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  1. As the title states, the lavamancer skill sphere 'Tectonic Breaker' does not work. The skill sphere states: While Hardened, deal 100% Here Health as crushing Earth damage every 3rd primary attack. While Inflamed, deal 100% Hero Health as Fire damage every 3rd primary attack. This effect simply does not trigger at all. Steps to Reproduce: 1) Get lavamancer with Tectonic Breaker skill sphere. It is easier to see the bug if you have high hero health. 2) Activate Harden/Inflame ability. 3) With hardened/flame state active, attack a training dummy/enemy/boss and note that no attacks deal damage equal to or greater than your hero health in damage. 4) Remove Tectonic Breaker skill sphere. 5) repeat steps 2 & 3, noting that damage output is the same both with and without the Tectonic Breaker sphere.
  2. Edit: This is fixed now. Per the title, the Monk's large sphere "Boost Blockade Health Sphere I" does not work after the Molten Citadel Patch (14.4) Today. It previously increased blockade health by 25%, but now, a spike bloackade inside or outside of the aura has the exact same current and maximum health. Steps to reproduce: 1) Build spike blockage, note max health. 2) Equip a monk with the "Boost Blockade Health Sphere I". 3) Using the Monk from step 2, build a Boost Aura by the spike blockade from step 1. 4) Note that the spike blockade's health has not changed from step 1.
  3. EDIT: This sphere is working correctly as of Buried Bastille Patch (13.5). Thanks, Trendy! Per the title, EV2 skill sphere 'Proton Flame Charge' does not work. It states: 'EV2s proton cannon is upgraded with a flaming core dealing an extra 50% fire damage to enemies it hits' The skill sphere quite simply does nothing at all. It was not 100% clear whether it added 50% fire damage to my 'proton cannon' (my basic attacks) or my 'proton charge' (the 3rd ability that roots you and does a lot of dmg), but the wording was similar to Proton Charge Deflect, so I assumed it affecked my 'proton charge' (3rd ability). However, my EV2 deals exactly the same amount of damage with both her basic attacks, secondary attacks, and proton charge with or without the sphere equipped. Reproduction steps: 1. Aquire EV2 lvl 10+. 2. Aquire 'Proton Flame Charge' skill sphere. 3. Equip skill sphere and check the damage of your basic attack and proton charge. 4. Unequip skill sphere and check the damage of your basic attack and proton charge; note that these damage values are identical with/without the skill sphere equipped, but one of them should differ by 50%. This seems like an easy fix, but I'll leave that to the experts.
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