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  1. Yea, he's been playing DD2, Graveyard Keeper, and Torchlight III instead. He last streamed DDA over a month ago. He could be under NDA for the newer content and might be helping test it (like Rift and such).
  2. Hopefully, they will have the good sense to add a gold sink. Seeing as they are planning to make respecing gear cheaper, it looks like they are doing the exact opposite, so don't hold your breath!
  3. I'm going to skeptically say I'm looking forward to this. I'm still not a huge fan of the Rift idea, since I'm anticipating still having to invest 90+ minutes into each play-through of a single map. Perhaps there will be a wave setter on Rift mode as well? I also think a nice feature / setting that could be added would be the ability to select which wave you want to play, and have the game just repeat the wave a set number of times (minus dropping pets from chests). That way I can run wave 25 on repeat for however long I want, without going back to the tavern, and just continue to farm
  4. Oh, yes. Exactly what they said in that video. Furthermore, I was using that link to respond to someone above who asked me why I even bought the game... it was that video and what they said in it that made me want to play it! :D Not anymore though :(
  5. @Vhoori Yea, that is a job posting on Chromatic's website that I shared. Valthejean was just quoting me. 100% legit link and job posting. Also, didn't realize they fired their last Community Manager. That is a bummer. Ummmm, micro transactions for cosmetic things isn't a bad idea. Plus, it was the same mentality that they ripped off from League of Legends. DD2 was supposed to be a MOBA just like League of Legends, then at the last second they fired their Co-Founder, Jeremy, and changed back to the Tower Defense genre. Also, the set equipment is the same as in DD1.
  6. Because, I believed this bullshit: "It's really a new experience built from the ground up in UE4." "It's going to have the really intense action packed hero combat that makes this game feel so good. It's going to have the incredibly rewarding and satisfying RPG progression that feels like you are constantly working towards something." "I really think that playing this game that players are not only able to relive their favorite memories of the series, but with some of the surprises we are throwing in, they're also going to be on the edge of their seats asking what's g
  7. Lol, I stopped playing half way through NMHC Survival. I just thought, "what's the point?" If there was some variety between each difficulty and a reason to grind endlessly that was just to get stronger, then I'd probably want to keep playing. However, they don't have anything in the game that I'd say is completely fresh and different from DD1, so why bother?
  8. Well, if you guys think you could do better... WHY NOT APPLY?! https://chromatic.games/jobs/Community Manager.pdf Looking at the benefits, that is a pretty insane deal. I mean, UK-level benefits with their 15 days of PTO and two weeks of holiday time off. I would definitely ask about the health care benefits offered... those aren't even mentioned...
  9. I just miss DD2 (Pre-Alpha version). I can see why people hate the game currently. But the Pre-alpha version was by far my favorite of all TE / CG installments.
  10. Well, not just that, but you also need to show that this is in fact impacting your stats on the battlefield. The User Interface might say 8,000 for vitality and your HP is reflecting 71K, but what happens when you are on a level running a wave? Do you still have 71K HP? That would prove it.
  11. Yea, unless you can prove that the bug causes your hero to stack armor and have insane stats that you can use in a game, this is just a bug in the UI, not in the actually calculation of damage / health.
  12. That's good that they at least have some legacy save files saved somewhere in case this happened. I do remember voicing my concern about their "1 month" deadline to choose either your legacy file or EA file to continue with. I still think they should have allowed some sort of merge of the two to occur, but whatever. It's not like I play this game anymore.
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