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  1. I actually played Monster Madness Online during the alpha and (not surprisingly) it suffered from similar issues to those that DDE had at launch (yay PlagueVerse). I'm pretty sure they shelved MMO permanently like they've done with DDE, which is a shame because it was worlds better than anything Trendy has now. The magic in DD2 is that I can go months without playing... then come back and it's a whole new game that I'll play for a week or two.
  2. 28 Huntress, 27 Apprentice, 25 monk Leveling feels dreadfully slow in the current build. I won't be able to get a character to 50 unless it's changed.
  3. Disappointed, but not surprised. Guess I'll play a different weekend.
  4. It also sucks the passion and inspiration out of games and destroys promising game franchises. I'd rather see the stat soup and get all these new passives pushed into spheres. The current system is not enjoyable for me.
  5. I agree completely, I can't imagine the rational behind this.
  6. Off topic: Descriptions like this - true as they may be - make this sound like a single-player game. On topic: I feel that apprentice towers are in a better place after recent hotfixes to targeting, but they are considerably far behind traps/auras right now. Give it time, we'll see some love from the dev team.
  7. The issue I'm having is that the campaign is lackluster and only got me up to level 20ish... and leveling post-campaign feels dreadful. I feel like it might be an issue of how much gear drops vs. how much is not total crap or has a terrible mix of stats, but I just don't feel rewarded for playing when after 2-3 full runs of a map that I'm under-geared for I only have 2 pieces upgraded between 3 builders.
  8. This statement makes tremendous amounts of sense, +1 Trendy for creativity.
  9. I looked a ways back in the bug forums and couldn't find a formal post about this (I was going to bump it). The targeting issue with towers - especially slow towers - is really awful, it honestly ruins the fun for me. Example: Place 4 cannons with 1 ballista behind them so the max ranges are roughly the same. Cry at how long it takes the ballista to actually shoot anything because every time it's target dies the charge time gets reset.
  10. I always save some DU to add extra walls to Kobold lanes.
  11. I second the concern for this issue, I haven't been playing at all because it's not fun when my towers are borked.
  12. I posted a thread about this close to a year ago :) Would love to see a toggle in the options.
  13. Also not trying to derail my own topic, but I'm hopeful that fixes to tower targeting and casting will improve things enough that we can live without defense speed.
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