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  1. Can we expect Tower Costumes in the future? I would love to have an Ebonfire Warlord Tower to go along with my Squire Costume Towers that shoot confetti would be pretty neat
  2. How viable is Abyss Lord specced entirely into Hero stats instead of just being built around towers?
  3. Honestly I would wait before drawing any conclusions.
  4. I have a weird idea regarding a Squire wacking a tower in order to increase it´s Defense Speed. Basically this would only effect one tower and it would require a Squire to hit the tower with his normal auto attack, it could stack up to 2-3 times, once the squire stops hitting the tower, the defense speed bonus starts dropping till it reaches 0. This could have other applications besides defense speed like increasing range for example but it demands that the player dedicates himself to that particular turret/turrets. Created a gif to demonstrate it, the Squire hits 2 times, which makes the turret attack at a much faster rate, notice how the fire rate goes down as soon as the squire stops hitting it.
  5. I think the mana being nonexistent is on purpose, you are meant to manage your mana as best as you can throught the entirety of each one of the rounds, you need to upgrade a couple of turrets but at the same time you need to conserve mana to survive each one of the rounds. However I am 100% sure, when the rewards are fixes, Onslaught is going to be great if you need very specific items which is good in terms of progression purposes. Onslaught should stay hard and potentially depending on how difficult each one of the rounds, maybe the possibility of sometimes having really, really hard rounds would give you the ability to get a really good item.
  6. The issue I have on premium pets is that apparently they do not function like a cosmetic, they fall on the lines of a pet that is unique to other pet types. At the moment you turn one of the egg types in order to have a chance to hatch a pet that can range from Powerful to Legendary, this whoever does not fix the problem where the premium pet is still unavailable to free to play characters and they do not have access to a pet that can have an unique ability plus a different set of normal attacks at least from the information I got from using my Katkarot. I think there needs to be a better system for this, I wouldn´t say necessary that eggs should be able to spawn these premium pets, I think that preventing free to play characters from getting a pet that has the potential of having completely different stats and being able to have a higher range of rarities than some of the types like Gato prevents free to play characters to be able to harness all the tools and gives a straight up advantage to players who can put some money into the game. I think the best solution for this would be either make the premium pets entirely cosmetic or make them available to free to play characters with a system similar to how tokens work, where you can use tokens to buy keys to open the cosmetic boxes, potentially something similar could be implemented with pets, where you had a chance to get these premium pets.
  7. Onslaught needs a bit of work item reward wise, at the moment, Onslaught is challenging depending on the type of rounds you get, but the items are only level 23, It would be interesting if there was a rotation at each 5 rounds or so where you would have a bit higher chance to get a higher rarity item.
  8. Does anyone know if after completing the Monthly Quest you get the pet instantly?
  9. I think the item power scaling needs some tweaks and on private there should not be power scaling at all or it needs to be toned down significantly
  10. I think Lockbox keys should be in a completely different bag, I think I sold mine by accident before I could use it on a lockbox :(
  11. Ya they did warn us the talents were going to go and the skill spheres were going to be added, they very likely still tweak the skill spheres though.
  12. I think they should give us the ability to repurpose some of the spheres that grant utility bonuses to grant damage or other attributes instead, even if it was with some kind of penalty for using a different node, this would let people create whatever builds they want even if they dont want to have an extra effect on a turret or ability.
  13. I think they are aiming for making every pet unique, if it takes a long time to make one, it´s because they want to make them feel special.
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