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  1. Poly & Endless Boss Rush Also, if you're standing behind the Forge on KG, and from that viewpoint flip the map over, putting the crystals on their exact spot from where they're at, that would be a cool map. Call it Queen's Game.
  2. I didn't say they were better than anybody, you put those words in my mouth. And to be clear, I didn't mean the people in the group, I meant the people who frequent the chat room. The 15-20 of us who are there every day are all pretty stand up guys when it comes to DD related things, and they're good company. What does my trust have to do with being on these forums? They're informative, that's why I'm here. Not to make internet handshakes for Lab runs. I'm not the PR for these forums, the light I put on it isn't bad, it's just an opinion. How you misconstrued my sentence is beyond me,
  3. If a runner isn't willing to do half, then get half their payment, then the other half and get the rest of their payment, tell them no deal. That being said, you've got to be willing to show them you have the payment. Otherwise, deal with DDRNG folks. I don't even trust the forums folks.
  4. Soz about upgrading, got excited. http://puu.sh/ksq69/bab0c64759.jpg
  5. Soz about that trace, Soikuri is harder to get into contact with than the President.
  6. Wow. RNGesus does not like you.
  7. Question: Can you upgrade it past the 800 or is it only armor the doesn't cap? Armor can't cap. Weapons/pets can hit 999.
  8. low proj speed isn't effected that much. Since the drill basically only shoots right on front of you the DMG is really the more important part. And that really only helps when destroying the crystals. Projectile speed = BF aura radius. It is very important. That being said;
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