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  1. I can confirm, it still bugs ! Any maps, any difficulties.
  2. Robin Schulz feat. Ilsey - Headlights 
  3. Cause you're not creative / well geared enough. You, guys, closed your mind into an elec/combo metagame (which is effective, I agree on that) but there's much more to explore with potentially 12 defenses towers to build in a map.
  4. Weapon and Helmet can have Boost %. At least pre-patch.
  5. Will we be able to know the min/max stats of each items we get (like the "ctrl feature" in Diablo III) ?
  6. I think Maimwe is failing to see one big flaw in his/her argument: Choosing for instance a slow on harpoons would mean you can't take something else. For instance if there's one item that gives a harpoon slow and one that makes it shoot two arrows at a time then you're sacrificing potential damage in order to get the slow. Another option could be flaming arrows, so if you're using some kind of tower that throws oil on enemies you'd probably want the harpoon tower to ignite that oil for you. His. And I think you didn't get my point. These "enhanced towers" would create some metagame that could break the fun of this game. If anyone is running "slowing harpoon" or whatever is OP, (cause it's too efficiency) I definitely won't enjoy this game. If you give the possibility to "damage - crowd control - apply-on-it - air - etc..." each tower, then you don't need 5 tower per character. In my opinion : Coop, creativity, balanced are the key words.
  7. Than maybe add debuff to them as well (it slows enemies at the costs of some percentage of damage)and I think a different item is used to get the effect(including the effects on weapons). Then it seems more balanced imo.
  8. Don't throw me rocks please, but I disagree. Giving the possibility of overpowered some turrets will make some "must have" in game. For exemple (pure random), Harpoon slowing ennemies will make Monk's aura useless as possible since it doesn't deal damage. It will break a crucial part of DD's gameplay : the synergies. Every turrets needs to be unique and overpowered only if another one synergises with it.
  9. As every late-game content, this (nice) idea should be kept in mind. But work on it now would be probably a waste of time.
  10. Making him a high DPS heroe will turn the Huntress kinda useless. I was more thinking about a crowd control heroe ; it could add another tactical dimension to defense than the traditional "Build then DPS only".
  11. Hi there, (as a typical french good guys, my english is poor and I hope you'll forgive me) As a DD1 fan, I want to introduce the idea I got when I used to play this game. It started when I realized every heroes cannot handle every weapons. Then I told myself "great, there's some special abilities for each kind of weapons"... But no ! Of course, differences are there (ranged, projectiles, melee aoe) but every single weapon has one main goal : pure DPS (except tower stats, blabla etc). Here's my thoughts on what I would have liked to see : Melee weapon for Squire : Average-high DPS AoE damage Lifesteal Block Why ? Squire is a typical berserker heroe, tanking as many mobs as he can and of course... survive to them. Melee weapon for Monk : High DPS AoE damage Ultra-low DPS projectiles giving him buffs when hit (infinite possibilities such as elemental resistance, bonus damage, mana vampirism, ...) Why ? Monk is a utility heroe, helping his team whatever they are DPS or Builder. His melee damage is high, but he's squishy and needs to get some buffs before going all-in. Ranged weapon for Huntress : High DPS Single target Projectiles are more efficient if they travelled long distance Hitting the same target degrade target's armor Why ? Huntress should be the heroe who deals the most damage. But to be efficient, she needs to be focused and accurated. No need to say she's squishy as hell. Ranged weapon for Apprentice : Low-average DPS Multiple target (due to projectiles) Splash damage Apply effect on-hit (I won't list everything my mind is telling me but obviously : burnt [additional damage], shocked [stunned], poisonned [reduce damage], slowed, disoriented, charmed etc...) Why ? Apprentice is the "master of magic". His damage isn't really high, but his utility's kit should make him usefull in waves.
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