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  1. Before I read that DD2 was going F2P I figured that DD2 would actually just have a set release cost. Following this release there would be planned expansions or patches. With each patch there would be an accompanying cost. As long as the game play is there, it shouldn't be an issue marketing the game as such. Kickstarter could be good or it could also not work out as planned. I couldn't imagine using Kickstarter for anything but getting the game launched.
  2. I might be the only one who thinks this way. I gladly will say that it was worth the $50 on steam to get all of the DLC and game. I believe it works out to be a little more if you had the game over the years of the DLC release. I would pay the $$$ for the new game. If more money means more added content and support for the game then so be it. I don't think its necessary for the game to be free to play. It hasn't stopped any of us from playing the first. Free to play brings to mind games that are just so so.
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