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  1. I believe they simply changed the xp earned with ap from being multiplicative to just stackable. Before it would work like this: (100% (map) + 20% (win bonus) ) * 1.5 (AP10) (100+20)*1.5 = 180% whereas now it should work like this: 100+20+50 = 170% Might be wrong here, but i believe that is what they were aiming for and the math seems to check out roughly with the numbers u gave (6.1m xp vs 6.2m from map itself)
  2. Well, an uber like the squire cannon one might become usefull, they did anounce a new item build for each of the characters if i'm not mistaken, hoping for a cannon squire amongst them.
  3. If you're talking about pc, feel free to add me, got nm3 gear and trying nm4 but i could farm nm2 aswell for some good passives and to kill some time
  4. I believe the problem lies with the wall just as much as with aggro, i've had countless ogres completely ignore the walls and have had them just constantly running in place as if the wall is not there. apparently they can every once in a while make it over
  5. There is a bug where changing pets from inside the petrinarian (or whatever the npc's name is) menu will cause your pets to be moved to the scavengers inventory, as stated above he is the creepy old man. I recomment always changing pets from inside your inventory, your pet bag should be the last one, so just scroll down until you see your pets and change from there. If this however happened while changing pets from inside your inventory (not the pet npc menu) then i don't have any tips to prevent it, just make sure to check the scavenger whenever this happens as your pet will most likely be with him.
  6. definately kings game (and it's rewards) still remember farming that map for ages to try and get a good gamblers polearm, good times...
  7. Which i completely and fully understand, this has been a thing for a while now however and as far as i know we have not gotten any answer about this from trendy, this =/= mob leaking, this is straight up walking over walls, not around them or through gaps, just over them
  8. Been trying to beat nm4 liferoot for a few days now, try [[7661,hashtags]] get to wave 7 solo, usually don't get past wave 6 even on 4 player... Had everything in the bag, 2 of the 3 ogres down, about 80 enemies left... AND THE OGRE FREAKING WALKS OVER MY BLOODY WALL AND OHKO BUTTSTOMPS THE BLOODY CRYSTAL /endrant
  9. i thought the game was capped at 60 fps? Am i doing something wrong?
  10. Decided to do an onslaught with a friend, we did 25-26 waves something like that before we quit. All the while chat kept giving me the message that a legendary had dropped, atleast 2 every wave, yet i did not see a single legendary, did not autocollect any at the end nor did the scavenger have anything in his inventory.
  11. Been trying to complete some nm2 maps and while doing a gates of dragonfall i encountered a tuskar special enemy on wave 3 which was being healed for 8222 hp every second. I was wondering wether this was intentional or i just got unlucky, took me over 10 minutes to take it down, seems kind of harsh to me for a wave 3 special enemy where your defenses aren't very upgraded yet.
  12. I have had no real issue with lag in this game for the last 2-3 weeks or so, any lag i got was caused on my end. Whenever i did a speedtest i'd get 5-10 mbps down 3-6 mbps up where it's usually 30-50/20-30
  13. And then there's the other side of the coin where an ogre destroys a wall and tries to walk to the core not even noticing the other wall next to it which is blocking him. Or tuskar stopping a mile away from your walls to, what it appears to be trying, attack a trap or aura... I honestly have no idea how aggro in this game works, i do believe wall aggro should be jacked up and hero aggro reworked, half the time i get instantly oneshot by an ogre if i even get close to it, the other half it ignores me when i stand right behind it slashing it continuously
  14. bring back a lobby system? where one creates what is basically a private tavern for a specific map/mode and waits for ppl to join, or just starts the game and allows others to join and the only one that can decide to kick is the one that created it? basically just give us the dd1 system
  15. It was fine...until yesterdays patch
  16. Fledgling: Here's the elder version of it
  17. Tested the sphere on a freeplay easy map quickly. sphere was on my huntress. 1 lane was geyser traps + electric auras 1 lane was littered with explosive traps 1 lane had no towers, i was killing the mobs with my huntress results: NO gold drops WHATSOEVER from either of the defended lanes, the only mobs that dropped money bags for me were the ones i killed myself, did not get any drops off of ability kills either so far The 15% chance for 100 gold seemed pretty accurate to me, i did not however count it but they dropped fairly regularly
  18. A player with 41 hours in dd selling what i assume is a full ult capping tower set with his first post on forums?
  19. <(^.^)> Still makes me feel dirty taking things for a simple hug
  20. 5 coal A2 1 cube 3 coal a9 2 cubes 1 coal a14
  21. I'll put a cube on A1, A3, A7 and A15 4 coals on A5, A8, A10, A11 And a cube on A14, A13, A9 And 3 coals on A2
  22. A merry (late) christmas and a happy new year to this community and the trendy devs, may the new year bring you all many a good thing. And let's hope dungeon defenders 2 is everything we hoped for and more. Sid:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197988367048
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