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  1. I'm coming up with 32.33, repeating of course, percentage of survival. It would be a lot higher if you'd put points into dexterity. I've told you this, I don't even know how many times, but you keep putting them in intelligence. Maybe you should point a few in wisdom too, eh?
  2. I'm looking into becoming a games designer and I would love to hear from one of your guys. I Summon You Into The Deep Depths Of The Trendy Forums! What you should remember -- 1. Technical proficiency is not optional :: There is no such thing as an 'ideas' only guy in the games industry -- and even if that basically was your role, you wouldn't be able to do it without a really firm grasp on how realistic and achievable an idea was. The better you are at programming/scripting, the better off you'll be. The better you understand the inner workings of your engine, the faster you can track pr
  3. Does Ice make sure your drinks are cold? HAHAHAHHA +1 No, but he did install this really cool retractable cup holder on my desktop tower.
  4. I'm actually looking into becoming a game developer so if you guys want to give a piece on that I'd appreciate it very much. Game Development is People: People make games People consume the games The better you are at communicating, dealing with people, understanding variant viewpoints and approaches, and the more respectful you are of the professional qualifications of others, the farther, faster, and easier you will go. This is true of all disciplines.
  5. The Huntress - Orlando Bloom Negative, Maisie Williams
  6. 1- A) If this is the case, why hasn't trendy said as much? (in fact why hasn't trendy said ANYTHING >.>) We can speculate all we want on this, it doesn't matter. The system is disliked, and gimmicks like extra keys per wave are just an annoyance. Well mostly, I've been super busy but I am keeping up with this thread. The second component here was that I waiting for the council to dig through the surface and get to some truly useful insight on the system, but I think the chance of that have pretty much dead-ended now. You guys are running in circles and having an argument which has b
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