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  1. Yeah, not many builder spheres on the Lavamacer either. I am really unimpressed with Trendys creativity when it comes to spheres. All in i wish there were a lot more builder choices for everything.
  2. Why are there no weapon drop locations for the Series EV2 or Lavamancer? Doesn't seem exactly fair to me.
  3. No, you should just be limited to your deck per map and not able to swap heroes at all. That mechanic is dumb.
  4. Here's the deal, new players have plenty of time to experiment, fail, get gear, find new strategies normal - nightmare 3. Nightmare 4 should be really challenging (and rewarding) to give end game players something to do. It shouldn't be for the novice or the newbie. We need an endgame and hook. Other game modes, more challenges, and increased difficulty would be a good start. I honestly think it's silly we have 4 levels of nightmare. I got through all three in a few hours. Lastly, casual players like to be challenged too. When I first started dd1 I played on hard for the increased difficulty
  5. If you could find items to upgrade and unlock things for your tavern that could be a cool side objective too. Maybe even have to defend it occasionally. Unlocks could be things like: Add additional spheres, chance when upgrading to get additional free levels, increase the inventory of the stores, greater chance to get a rarer pet, get more tokens from your dailys, add traps for the defend missions, add a small chance to start with more mana at the start of a match, cosmetic unlocks to customize the look ect. Maybe even unlock additional rooms that have different functions.
  6. I got a good hook idea: Skill spheres as drops with slightly better values than what you can buy. In addition to that, they could have other randomised passive (different from current). Lastly, entirely new skill spheres only found in drops. These would be rare. We need more skill sphere slots! 5 small, 3 medium, 2 large, 1 uber. Make small and medium more interesting. More customization options and build variety the better.
  7. I completely agree. I think different item types, rare pets that are actually good, armor sets, more interesting item stats, and a skill tree would be a good star (skill tree that you could level past max level would be neat). We need more things to collect and do. Also we need really challenging content, Nightmare progression and difficulty needs a rework.
  8. The problem I have with your argument is the developers HAVE been getting constant feedback and ignoring a lot of it. Towers that have been broken since public release, still remain so after a year. Instead of focusing on balancing the initial heroes so they are in a good place and feel right, they have release 4 new heroes. Those heroes ALSO have lots of design flaws and issues. Look at the lavamancer for example. The game also has problems with the core game not being very fun or rewarding. Boring itemization, lackluster progression with skill spheres, pets that are pretty much worthless (un
  9. I think you are focusing a bit too much on semantics and numbers which can always be tooned instead of the general idea. I still don't feel a Frost Tower that chains to two additional targets and does moderate to low damage that overpowered but you're entitled to your opinion. The point is it would be a fun mechanic and open up an additional build option. There are a thousand other ideas you could come up with. That one was on the fly. Most of the current passives are pretty boring and lack punch or fun.
  10. I'd love some sets. I think they are best done when they aren't best in slot overall but are made for a specific build (or better yet, make an entirely new build). For example: Frost Tower can no longer freeze but gains an additional beam chain for 3 peice and 5 piece set bonuses. Additionally, Frost Tower now does additional damage scaling with each piece added. The set would have slightly less stats as it could only be 725 ilvl or something like that. To do that right, you'd need multiple sets for each class which would be a lot of work, but I think worth it. It would definitely make the it
  11. Awesome, I love when I spend hours putting together a thoughtful post and it gets moved to some obscure random subforum where it can get zero views and die. You gave feedback it makes sense it appears in the feedback forum, and they are merged together so it is not obscure dude. The volcano has HP because it cost so much you don't want to see it dying by any flying or sniper and more enemy types are to be released too so. And doesn't the oil geyser apply oil effect on hit making any fire source of damage really potent? For information the burning status applied from oil +fire scales from
  12. Elemental damage on weapons should do SOMETHING special (lightning - stun,fire - chance to burn, earth - crushing blows, ect) and placing points into elemental damage should scale really well. The downside SHOULD BE that it does less damage to enemies with resistances. That would make for a more interesting gameplay choice and mechanic. So, slightly higher damage than physical, some utility and more likely to be countered by resistant mobs.
  13. I'd definitely like to see some kind of map. Maybe it could be at the bottom of the load screen with the area you are at highlighted. Just adds a bit of lore and immersion to the game.
  14. I definitely found dd1 better balanced and more enjoyable. It had better difficulty and pacing with the campaign. Nightmare was really challenging and rewarding to overcome with a group of friends. It also had more stat variety and I think dd2s stat system (and sphere system) are to simplified and boring. The only problem I had with dd1 is loot was a bit too randomized and it was hard finding an upgrade. Honestly, you sound burnt out. Maybe it's time to play another game and come back to this. Path of Exile releases a new expansion in a few days as does World of Warcraft. Deus Ex: Mankind Div
  15. I'm in Nightmare 3 but everything in nightmare 3 gives you 620 ilvl gear max. I can't start a game for Nightmare 4 because it requires 700 ilvl to start. As far as I can tell, you can't progress after nightmare 3 into NM4 because the highest you can obtain is 620. What am I missing here? If I stay long enough in onslaught will I start to get 700 ilvl gear or something?
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