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  1. I use a very specific control config and have since had to reformat. Sadly the thread that helped me remember how to see the binds is no longer here as the threads were wiped. I am tring to setting it so that the 5 stills on the top bar are set to ATL+1-5 instead of 6-0. Thank you in advance.
  2. I think the Summoner will be more like the Summoner...
  3. Ugh. You're so vain, you probably think that post was about you.. (with apologies to Carly Simon). He posted 5 mins after and was probably still writing when you hit send. Whatever. I had not noticed that. You sir are probably right.
  4. I was waiting hoping someone with more credentials would reply. You chose not to reply at first and then choose to insult the person who does? You don't even know me or anything about me. While its nice that you took the time to explain things to him your insults are unwelcome.
  5. I can attest to the fact that whether I've made a game public or private, after I click that hide button I cannot invite or have friends choose to join my game from Steam. Every time I get asked "Did you just kick me?" While I have experienced that in the past. I have been able to join friends after they have marks as hidden.
  6. Every class has its place... My 75 Barbarian failed time and time again in the Zippy Terror Challenge on Nightmare... but my 71 Ranger had absolutely no issues. Barbarians have great survivability, but are not really suited for many challenges. Every class has its ups and its downs. It usefulness's and its uselessness's. You just need to figure out what works and what doesn't.
  7. you can't invite a friend to a hidden game.. Another issue that needs fixed. While no. for some reason you can't invite your friend to a game if you start it normal and then hide it. If you start it hidden (private) you can invite them. However, even if you start it normal and then make it hidden your friend can still Steam Join you.
  8. Or they're trying to have their friend come in, and you're just ****blocking them. If their friend knows to join their game they can just set it to hidden/private and the friend can use Steam to join.. I do it all the time. Right Click > Join Game.
  9. ANything trendy? do you even acknowledge this issue?
  10. I can understand kicking due to stats or level... but you don't have time to check that int he middle of a wave.. and I haven't even joined yet... They just insta kick....
  11. I really getting sick of seeing this message before the game even loads.. If you want to play by yourselves make your ****ing game PRIVATE! That's what the option is there for. You can also invite your friends into private games...
  12. It would be nice to get some sort of confirmation from Trendy that they are aware of the issue and are working to fix it?
  13. Tested again... new lobby new people. Insane... Wave 6.. NOTHING SPAWNS WHAT SO EVER.... AGAIN,.... CONFIRMED BROKEN.
  14. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?58886-Challenge-Treasure-Hunt-Is-broken :)That link doesn't not help at all. Plus its for Nightmare... My post is for INSANE.
  15. We were doing Treasure Hunt on insane... all was well until wave 9.. MOBs only spawned at 2 location... after 30 minutes no golden MOBs had yet to spawn.. We restarted... Wave 5 all was fine... Wave 6 not a single MOB spawned... not even 1. We restarted again... Wave 5 all went well.. Wave 6 not a single spawn again... No enemies what so ever...
  16. I ran a verification. 3 files failed, and were redownloaded. All is well now. Well all except me being banned from the Steam forums now for "insulting" which is weird cause all I post are questions like this one. not sure how I was insulting other members. The only thing I could think of was your "Hitmonchan" got upset that I jokingly commented that it was "funny" that he and some others continued to post suggestions to fix this problem after I had posted that I had fixed it and how. However, he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy that would get mad about something like that. Either way it wa
  17. That is the error I get every time I try to join an Aquanos game. I own every single DLC including the Complete Pack... So why can't I join Aquanos games?
  18. I would very much like to see the game support PS3 controllers. The current state on PC you have to emulate a 360 controller even if you are using MotionJoy. MotionJoy has PS3 controller drivers you can install and use the PS3 controllers, but DD does not see the controllers unless they are emulating a 360 controller. The latest versions of Mac OS X have the PS3 drivers built in so you can use PnP, but the game does not see them as PS3 controllers. Instead it sees them as a 360 controller. This is highly confusing for people who do not play the 360 and do not know the button layout of t
  19. - Added EV Swap for Barbarian to allow for easier off (right) hand comparing and equipping.
  20. It is a good idea SPatlin... I like it.
  21. Got to keep moving, he always kills you even at higher levels, don't let him touch you, jump over fire and keep killing your friends. Should be able to beat it in 10-20 minutes. I try jumping over the "homing fire" but he just blasts me with a fire ball while I am in air... He hunts me down... lol... anyway I got it... 207 deaths... but I got it...
  22. It says level 30, and I'm level 50... but even with 3 other players letting me kill them the ref just kills me in one hit negating all points I gain.... Impossible to unlock outfits it seems
  23. Aha, thank you, fixed. Will be in next minor update revision! -Jer This is what I call excellent customer service.
  24. 1920x1080... You'll notice both Royal Gardens and Assault Challenge Pack: Part 1 do not show on screen.
  25. The Server Search filters option actually go off the screen. I can't DeSelect Royal Gardens from the searching because it is off the screen. I tried scrolling down, but that function works like a PAGING system. It scrolls to page 2, but the first stage on Page 2 is the Ramparts which makes Royal Gardens the last stage on Page 1, but it doesn't show. The Throne Room is the last Stage shown on Page 1 and it is off the UI. Throne Room and Royal Gardens should be moved to page 2 to fix this. As it stands Royal Gardens can not be seen in the search filter.
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