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  1. Eh. It's EA, we know the month, they have no obligation to give us a firm date when they themselves probably don't know. Especially right now when the entire studio is restructuring to work from home due to covid-19 issues. I wouldn't sweat it. Every update we've had has been that it's still coming this month. I'd definitely expect them to wait until the last possible moment.
  2. Just for the record, for my friend group it was definitely the underlying game mechanics-I doubt we're anywhere near the only ones. A lot of the complaints and discussion about DD2 on these forums don't even mention the business model, but rather the gameplay and overall design. It simply wasn't a good game. As it is we're unhappy with the hero deck and some of the DD1 contrivances that didn't make it in, but overall content with the state of the game.
  3. Why would I want them to scrap the defenses when a large part of the point was to return to DD1's roots? I bought it because it's as close to DD1 as it is, tbh. Save major innovation for DD3, if we have to have it. Or just for future hero DLC.
  4. They've said from the beginning that it would be a return to DD1 roots. I really don't know what you expected, this was basically guaranteed and what we knew well before EA hit. After DD2 commercially bombed and was widely panned by the fanbase (yes some people liked it, but on the whole), they're not going to be taking risks as their first game into a loved IP as a new company. If you're wanting new things, check back whenever DD3 hits.
  5. Yes, but your solutions made the problem worse or more annoying instead of trying to fix it.
  6. Eh, the ability to hide it makes it low priority for me. Though I wouldn't mind the option to individually change the size and opacity and location of every UI element, if we're asking for dreams. :v)
  7. Zero issues here even with max mob count and everything turned up tbh, so not sure.
  8. 10000% bring back the horn. It was iconic! I even loved it in nightmare, despite it going off every second. :p
  9. Considering how broken the other heroes were--especially Summoner good lord--I definitely don't want those, so hrm. I wouldn't mind the gender swapped heroes, I suppose, if I had to pick one thing. As much as I really do like the idea of tower model upgrades and mana chests. :)
  10. It likely won't be from what we know of, no, but the DLC is also going to be cosmetic/class oriented not content based.
  11. There will definitely be buyable DLC later. Usually new heroes or skins.
  12. Eh? Everywhere I've heard them talk they've been open about what the game would be--a return to DD1's roots. There were even FAQs about it. It sounds like we're looking at vastly different bits of information. Hero-centered combat was DD2, which the majority hated. Pass. I hate the hero deck but it isn't going anywhere, it seems, sadly. I'm certainly a lot happier not being able to swap in combat, though. That's a definite improvement from DD2. From what I've seen of their dev streams/responses on forums and reddit and such, they're on track for what they're trying to accomplish. A modernized DD1 with some of the few (very few) good things from DD2 thrown in. DD3 is likely to be the next step as far as actual innovation of any type, tbh, but I'd buy it again and be content if even the next game was just DD1 with new maps, because I enjoy the core gameplay.
  13. Thankfully you can still have that experience anytime you want it, that's why multiplayer exists :) Sounds like it's your expectations and view of things that has changed, really. I still do that with friends, in fact. And yeah, I almost only play multiplayer in DD--that hasn't changed in DDA. Primarily with friends, but I enjoy doing it with randoms too. Whether I'm building or not. The core gameplay is enjoyable to me. Which I mean, the building aspect is only the first part of the first couple of waves, really. The core gameplay is the other 90%.
  14. Honestly, don't take this the wrong way but this just isn't the game for this mindset. It doesn't work in DD because it's stat based. People are going to want to complete the maps, ergo people are going to want to use the best builder. I'm not saying it's an impossible idea, or even a bad one... just one that doesn't fit with DD. If you're wanting everyone to build and have reason to build, give different towers to the classes and then remove hero swapping entirely - on top of that, remove stats. Make a game like Sanctum or some of the other good TD games like Orcs Must Die. Have the towers just be a baseline of damage, with possible upgrades via talent specs so people can specialize in a certain tower or something. *shrug* It would work fine in those situations as it encourages people to work together to all build and all contribute in the exact same ways. But that simply does not work for DD with how the game is designed, nor do I think it's capable of getting there without a massive overhaul. The difficulty is based primarily on the builder's stats, not on how good the build is (though the latter exists to SOME degree, obviously). I think the issue is primarily you just don't like how DD handles it, and that's fine! There are other games that do what you're looking for. But a lot of us play DD for THIS specific style, and we like it how it is. Even with its own issues; no game is perfect, after all.
  15. Mm. I agree and disagree. I don't think having outlines is a good idea--putting down towers properly is one of the tiny bits of tactical speed difficulty allotted to us--and having DU split is just as bad if not worse, because then there's people with no builders that have DU backed up. Why on earth would we want people with lower builder stats building? Just for the "fun" of playing with a random? What about in situations where groups of friends funnel loot to one person for the best towers? It's just way too restrictive to have DU anything but a communal pool. Tbh, with friend groups in DD1 we had 3-4 of us building and swapping in and out. Usually an Apprentice, Squire, Monk, and EV. If you try and FORCE some weird multi-builder aspect, you're going to make the game impossible to balance. I'd much sooner see the game as hard as possible and let people figure it out. Admittedly, I love multiplayer and basically only play multiplayer. Generally with friends, sometimes with randoms. Never really had an issue except for us not being able to do it sometimes due to builder stats, which is fine. *shrug*
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