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  1. i feel those "get to level X" quests are really boring i find myself just stuck at this one point where i have nothing to do until i get to a certain level. giving us more goals to do would make the story so much more interesting. i like the beginning but after you get 2 around level 25 or so its alllll leveling quests and small filler quests
  2. i agree a defence councilor pet would be awesome i always love free exclusive stuff .3.
  3. anyone know what the Betsy egg hatches into? i'm thinking of getting it but i dunno if its worth it so i want 2 know what it looks like
  4. Don't worry the pet for getting a 25 is kinda useless anyway even after evolving it (mainly due to not having empowered stats) and the skins while neat are not really all that interesting imo. i guess so but still i wish i had those bragging rights of "i got to level 25 and got this stuff" xD i just like the look of dem skins and im almost 100% sure they will prob buff that pet so that people use it lol
  5. i just found out about wipeagedon today xD found out there was some cool loot for people who got 2 level 25 i was fkin level 23 so im just like fmlllllllll xD why did i make 4 characters and get them to level 20-23 i should of just got one char to 25 xD gg wipeagedon gg
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