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  1. Not sure if this was intended, but if the genie destroys one of your towers, the DU is not "refunded" to you That means as the maps goes on, you can no longer build? Found this issue in Tornado Valley (Act 2, Nightmare)
  2. Hi all, Didn't see this in the known issues so I thought of reporting this bug as well During (and after) the chest animation at the end of the map (after Wave 7/7, tested this on Nimbus Reach, Little Horn Valley and The Dead Road so far), switching your chars using F1 to F4 causes you (or is it your camera?) to get stuck in the environment, and you will not be able to move for about 5 secs. After this 5 secs you automatically re-spawn again in front of the chest
  3. Hi all, Not sure if any of you encountered this, but the "Electrocute Enemies" mission does not seem to clock enemies being electrocuted by Ramster's Drench (requires Large Sphere upgrade) + Electric Aura (you still see the shock animation though) I can still do this mission when i drench with Traptress' Geyser Trap and then follow up with Electric Aura
  4. After playing for a thousand hours. I guess the picture below explains the reason for this thread... [SPOILER][/SPOILER] I got screwed over badly by Trendy and Steam Cloud. Is there anyway I can get them to rollback the data? EDIT: This is on "Play Online", and I've already ticketed the staff.
  5. Man, why would you immediately set b/o's :(, i would have gone up to 10 cubes for that first chicken. Their value is based even more on base dmg than on stats, seeing as they all have the same amount of ups, their dmg is purely based on starting dmg. Ahh okie noted. Well need the cubes urgently thats why am lowering the prices =D EDIT: Well A7 is pretty similar too so. If you still want it you can get it for 1cube too
  6. buyout d1 Hi can I have your SID so we can trade? Thanks!
  7. Hi All, I regret to inform that I have lost all these chickens in a Steam Cloud conflict. I have lost all my save data and will no longer play Dungeon Defenders. Thanks for your support thus far.
  8. 1 coal on 298^ seahorse. what does the 435 stat points add to? 1st or 2nd secondary ability? Hi Lhao sorry. Withdrawing bid on this as I bought a similar one in game. Thanks!
  9. No... If something has 300 tower damage, and 320 ups, it's capping with 20 spare. It's just maths. Actually.. with 320 ups on a sup piece with 300 tower dmg. its 19 spare points since it starts at level 1 =X Anyway here's smth to help calculate the possible max hero dmg with capped resists. (you need resists on nightmare especially) http://ddfrbr.com/armorresistcalc.watwat Hope that helps!
  10. Oh my, i can't resist entering this, these are some incredibly generous prizes! SID:disrespecting Changed my steam name to graylen though, so not sure which one I'd show up as. You shld totally wish a "Merry Kiss-My-***" instead with that SID Happy Xmas and a Merry New Year!
  11. 1 coal on 298^ seahorse. what does the 435 stat points add to? 1st or 2nd secondary ability?
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