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  1. Necro-bump, any interest from Trendy? Just helped a french beginner and he couldn't even rebind his key with the barrier language, no chance he gets the tower's effect while having to learn all the others game's mechanics. You could let players do a voluntary translation, I'd be more than happy to do the french translation for some gems (2 defenders pack wasn't enough I ran out of it ><). Warframe did this, the result was sometimes a bit clunky because they weren't letting us enough time to translate before releasing an update but I'm sure it helped tons of non-english speakers. ___ Je leur demande si ils seraient interressés par une fan-trad faite par des bénévoles.
  2. When the jester announce ice mage they're fire mage instead. Never noticed real ice mages. I was playing Insane mainly.
  3. You used to be able to communicate via ping, since the carnival update you can only do the basic ping '[C] Hey all! Check this out !' and not the other anymore. (Sell, upgrade, repair, build X, ...). Sorry if this has already been reported.
  4. Currently if a choice have already a lot of points you won't vote for it because it would be useless, a waste of point. I think most people are saving points in case an important choice come up. -> The current system do not tell you how much an idea is really liked, and you can't vote effectively for the ideas you think are good. My suggestion: A poll where everyone say how much they like each idea from 1 to 10, with a profile for each players. For exemple I'm playing DD since several years, I completed every DD games (only missing that Special Delivery achievement è_é), bought collector of DD2, I check the forum time to time. I think I can be classed in the categories 'veteran', 'completionist', 'financially invested', 'mildly active on the forum' That way you'll get results like '10k people are for the idea, 3k of them 10 our of 10, and most of them are actives veteran players: This idea is liked by our core fan base, let's do it'. Profiles could be completed by the Steam's profile link and the forum's profile data. Begginers option would matters too of course, but it would be relativized. 'Okay our old players like that, the news prefer that'.
  5. Here are the appearances of the Goblin Infiltrator and their price in XP:
  6. It took me like 2 weeks and I wasn't even playing fulltime. 10 millions XP = 40 Liferoot runs with XP spheres.
  7. Banned because you're not a cat. Do you even meow?
  8. I think the screenshots will talk by themselves: http://imgur.com/a/GEats Today I learned the mighty art of fusion, almost by accident, but it was my destiny. See it's power, young adventurer, and try to master it, if you dare.
  9. It would be nice to have a kind of random boss like the Stalker from Warframe (for exemple only in a defined set of map) or at least normal monsters that focus on players like the elf warriors. Bugged elf warrior that was able to OS players was a good time on DDE.
  10. You can't restrain the search to the sub forum you're currently on. With all the common things beetween DD1 and DDE you often get non related result when you're looking for something about DD2. I often use the middle mouse button as a shortcut to open links in a new tab, doing so on the search result close it.
  11. I'm playing DD since a bunch of years now and I always liked playing with randoms because you learn new things from the way they play/build, you can have some nice chit chat because the community is friendly. But ... In DD1 you was the all mighty host, you was able to instantly kick anyone but the outcome was that people were nice, played together. You was able to what you want how you want. In DDE you was able to create a private game, build, and then publicize. You had no power on who joins but it was okay. No problem to do the map you want kinda how you want. In DD2 if you want to farm a map in public you have to fight to get to that map, you have to fight to build it, you only get to manage 1/4 of the mana, and once the map finished you can start over the fights. A lot of time is wasted and this is just frustrating. In my case I have nearly maxed stats for post-patch gear, I feel like my builds are efficient and anyway I can build them fast and they works so playing public became masochism for a little extra leg chance. By forcing coop I feel like you're creating problems like in MOBAs, when you're forced to coop and you don't like your mates it quickly become frustrating.
  12. I am. I reached lvl 25 on 6 heroes while playing with Dragon Fall skins and now I'm playing on my monk to XP skin I got by unlocking boxes with cristals for accessories I'm not even sure I'll be able to equip in addition of my Dragon Fall skin. EDIT: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=458527215
  13. This need to fit the game's theme, there was nice christmas themed map on DD1, so it might come back in DD2.
  14. Off topic: Is there a way to get information easely without having to watch streams? I really liked the dev blog. I played like 50 hours of DD2 the last week, I'm a little active on the forum, but the only things I know about what's coming next is what I was told in game by other players.
  15. It would be nice to have +% sphere on sphere available only at max level for an extremely expensive price. That would give more usefulness to the money (I'm drowning in gold for now), give more way than farming legs to get power once max level and the sphere would continue to be significant on player with maxed gear.
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