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  1. Considering how small of a company they are and the fact they're likely in at least semi-crunch during the leadup to launch yeah, I wouldn't expect a response quickly at all. Especially during the holiday period. I'd expect mid-January somewhere.
  2. Yeah, it's a little ridiculous. I don't expect any forum changes until post-release, but it'd be nice.
  3. The game itself encourages people to AFK, tbf, just regardless due to how it's designed currently.
  4. Change the hideous DD2 style mana and bring back the colors/designs/physics of the DD1 mana. Add a way to get rid of the hideous graphic filter ruining a lot of the lighting. :p (Especially in the tavern, ugh, so much bronze).
  5. They really don't. Even on the easier modes in DD1 ogres were an actual threat you had to deal with and watch. Here they're just... sorta there. You smack them, they die, life goes on. They also don't scale basically at all. We really shouldn't be expecting the difficulty to BEGIN on Nightmare.
  6. Spires please, but yeah the chess level was awesome. Bring it all back anyway. :p
  7. Yeah. They need to be massively buffed.
  8. Hm. Official word relevant to this thread.
  9. Yeaaaah. I know it's a small company and they're lacking PR people + their communication has just been truly horrific, but. We'll see. Launch is going to make it or break it. A lot of people, myself included, left a ton of feedback. What they take/add/change, if anything, is going to say a lot about where the game is going - and whether they're willing to listen to players or not. A lot of games have betas and then just don't take any of that feedback into consideration. =/
  10. This one I'll give you. While the mana disappearing is, IMO, perfectly fine (people should be forced to risk it and playing with other people should come with advantages), the fact is that at least in the beta the mana given period is incredibly stingy. Upgrading towers is part of the fun. I'd sooner see more mana for more tower upgrades + faster/greater scaling enemies to make up for it.
  11. It's definitely less an aggro matter and more a range thing, you need to be close to them as they go to do it - otherwise even if they're gunning for you they have a tendency to lob it. DD1 worked similarly. Personally I think it's fine, damage and splash wise. I'd like to see it buffed, if anything. Ogres are nowhere near the scaling threats they need to be, at least not on the difficulties we have available.
  12. Thankfully you'll be able to play with three other people who will also be able to run out and vacuum up mana, so that won't be an issue. :) Large DD1 style crystals, ideally. The mana in DD2 and DDA is kind of god awful looking in comparison, and the fact it's almost inevitably the tiny green ones is likely at least part of why it disappears, yeah. Bring back all the different levels of mana from the first game, tbh.
  13. My experience is mostly 'walk up into their melee range and they'll focus the snot on me, dance backwards, kill them with no damage to my towers'.
  14. Hopefully that's part of the hack prevention. Hacked items? Deleted save!
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