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  1. 1) Yes, there was a wipe. All EA players have been separated from normal game play. That is the very definition of a wipe. We will not get those hours back in normal mode. 2) They lowered the price because the EA supporters said it felt high for the content. They haven't actually provided any new content beyond what EA supporters have known about and knowingly paid for. 3) The game sucks. DD1 wasn't great, DD:E wasn't great, and this third attempt isn't going to ever be great. Also, to say there isn't game breaking bugs either means (1) you haven't found them / encountered the hackers yet, or (2) all the hard work the EA supporters did and their feed back went to make it a success. The fact you speak with authority in game dev, yet assume you know more than all the EA supporters is laughable. If you are so wise to the ways of game dev, you should easily see a way to query the EA profile data and come up with some reasonable solution to the issue. EA supporters couldn't care less about the gear, it's all that EXP and hours grinded for nothing but being relegated to a different "Legacy" server. All they needed to do is pull names, hero types, and EXP, then add up the value of inventory and BAM, EA profiles are back in Normal mode. Bottom line, this situation is crap and CG hasn't really done anything to calm the nerves of EA supporters.
  2. Honestly, this is the remedy for virtually every issue about this situation. If they roll out $20-$30 worth of DLC, all EA supporters should get it free. My main issue is the bogus excuse they use to go with Legacy mode. It can't be that hard to query the profile data, copy just the names, hero types, and experience of each hero and put them into a new profile. Then just query the inventory and write a simple formula to figure out the value of that loadout and give all that gold to the new profile. That is all they had to do. Now all EA players are stuck in Legacy mode if they want their old hard-earned gear?
  3. These jokes of "developers" couldn't figure out that all they needed to do was recreate new profiles of EA supports with the same characters with the same name and same amout of EXP, and just give them a boat load of gold and similar equipment? Like, come on. They didn't need to virtually wipe our accounts. This is such crap. I will never support DD or CG ever again.
  4. Wow, yea, what Chromatic pulled is a load of shit. "Hey early backers, we know you paid $40 or more, and we are going to let you play. But all the new money we are about to rake in is the most important thing in the world (more important than you)." I get the discounting, but this is a HUGE slap in the face. We literally deal with your crappy game and give you all the play testing feedback you could ever need and you fail to deliver on your word. My suggestion: Every EA backer should give a negative review right now.
  5. All this could be said about D3's identify item ability. Once you get to a certain point, of course 99.99% of items will warrant a, "meh..." response, with the remaining 0.01% being, "Oh, finally, something different and marginally better." I'm most of the way through the Chaos Trials and when I get a legendary chest, even a mythical chest, I get giddy. Will it be the blockade Tower HP relic I need? Or maybe a new cannon for my EV? Just because you have, in all intents and purposes, beat the game, does not mean you can say chests should open automatically. However, I would think a toggle for this feature would be a nice add-in for once you beat the last tier of the Chaos Trials. I think at that point you can pretty much say that 75% of Legendary chest contents will give the aforementioned, "Meh..." response. As for all gameplay prior to that point, I would say a solution is needed so the Defender doesn't miss out on any shards that might have been very beneficial, just because they accidentally pressed G too soon.
  6. Love the auto-collect idea, but disagree with the implementation side of it. I think, kill the scavenger off, and simply let the Defender's bag auto-collect, maybe with some designation in their bag that shows them it was something they missed from not opening the chest. I only say NAY to the auto-open concept on the chests because it is the excitement of manually opening the chest that Trendy chose it to happen this way. It is like Diablo 3, when the Devs said they are making players manually identify items at no cost, in favor over just auto-identifying, because it is the excitement of seeing an unknown item roll the stats before your eyes!
  7. They don't, not for me anyway. And I've lost out on a number of Chaos III and IV shards because of it. It should be noted that the Scavenger does get the loot from the chests. However, the shards he does not get.
  8. So, this keeps happening to me, and it pisses me off I can't go back. So I've forgotten the chest at the end of beating a map, and I press G and realize I forgot... Simple solution: IF Chest is un-open, prompt player "You are forgetting the chest, idiot!" and give us the option to purposefully skip it, or to go back and get it.
  9. Your first two points are definitely valid, but the third just emphasizes my point. That is the exact thing I'm talking about. So, back in the day (2013) before the game was open to the public, they introduced "Synergies" into the pre-alpha testing environment. This included your example, except then it was Freeze + Smash Dmg = Insta-kill, which they've always been nerfing ever since. There were a number of these synergies; fire + oil = extra damage/ prolonged fire DoT, freeze + smash = death, tornado/geyser/monk staff slam + ground mob = anti-air targeting, and water (drench) + electricity = electrocute (this used to stun lock ogres, which were actually tough back in the day). I might be forgetting one or two, but it is these types of inclusive synergies that I'm referring to. I am definitely still working my way through the game, so maybe I'll prove my own suggestion null and void, but there are still a few items in what I wrote that I think need consideration.
  10. Guard the exits!: No main cores to protect, the Old One is practicing warping mobs into the map in random spots and they are trying make for the doors. Don't let them escape! Greased Cores: Any time the mobs hit a core, it slips to a different place on the map, and all the mobs make for the new location. Snorlax's Revenge: Enemies fall asleep when hit, but fully heal. If not killed before waking up, they get 10xHP and as much damage, and will only attack towers and heroes, making way for other mobs to go for the cores.
  11. In this suggestion, I want to briefly highlight some good things I've seen in DD2, then spend a little time focusing on some bad things that are hurting the game, then lastly make suggestions to improve on the bad things. Good things Multiple game types I’m not going to go much into detail with this. Having various game types mixes up DD2 enough to keep Defenders entertained for thousands of more hours now that they can switch to another game type once they are bored of one. Limited Green Tower ManaThis is such a huge boost to the creative process for Defenders. It is no longer a question of, “Are my towers strong enough / stats high enough,” but rather a question of, “Is my setup built well, and am I upgrading the lanes that are going to have the greatest volume in the next wave?” I’ve lost maps I usually win because I’ve ignored a lane’s incoming volume, thus upgrading towers that didn’t need it. This change is a HUGE welcome to the series. Tower relics and hero gear I love the dissolution of the “DPS vs Tower hero” division. Now that a hero can do both, it is more satisfying and enables Defenders to be creative on the fly, mid-wave. Nothing, but kudos there! Bad things Tower Sets that restrict creativity This is more a qualm with continued encouragement of turtling. One of the main issues Trendy was looking to avoid in DD2 back in 2013, during the Pre-Alpha testing, was turtling being the most beneficial tactic. I’ve noticed that I now am almost forced to turtle now, to grind through some tough levels. Turtling is a normal occurrence in any offense/defense setting where there are clear objective locations. In most action games, as you approach a main objective, the volume of defenses increases. Being the defense in DD2, it is only natural to turtle. However, some things almost force the Defenders to turtle. The Dryad is the best example, because everything needs to be within range of a Worldtree. This forces the turtling or clumping effect,and since the Defender is already forced to clump a few towers near the Worldtree, they then go ahead with adding most of their other towers in the same spot. Buff/Boost towers The above leads naturally into my next point; buff beams and boost auras only further encourage turtling by saying to the Defender, “Hey, build your towers close together to maximize the buff effects.” These buff towers force Defender to maximize the buffs by clumping their towers together even more. Although this has no effect on the Dryad towers as they are already clumped, it still fosters turtling/clumping and deals a heavy blow to creativity. It also means Defenders can’t spread out and have various tower setups to deal heavy damage on their route to your barricades. Lack of inclusive synergies (please don’t “tl;dr”this) Moving straight into the next point nicely, I must define synergies in two ways; how everyone typically sees them (exclusive synergy), and how I see them (inclusive synergy). I harp on this topic every year, but synergies are important to help boost creativity and even potentially alleviates turtling. My definition: Synergy is the passive, specially programmed effect(s)created from one tower or ability that activates when another tower or ability is present. This would not otherwise have taken place even if the same towers or abilities were to be present at the same time if this innate effect was not included. For example, consider the Apprentice’s Tornado mixed with the Monk’s Skyguard tower. The additional effect created isa status effect on the mobs that puts them in an “airborne” state. Trendy didn’t need to program this into the game, which would mean the Skyguards would still identify the mobs as ground units and not fire at them. The Tornado could have simply been left as a simple crowd control ability, but instead the Devs thought it only natural to make anti-air towers target them (making the Tornado airborne effect an inclusive effect). This differs from things like frost towers slowing enemies whilst other towers have more time to pummel them. The slowing effect is exclusive, explicit, and normal and does not generate any inclusive and innate effect that other towers capitalize on other than just having more time. Although, yes, the towers are synergizing with each other, this is not what I’d call an “inclusive synergy”mainly because it isn’t creating any new effects outside of the normal function of present towers and abilities, but is just utilizing the normal, exclusive effects in conjunction to maximize DPS. One last example, then I’m moving on from my critique. Consider Ramparts, with the two ground and two air lanes that come in from one path to the north. Generally, a single Skyguard tower can handle those air lanes, but Defenders will typically create two choke points closer to the main objectives where the northeast and northwest lanes meet the two northern lanes that come down the staircase. Doing the math on my builds for this level, I’d spend about 330 DU for each choke point (the rest goes to the southeast lane). However, if the Earthshatter tower of the Apprentice would make enemies airborne with the mass of rock that explodes from the ground, it would be easy to save 150 DU using two ES towers, two SG towers,and two blockades at the top of the stairway. This would return 75 DU to each of the other two northern side-lanes now left open. Things To Consider Tower restructuring Consideration into how restrictive a tower is could foster creativity. The less restrictive a tower set is, the more creative freedom the Defender has. More DU, more inclusive synergies, weaker towers The more DU the Defender has, the more creative they can get. Mix this with inclusive synergies, and maintain the limited supply of green tower mana, and you have a playground of creativity and destruction. The only two balance items that are needed would be to weaken towers, A LOT, and to consider the effect of Defenders prioritizing more expensive, strong towers (lower total upgrade cost) to capitalize on the limited green mana. Do away with buff tower/auras I’d posit that doing away with buff beams/auras would allow for Defenders to spread out their towers. Clumping towers together is so boring, and I’d rather see towers dotted around the maps in various nooks and crannies, strategically placed to maximize inclusive synergies and utilize the map terrain to the Defenders advantage. Currently, buffs seem to be the way to go,which I find frustrating that almost 20% of my DU is guaranteed locked down by a buff tower/aura that forces me to clump. If they are removed, then no balancing is needed for them, therefore more opportunity for creativity.
  12. So... using something that is built into the game is metagaming? lol (trolling) I get it, figuring out what items are best through Youtube, et al, is metagaming. I don't see how that is so bad though. I see the problem being more of having something that OP put in the game to begin with. Literally, PDT with Toxic Shock seems the only way to make a reasonable defense. I mean, yea I'm sure you can use the Dryad defense set by itself to hold down lanes in NM4 but c'mon clearly something went awry with Toxic Shock that makes PDT the MVP of defenses. If I'm honest, DD2 pre-alpha blew me away more so than DD2 currently and that was because building unique setups playing into special synergy-effects gave you the edge during combat. These special effects attached to items IMHO were poorly implemented and I wish a nerf to end all nerfs would be done to them. I'd suggest nerfing the effects, adding lots of more cool effects from various items, and letting them be just a small perk that would feed into a defender's play style when building/attacking. We haven't even talked about the DPS Hero items that drop Siege Rollers in a couple shots...
  13. PS: Will we eventually devolve the conversation into a discussion on metaphysics... my mind still doesn't comprehend it...
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