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  1. they're useless only cause we haven't analogue to frost boost for towers\cannons... They will not be destroyed if you build it on right distance.... But realy...there's no need,it's worse then frost+traps\auras build anyway.
  2. And one more idea... here's somethin' like almost destroyed temple where holy-buff stands...with 3 points to stand (he jumps on it in stream-> and then stands in the middle of round respawn thing).... So idea is: 3 people in 3 points of temple => 1 player in the middle of round.
  3. the only thing i thought about 4\6 is: 1.Remove mark 2.Ring bell 3.Remove mark 4.Ring bell (it was middle ->left bells in stream) ______________ Tryed to remove other marks with different bells(yeah tryed not only right one) - one result(nothin'). If that thing doesn't work solo i have no idea now.
  4. When you switch your ger you lose stats => your traps became useless.
  5. What? You're able to do the 1000 ipwr NM4 maps with no active DPS? How do you build? Better ask him to build rampats inc or betsy nm4 and laugh loud xD P.s. i'm pretty sure he're talkin' about somethin' like liferoot inc or first map solo....maybe with old frosty exploit too. Nvm.
  6. Hate. Cause it's impossible to play hard maps in open game (you know,it's full of useless freeloaders) Can't build all and use dps hero at the same time.
  7. I think we need to get back "needed ipow to join" ... less then it was before,but still need.
  8. Point is "re-roll 240 and below ipow gear" ,cause it's op exploit of one more dev's mistake.
  9. Not so many? Ask any builders in nm4 how many frosty boost they have. They'll say somethin' like 120%....yeah,most of them just collect percents and don't even know how this thing works ,but whatever it anyway works better....MUCH BETTER. ____ I collected legs before re-roll...it was full inv of legs,but i removed all op frosty,cause i wanna play as it was intended.... And now i'm like an idiot,that lost chance to play easy as...as everyone play. ____________ And yeah. It's not so big pain in the ass to reroll just "240-" gear.
  10. Short message: People still use frosty with 20-40% frosty power. Low dp from it doesn't realy make it weaker,then it should be(since percent is so huge). People have like 2 times more powerfull frosty boost,then it should be. (or even more then 2 times) So. I thought Trendy will re-roll it fast... Then i was like..."ok they don't re-roll it cause people should grow in ipow first..." Then i was like..."ok it's open game now and there're many new people with low ipow"... But ....now...so much time passed....there will be new maps and new ipow limit soon.....but this thing still exist... Maybe t
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