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  1. The OP is right. The buff beam is too powerful for it to be balanced for the entire game. I saw this in DD1 and DDE as well. I think that there are ways to buff it for the entire game. However, I'm sure none are better solutions than just scrapping the buff beam altogether.
  2. DD1 - Released Oct 2011 DDE - Released Jun 2014 DD2 - Released Jun 2017 DDA - Released Feb 2020 DD3 - Released ... Alright, I'll see you all around June 2023!
  3. Minecraft is an open world, procedurally generated, sandbox game. It is exactly opposite to DD. CG also isn't a new company. They've been around for ten years now. They also have heard the same complaints from this community with very little responsiveness. The bugs aren't the issue. Every game has bugs, even yesterday I found a bug in Monster Hunter World (it was hysterical). Bugs can be debugged, that's no issue. I think the people in this community that are upset aren't necessarily upset that this is a remake or simply a copy / paste of the original onto a new engine. If I'm understanding what I'm reading, the sentiment is that it doesn't even try to improve on anything from the original when it comes to gameplay (sure UI was "improved" but that is auxiliary to the core mechanics). I'd play DD1 all over again if I were to see an update that had the headline, "ALL NEW TOWERS, ALL NEW EXPERIENCE." Me personally, I'd much rather see CG try to get the razor's edge balance between ARPG and TD correct. If someone were to ask me for a good ARPG game, I'd never suggest DD (although DD2 was getting close to a good balance in pre-alpha). I feel this game can't boast ARPG at all, it is simply a TD game, full stop. I would find it refreshing to see an installment of DD where the heroes didn't cower behind their defenses. Adding hit-boxes to enemies was great in DD2, I'd love to see some amalgam of DD2 and Monster Hunter. Let the tower defenses take care of fodder, but require the player to actively battle the larger mobs. Even if it was just a two minute battle on each of the last two waves, it would be fascinating to see how that would play out. I seconds this!
  4. Everything about this is gold. I really think that CG should be able to do better. DD2 felt so refreshing (although it unfortunately went south around launch time), and now DDA feels like further tarnish to the series. I was honestly hoping for better balance and mechanics that took the base DD1 gameplay and elevated it. DDA simply remakes DD1, to the exactness Gigazelle states. It is a shame that no further creativity went into this game (except for the hidden evil bunnies everywhere, kudos to that level dev), even when the story line is the DD2 heroes being sent back in time. I mean, that should have caused some space-time anomalies they could have worked with. Made the maps slightly different. Made the Old One try different strategies to take us down. But, no. We are stuck with exactly the same flawed game.
  5. Well, I pop in to see if DDA has anything exciting to announce and I see this thread. I'm not surprised, the game was DOA from the get go. Seeing some of the numbers around the game's active users is pretty funny. I can't imagine how stressful a time this is for CG, but at the same time making the second remake of their first game was a doomed venture from the start. The comments about how DD1 was amazing, so what happened with DDA, these are funny to read. Basically, they thought pulling the same "we are in constant development" would be a valid excuse this time around. No other game development company that is established would think of pulling this because it erodes your player base. I just hope there is no Early Access for DD3, and that we get a polished 1.0 with a complete story-line, base mechanics are in place and balanced, and the grindy end game content is more than playing the same maps on repeat for hours per run. I'll be the first to say it, I'm not buying anymore CG content until DD3, nor will I play DDA any longer. And even though I'm thinking about DD3, I'm not buying it until I see 1.0 and I see Juice Bags play it on Twitch for a while, until I'm fully convinced this is a good title. R.I.P. Here Lies: DDA "Or was the DOA?"
  6. I don't believe they've even released Massacre Survival yet. No one has access to it. Someone, correct me if I'm wrong!
  7. It's CG's modus operandi. They like to release stuff super early and add on until the game is over-developed.
  8. You might have lost experience gains as well. This happened in early access and they patched it. Sorry this happened to you! Could you clarify whether this was solo or did you join someone else's game? I ask, because in EA the bug only impacted those that didn't host the game. The host would typically be fine, the joiners would loss out (typically on EXP though).
  9. Or allow the cheaters access to cheaters only games, and bar them from all other games (basically what they are doing, just allowing all cheaters to hang out together). There seems to be a stigma around using cheats / "trainers." Don't misunderstand me, I don't use cheats in public games or solo gameplay. However, I do see the fun in it (especially in games like GTA. Turn friction to 0 and I'm there for hours laughing).
  10. It is like cheat codes in GTA. Sometimes it is fun to just get a bunch of end game content right off to just play the game like a sandbox.
  11. Seriously, this goes back to my point of having multiple save files allotted to the player. If you allowed players to be honest with their "cheating" you could ask them to flag their own save files as "cheats enabled" and keep all the cheaters separated without making people feel left out. Additionally, if you gave three save files, the player could have their friends account, their cheats enabled account, and their solo account, which gives more mercy / grace to the players in this exact position, regardless of whether they knew they were playing with cheaters or not.
  12. I honestly don't have this issue. I put the traps and auras slightly apart and that makes is fairly easy to chain upgrade. They simply can't be stacked on top of each other, so I place them in a line to be able to see each one.
  13. You could also try pressing F5. See if the issue is isolated to F1-F4, or is it all of them? I don't have an issue other than this intro is horribly inconsistent to skip. By that I mean, if hold spacebar, then release and hold again, then click you mouse button a few times, then hold spacebar again, you might just perhaps possibly eventually skip the intro. 90% of the time, it works every time. (Sarcasm aside, this trick works, but it is just a matter of how long it takes to work. Sometimes, it works in a couple seconds, sometimes it takes about eight seconds, but it does work to spam a combo of these buttons).
  14. Lol, I didn't even see that! Yea, it was a level 60 prop cat before transfer or 1.0. Not sure when this guy got bugged. Oh well.
  15. Eh, this cat was only 32% in EA. It's just kind of funny... only kind of.
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