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  1. Awesome! Thanks for clearing that up for me!
  2. I'm sorry if I'm just missing something obvious, but I just read today about the transfer stuff, and was wondering where the tool actually is? I haven't played in over a month probably, and when I start the game up everything seems like nothing has changed with my characters, I'm not sure am I supposed to download an application to use the tool, or where to even see the instructions. Thanks for the help and I'm sorry if this is a silly question.
  3. My first trading post so forgive me for any mistakes. I won the Arm Guard about a week ago in a raffle giveaway, and cool as the history of the item is, I'm not much of a collector, I'm cv poor, and I know that there are people that would love to have the item, and appreciate it more than me... Anyway on to the auction! Auction Item: Arm Guard of Lightning (with full trace) Accepted Currencies: Diamonds 5/10/15 Cubes Events, all event item values are based off the "average price" in Garzhod's Event pricing sheet Auction details: The Auction ha
  4. Thanks for doing the giveaway!! https://steamcommunity.com/id/GinjaBear/home
  5. Alright, here's to hoping I did this right. https://steamcommunity.com/id/GinjaBear
  6. Awesome, I'll make sure to check that out, thanks!
  7. I'd like to enter, when i complete the challenge do I just edit this comment with videos of me completing the challenge?
  8. Hey how do I uninstall the emulator? I've uninstalled and reinstalled DD, tried to take the files I could find out of the DD folders, but nothing is really working, can anyone help me out here.
  9. I'm a very big fan of pbj and a tall glass of milk. Or bagel and cream cheese is really good also.
  10. oof that's a number, man market pricing in this game is so complicated to dd1, I have no idea what the value of a million gold in this game.
  11. Just wondering how much one goes for, I have one, and while I'm not likely to sell it, I'd still like to know. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! How did crit damage change? I it still worth it to invest in crit chance in ascension?
  13. I've been away for close to a year, and whenever you come back to this game a lot of things have changed, can anyone give me cliffnotes as to what's important meta-wise right now? Or any new features that are maybe a little complicated. Thanks
  14. which heroes should I buy, I can buy 4 and I already have the abyss lord, which ones are most important? im currently thinking of not getting the dryad or the serpentress
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