU limit dictate the game balance, which kind of sucks since I feel its a fairly integral part of TD games in general. It opens up the possibility for towers or player shards or abilities which increase the amount of mana dropped from defeated enemies. Or perhaps a buff tower that when fully upgraded reduces the cost of upgrades for defences in range. TL;DR Rebalance defences to start weak at T1, but become exponentially stronger with upgrades, encouraging upgrades over additional towers. Rebalance mana drops, especially from chests, to control progression through the map. Rebalance defence costs and consider removing upgrade paths on some towers.Remove the DU limit completely.
  6. attack speed cap 0.75s only reduced with a single shard to 0.56s. Flamethrower has no cap yet seen, fastest tick rate I have gotten with a DP medallion was 0.15s. Target cap is 8 targets like already mentioned, flamethrower supposedly has a cap but I cant test it, however its huge DPS (3 times+ that of flame aura) means even with a cap its wrecking enemies to quickly to even have it matter. All ground defenses have 8 target caps except for explosive traps which are very limited in use. Oh dammit, I thought from reading the OP they had removed the target cap this patch :'( Damn you for getting me excited! I've posted at length in your previous thread how I feed about the target cap and speed caps... I won't bother repeating it all again. But yes those should definitely change, especially the target cap.
  7. I'd also say if you look at just how much dps the tower is doing, considering its hitting all targets and very frequently, I would wager its probably just as high if not far higher than any other defence in the game? Its just not as flashy about it and its very sink or swim as mentioned before if you don't quiiiite do enough damage.
  8. Out of curiosity, How well does one single aura do to burn a lane if you don't stack them up? I know people will want to try and make builds like this where FA is the core damage source of your setup, but to me I don't feel like the style of the tower will ever suite it being the only damaging defence on the map, even for non-bosses. If FA was capable of outright killing units before they reached the barricade, that'd make it insanely OP because of how reliable it is as a damage source. In fitting with the monks theme I think it functions far better as a supporting, extremely cheap and probably fairly decent overall dps for the DU cost tower, that can be put into other builds. Imagine the FA is a debuff that reduces the enemy health by a % making it easier for other defences to wipe them out. Obviously not everyone has the same vision for how defences should work or what their strengths should be, but due to the way its hard to overlap FAs, I find it hard to see them as a straight up killing tower, and more as a support tower that bleeds the lane and mops up low health enemies. It feels weak perhaps, but only because with the style of tower. If you only build FA as you damage, it either does enough damage to kill everything, or it doesn't quite manage it and you lose. The line between the two is literally paper-thin.
  9. Aaah I don't have any time to play until like next weeeek :( It's hard to tell what is and isn't sarcasm in this thread.. but at the risk of taking you too seriously, I'd point out you're ascension level 280 odd and I assume you have pretty awesome gear equipped. It's a bit hard to ask for things to be balanced for most normal players, while presenting them with enough progression to fulfil the fantasy that they're powering up and can one day achieve some awesome crazy build/character, while aaalso wanting it to still be challenging once you achieve that fantasy with your stats all maxed out :P I'd argue this is just proof that playing monk is viable and fun.. we just need more game modes to support people when they get your power level. Whether that be challenge modes, endless modes with exponential difficulty and infinite DU, or any of many ideas that already get thrown around. I'd be kind of disappointed if you couldn't get strong enough to do something like this on C5 at present tbh. It isn't presented as something that should be impossibly difficult until you reach the pinnacle.
  10. Reading this actually ruined the game for me last night. As a quick side issue, it seriously frustrates me that this kind of information isn't available in an advanced tooltip somewhere in the game. Trendy seem to have zero care for transparency on how defenses or abilities actually work with regards to how much bonus damage things get, from what source and what the limitations are. Having things like hard caps on speed with no visual aid to let you know its been reached is just frustrating, having a hidden cap on enemies hit is just plain wrong. Back on topic.. Threat Enemies: First off, I do think there's a larger issue with Cyborcs/EMP orcs and just in a larger sense with the new units overall. As someone mentioned before, definitely feels like someone had an idea for a unit, then someone else decided how it would spawn. I get that Trendy want to force a little diversity in builds, but what they've done is the opposite. Because the special threat enemies spawn constantly on all lanes, there simply isn't enough time to react either with new defense placements pre-emptively or by killing the threat unit with hero damage. Possible Solutions: Set these special threat enemies to spawn less frequently allowing Heros to focus target them with abilities etc similar to bosses. Forces more reactive play from players and encourages dps from heros as important. Arguably this is already achieved with bosses however.Set these special threat enemies to only spawn on specific lanes, randomly selected at map start and staying permanently for that maps duration (all waves). A combination of 1 or 2 special types can be attached to each lane, restricting the use of defenses on that lane only. This forces build diversity and encourages different Hero's defenses being strong on different lanes. Depending on the combo of enemies in the lane, you may need to think outside the box to cover that lane and constantly adapt builds for every match. It will however mean that all heros and defenses are still viable and potentially the strongest option for lanes where they are not countered. To me the concept of the threat enemies in C1-5 is actually pretty cool. Execution seems slightly off though due to the fact they are just randomly everywhere on the map all the time. Flame Aura: So I have some serious issues with what you've found here on Flame Aura. Most specifically with the 8 target max cap. The speed cap is also pretty annoying but for different reasons: Speed Cap: OK, lets get this one out the way first. My only real issue with this is that the cap is at an incredibly annoying figure if I want to min/max this tower. 0.75 speed seems achievable with around 1000 speed. That's a really annoying figure. Its too much to get just from ascension, but its waaaaay overkill to put it as my stat on a relic which could potentially grant ~5k speed as a secondary stat. That's 4K of wasted stats doing absolutely nothing, and if I have the ascension points its more like 4.5k wasted stats. Like either make the cap 1.0s so I can achieve it more or less through ascension or make it much lower so I don't feel crap when I stat for it! 8 Max Targets: Alright, this one pisses me off. I can understand the need for balance on certain aoe defenses, I really can, but you really need to take into account the other values on this tower. The damage this thing does is not exactly massive. It can get up to around 20K dps with some pretty decent gear as a vague average. Its not exactly destroying everything that moves, in the best case scenario this allows ~140K dps if all targets are saturated with damage all the time. If I compare that to my Lightning Strike tower, it can easily sit at around 400K dps at max rank. Granted this towers function extremely differently, from a raw stats perspective, the damage output of the flame aura is low. That being said, I don't think it should have any higher damage necessarily. Its an aura after all. Its strengths should lie in the fact that it can't easily be avoided, and that it FREAKIN' HITS EVERYTHING THAT WALKS THROUGH IT. Like seriously, that's why auras are cool. Its why I want to play a Monk. Auras are environmental effects you can place down that change the map in some way, whether that be a boost to nearby defenses/heros, or a debuff/damage to nearby enemies. All of them. Right now, why the hell would I want to increase the range on my Flame Aura? My original plan when I saw all these changes was to pump the range significantly so I could try to outrange the EMP orcs and put a decent degen figure on an entire lane with one aura, so that when they hit other defenses they would have been ticked down to low health levels and could be cleaned up. But right now, there's zero point since I can only hit a miniscule fraction of the lane even if I manage to somehow create a mapwide aura. Like there's a dedicated freakin' ascension talent to increase the range of the aura. They know I want to do it already! They make it look like its even a good idea! But its utterly worthless to actually do it! The point of more range is to hit more goddamn targets and its capped at 8? Are you serious??"£O*&"$(*)&$ Ugh.. trying to be constructive and failing a little. I'm probably done for a while unless this changes honestly. Killed the game for me completely. I feel like every time I try to come up with a strategy it's blocked by some hidden magical dev hand that slaps me round the face and says "Stop trying to have fun! Play the game the way we tell you to!".... Don't tell me to come up with more strategies if you're just going to block them all with pointless caps in the name of "balance". This isn't balanced its unusable.
  11. Posted this to the tavern keeper: EV2 buff beam. Increasing defense power reduces the bonus damage of the buff beam instead of increasing it. Test by buffing a defense with no gear and no stats assigned, then put 200 points into defense power and the damage of the defense will go down.
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