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  1. I finished campaign massacre in Ancient Mines (in Legacy) but still can’t play massacre survival for Ancient Mines. Is anyone else able to unlock massacre survival or mixed or pure strategy mode? If so please let me know how. Thanks! :)
  2. I’m on PC and tested the new poison servo mod on sand viper and cannon: I can’t see the poison effect nor can I see the petrify effect when combining with an earth tower in combat. Can someone verify that the poison servo works?
  3. I wonder if it has to do with their server being down? Have you tried logging into other regions?
  4. Hello, I've only had the Frost weapon dropped the first time I played the Drakenfrost Keep map. Also, the secret switches are nowhere to be seen. Is there anything I need to do to enable these? Are they no longer available? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Happened to me too and for the couple of times that I saw what happened, it was Yetis from mega wave 6, Lost Temple, spawning in mid lane.
  6. I have the same issue and also “Connection Lost” error while actively playing game. Since this month I’ve had to reinstall the game every 10hrs or so of playtime to ‘reset the clock’ until the game crashes/disconnects repeatedly again. Seems to have occurred more often since the Protean update. I’d also be interested in helps on this. Will report back if conditions improve with the Isle of Dread update.
  7. Steam ID: ***ATHENA*** Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057359017/ Thanks can't wait!
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