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  1. Stats, victory screen and towers! Team: Arcama Hippo Me Gold Good luck to everyone, and thanks for the giveaway ! ^^
  2. Alright after poking around a bit and testing the dmg of jester , squire and app all with the same armor this is what I think : I actually really enjoy party poppers since they look and feel like a lot of fun. Even though I think dmg should be buffed a little since they're ele and harpoons mostly deal more, considering party poppers are half as many DU I will probably try to fit a couple in where I would usually add harpoons. I was pretty surprised by the awesome dmg jack-in-the-boxes do ( came up with 26.7 M total dmg while testing DPS ) I feel like we should balance meele towers more, since
  3. Congrats sox! And ty again for the giveaway panda, it's been really nice reading all these stories ^^
  4. I would like to see brookrift keep, rosika sky island or mines of moria to get implemented as new maps \o/
  5. To give some backstory, I was a nub ( still am tho ) new to DD and just having recently found DDFRBR. I really wanted to become a map-runner and help people and the group. I remember that for some reason I stayed up till very late at night, where in DDFRBR a map-running contest started. They got a bunch of WW requests and acen and wat were the only online mods at the time, so I asked to help acen on a WW run. After decently running it I was talking to wat, and for some odd reason he started asking me if I wanted to become a map runner. I was so happy! I started running around and dancing prett
  6. The image-post-thing isn't working, so I'll leave the link here https://imgflip.com/i/tg126 PS : I always thought it was ridiculous that harpoon towers could aim straight up.
  7. W.... Wai... wha... Acen, i <3 u
  8. Even though I also regret missing all the events, the 1 item that I always would have liked to have is RockShatter. I loved the projectiles, pretty colors and of course, great stats. Thank you very much for giving us another great giveaway and a chance of getting our dream items ^^ Good luck to everyone, hope I win!
  9. I have never done this process before, but AFAIK if you lost your stuff but you still have the saves in Open Mode and contact Trendy they'll try to fix it.
  10. * gasp * I've fallen for a 'murican trap! *runs off* But srs, this is great news! Hope we can play again together in the future =D
  11. Gz on the ++! Sad to see you leave, I had a ton of fun playing and trolling silly 'muricans with you. While I do hope to see you back I understand why you're quitting, and I wish you the best on your future =D. Thanks for all the fun we've had nova! Good luck and take care ^^
  12. Wooow! That looks amazing! I can't wait =D
  13. I would be perfectly fine with a stat creep, imo. Mkjo's idea sounds great to me : "One super duper wep for one class and a nice pet for survival" Maybe make ToTs have a ridiculously low minimum stat (threshhold?, not sure what to call it in english xP) and remove the speed boost entirely. Make Hyper Rifles or Quietus a good reward from there, since we already have enough swords (obs, saw, e-sword, glacier) and staves (clava, eagle, the aquanos one, bloodshot, bone, rainmaker) going around and, imo, not enough huntress weps (Plasma, blaster, pawn) or monk weps (sparus, wrench, e-spear ) But
  14. Today is the 26st. Flip 2 upside down you get 5 divide 6 by 2 you get 3 that means 53 news day confirmed. \o/
  15. Sad to see another one go. I hope you have fun and wish you good luck on whatever new you're going on to!
  16. Banned for using the cheer emote "\o/"
  17. Banned for almost getting to 1k posts!
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