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  1. I nominate Pjtor Yes i understand it's against the rules. No i don't want to reconsider.
  2. DD is an old game but it's still getting updates and with the introduction of new equipment and changes in towers 90% of the existing guides are more or less obsolete. End-game weapons are more of a personal preference. Real good ones are hard to come by so it's about which map can you endure running countless times regardless of difficulty or the time/effort it takes. Also it's kinda pointless because believe it or not having +50^ or 1.5x dmg wont matter the slightest in terms of generic gameplay. It's just nice having cool toys :)
  3. Will throw in an Aladdin's wish for the randomly assigned prizes. Trace: got it from Atlas
  4. Will close on Sunday at an unspecified time (ie whenever i feel like it) There won't be any further warnings about this. On Sunday i'll look at the forums then announce the winners. If you forgot to update your entry with a better time by then, that's not my problem.
  5. (de)Motivational pictures: Sky 1st try, GTH 2nd run. Stop complaining, both have plenty of room for improvement.
  6. It has to be done on ranked. Rules don't say it because i thought it's obvious.
  7. The "commonly accepted" diamond prices are only valid for noncaps and crappy singles. In ~90% of the trades I've ever done (regardless of buying or selling) prices were negotiable, especially for doubles.
  8. First please do something about the tendency of valentines/pirates spawning with more negs than positives, THEN start the talk about buffing them... Wouldn't mind buffing palantir/CD up to atleast current top hat/bow tier and i'd add halloween2 as well. The current gap between accessory types makes them completely useless and map difficulty has little meaning when you can have top-tier accs in 15mins (ToL) or in 20 (ww).
  9. Sure. You can update your times anytime until the end date (TBA... :)
  10. Tile says all, you need to run my favorite challenges for some rewards. The maps: Greater Turkey Hunt Sky o Love The RULES: Solo contest. Best total time wins. (yes, this means build + combat) No alts, no friends. Difficulty has to be NMHC, you need to provide a screenshot of the final time + players screen + towers screen The prizes: Best overall time for both maps gets the god-awful Celebracers - > Kirby Best GTH time will get the Pumpkin mask -> Kirby Best Sky o Love time gets a vortex set - Bonny Prizes will be drawn randomly to participants who submit a valid entry for both
  11. How'd you feel about a red bow? I'm out of top hats. Also have a badass headdress in red. Or a red witch hat? (color is relative on witch hats tho, it looks red-ish black :)
  12. The system requirements went up a lot since the game's first release. DD is a very poorly optimized game to begin with and we have maps 3-4x the size of the original ones plus a LOT more standard enemies, ogre rushes, (afaik ogres have the highest poly count as the base game was designed to have like 1 / wave as a mini-boss) and higher stat numbers mean huge auras and a lot more projectiles flying around. You can try messing around in the UDKEngine.ini ...\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini Here's the config I use - check out what's different compared to yours
  13. Umm... Sorry I made the false assumption based on your comment in this thread and a couple others. Btw what you wrote about trans/sup fairies compared to Georgia is complete BS. Rest is correct :) Also since we're talking about event prices - as long I'm around you'll NEVER see a Georgia on forums going for less than 5-10 :)
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