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  1. You didn't read the last line of the OP, #clearly #semantics Don't worry Toshie, I get what you mean by "End Game." Nice post.
  2. Preach!! Yea, having a Pwr level on legendary items but not having them drop earlier / lower lvl reqs was frustrating. It would be nice to add that the first ogre you face on level 2 should have a guaranteed legendary drop the first time you kill it. Even a lowly 100 Power legendary is better than not. If you can pull it off on Insane the first time maybe it has 150 power.
  3. I got an 850 (ish) from an Act 1 map (post wave 20). It was an axe for my Squire.
  4. Perhaps they'll slowly increase DU costs until it is roughly balanced??
  5. Can someone explain to me how this took away from the difficulty of the game? I honestly don't get it. Sorry I misquoted you then!! I played the map just before Arch Labs last night on Insane Survival. It took me 2.5 hours to get through all 25 waves. I agree, this just becomes too long of an ordeal sometimes.
  6. We are just too polar opposite, Cuddles. I see both of your points as opportunity for change. Yea, they did hero-swapping wrong in DD2, but that doesn't mean the feature was in itself bad. Also, you are right about durability, and I can agree that about 99.9999% of TD games push the durability of someone's build. You know how I feel about it, I want more ARPG gameplay out of DD, that's all. And pushing harder, more hands-on gameplay, but giving more variety mid-wave would be what I'm looking for, although very hard to pull off and balance well. (Not to mention, likely it isn't the direction CG wants to take DD) Second time I've heard someone (Mr.JuiceBags on YouTube) in the DD community talk about faith with CG. My faith has been dwindling with this company. I bought DDA because I got free copies of DD2 and DDE from my involvement on these forums and in testing, so I figured I may as well give a little back. Plus, Mr.JuiceBags had a great point about getting involved in EA means getting involved in the front end feedback that shapes the game. I'd love to see this game change, but not everyone on the forum see's the game's future potential in the same light. Really, we are all just beta testers that are paying CG to be testers.
  7. Yea, I just saw a video on this. I'll strike through that point in the OP. Still... WHO THE *(Bleep)* CODES A MAIN FEATURE THIS WAY? I mean there isn't even a comment in my inventory screen saying, "Hey, go to Options> Gameplay > Auto Loot Filters to setup your auto looting!" I mean, a simple button in my inventory screen leading me to this feature would be expected by about 95% of players. This is the perfect example of terrible encapsulation. It's like iPhone putting the power button inside of the phone, and you have to take the thing apart to turn it. Appreciate the opinion! I feel the opposite way. It locks gameplay for tower players to build phases that are about 30 seconds long. That's hardly enough time for players using builds incorporating towers from more than one hero. The timer is way too short and it feels punishing when I don't press my F4 for my monk fast enough. I will acknowledge that CG compensates for this by having the most boring Wave 1 on every single map. Like Royal Gardens has two lanes with a single goblin each, so you just need to focus on building the other four lanes. This, however, goes back to point #5 in the OP, why waste my time on this? If I could choose, I'd rather start on wave 2 or even 3 with that higher volume of mobs, give me the ability to swap heroes mid-wave, and challenge me to keep building in the midst of the chaos. I do that currently on Wave 1. Then I AFK every wave afterwards.
  8. It's probably best to explain where I'm at in DDA after this weekend. Hero Deck Level: 49 Playtime: 18 Hours Device: Clevo NH70RAQ, GTX 1650, i7-9750H, 16GB RAM (no performance issues) Playstyle: Solo or with my friend from DD1 My first impression of DDA is, "Wow, this game sucks worst than I thought it would." The only reason why I'm playing it, and really the only reason why I'm having any fun with this, is that my DD1 friend got the game and we've been playing together for the most part. Leaving it at that would be... destructive. I'm looking to leave constructive criticism on this thread. That said, let's jump into my thoughts: The game has more Quality of Life improvements than actual changes / balances to gameplay. These QoL changes are buggy, which means CG released a game with no gameplay improvements and a new UI that is broken. Playing insane from the get go is impossible... simply because the items dropped are level 27 and up. I would have liked to have seen loot closer to my level with better stats. The sorting system will be great some day. A sort by level requirement feature would have made this great. As I stated in #2, you get so much stuff you can't use if you try to challenge yourself early game, being able to sort out the higher level items would be nice. Also item comparison I would have thought would have been a must have pre-launch, but apparently CG wants us to play the game of Memory when we go through our inventory. No item indicators on maps is problematic, especially when you don't realize there is a legendary on the map and you start a new wave. There is no way to tell the game you want all legendaries to go to inventory. After Wave 20 on Deeper Well you can get about 20 legendaries... if you pick them up... which leads me to #5... I have just been informed the Auto Loot Feature is in Options > Gameplay > Auto Loot Filters. Time it takes to get to Wave 15 on Insane Deeper Well Survival at level 49 is about 25 minutes, which isn't terrible ... until you realize it takes double the time to get to Wave 15 on the next level. This really is my biggest pet peeve with the DD series. When I make it through the first 200 mobs in a Deeper Well wave (the hardest part of the wave), I shouldn't have to waste my time with the 450 fodder mobs afterwards. In the next level (level 2, not sure the name), you get 2 ogres thrown at you after the initial burst of 200(ish) mobs. Ok, great, I've killed the two ogres, now I have to wait for 800 fodder mobs to clear through before starting the next wave? This is just terrible game design. I spend more time waiting on fodder mobs to clear out than I do building a tower layout to handle the first burst of each wave. If I only have to handle the initial burst of each wave, than this would go a lot faster, and would be more enjoyable. Looking back at #4 & #2, having to look over items on the battlefield takes even more time (especially when you are level 49 and can't equip 99% of it). After wave 15, the mobs move too fast... maybe? This is a double-edged sword. For AFK tower players like myself, this is great! We want mobs to move as fast as possible to get through the boring AFK-ness of this game. But for anyone looking to play a DPS hero, I just don't see how it would be enjoyable to have hundreds of mobs flying at you. What skill is required to to defeat them? Do you just left click through the mobs? Lawn mower? Locking the hero deck during the waves is TERRIBLE. We have limited build time on insane, then we are stuck with whatever hero we have out when the wave starts. Why the step back? Overall I think I can boil this down to a few simple points for CG to consider: Enemy Utilization - Spam mobbing my walls is NOT a good utilization of various mob types. Hero Utilization - One-off use Heroes are awful. I have an HP Tower Squire... nuff said. Comprehensive QoL improvements - Think through all aspects needed to make them true improvements Although not all towers are equal, I do feel like there is variability / creativity afforded to Tower-players. If CG could focus on more utility of towers than just making them damage-centric, I might be OK with DDA being TD focused. - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - What is everyone else's impressions from Week 1 so far?
  9. I just got this last night, I think it's a bug with this particular pet. I mean the griffins on Deeper Well can be awesome. I got a Griffin that I can't use until level 60, but it has really good tower stats. I'm going to run Insane Survival on Alchemy Lab this week (maybe tonight) for EXP and see what pet I get.
  10. Your issue is with the speed the projectiles move, not the rate of fire? Yea, this was an issue in DD1 early on before they added the code to make them 100% accurate (anticipating mob movements). I'm using fireball towers and don't have any complaints.
  11. All this could be said about D3's identify item ability. Once you get to a certain point, of course 99.99% of items will warrant a, "meh..." response, with the remaining 0.01% being, "Oh, finally, something different and marginally better." I'm most of the way through the Chaos Trials and when I get a legendary chest, even a mythical chest, I get giddy. Will it be the blockade Tower HP relic I need? Or maybe a new cannon for my EV? Just because you have, in all intents and purposes, beat the game, does not mean you can say chests should open automatically. However, I would think a toggle for this feature would be a nice add-in for once you beat the last tier of the Chaos Trials. I think at that point you can pretty much say that 75% of Legendary chest contents will give the aforementioned, "Meh..." response. As for all gameplay prior to that point, I would say a solution is needed so the Defender doesn't miss out on any shards that might have been very beneficial, just because they accidentally pressed G too soon.
  12. Love the auto-collect idea, but disagree with the implementation side of it. I think, kill the scavenger off, and simply let the Defender's bag auto-collect, maybe with some designation in their bag that shows them it was something they missed from not opening the chest. I only say NAY to the auto-open concept on the chests because it is the excitement of manually opening the chest that Trendy chose it to happen this way. It is like Diablo 3, when the Devs said they are making players manually identify items at no cost, in favor over just auto-identifying, because it is the excitement of seeing an unknown item roll the stats before your eyes!
  13. They don't, not for me anyway. And I've lost out on a number of Chaos III and IV shards because of it. It should be noted that the Scavenger does get the loot from the chests. However, the shards he does not get.
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