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  1. Voted to make it a toggle, just since some people may want it. Though I didn't like it very much as I kept falling off ledges when I was trying to attack. I'd like to stay stationary when I attack and just give control over my movement to my move controls and not the attack button.
  2. Voted 2 cause I like the little crystals being there. But I do like the sleek look of #3. You know, to me 1-3 almost looks like a progressive upgrade. Maybe as you level-up more and more heroes to high levels/complete challenges and achievements, your forge "upgrades" itself, changing its appearance and unlocking additional features? That would be an interesting concept. @gigazelle: Nice work on the community forge. I'd vote for that one if it was a legit choice.
  3. Well if you want to have the game decide who gets the loot, but still be able to tell when a piece of loot drops, the only thing that comes to mind is how Guild Wars 1 did it. When something drops an onscreen message displays "Enemey 'ABC' dropped item 'XYZ' which is assigned to player '123'. Fair in the sense that no player can "screw" anybody over, but you still see when a good piece of loot drops that you might be interested in. Of course you wouldn't have to do this for everything single piece of loot. Maybe just for the rarer types.
  4. Not sure if markers would be all that effective. As Nata said, it might just clutter things up (unless there was an option to turn it off). A ping system would be good, and I also like Nata's idea of class icons on the map.
  5. @Nystical: I like your suggestions. I remember back when I played Diablo II, people would just huddle by the boss and then rush in for the drops. You can add my vote for some sort of instanced looting, that way players have a chance to pick up their loot and not have to worry about winning a race to it.
  6. My suggestion towards this, is that Trendy should put characters on a release schedule like LoL, but with the addition that once a character hits X number of weeks/months old, they become free to play. This should satisfy both the paid players and the free to play, because the paid players gets the ability to play new characters when the characters are first released, and the free to play people the knowledge that they will be able to get to play these characters at some point. Just going to comment real quick on this. Only problem with this, is that why would people pay for something tha
  7. Not a bad idea for hero customization. Though for the capes rewarded for being part of a group making them have no stats would be a good balance thing. I can just picture people complaining that certain people get boosts because they were part of a select few. Holiday capes is a nice idea as well. Something to keep hero wardrobes fresh.
  8. I agree that the ping is a must. But id also like to see us being able to draw on the map to show people your plan. I agree with this idea. Drawing helps to clarify some strategies and such.
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