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  1. I'm thinking about getting the humble bundle for this game, but I already have a lot of the DLC for it. What DLC comes with the humble bundle?
  2. Not legit. 16.9k base damage + near perfect tower stats, not possible. To even get 16.9k damage you'd need 4.7k base damage at lvl 1 assuming it came with +4 proj naturally. That alone is not possible. Thanks. Yay for wasting 200m mana on a hacked item :(
  3. Im going to go with no. As far as im aware swords dont have additional projectiles or charge up ability. Its a mage weapon. The one you get from beating Glitter. Its still treated as a staff, but looks like a sword.
  4. Just bought this from an AFK shop. Is this legit?
  5. Yeah... NM MM HC Surv Misty, Wave 22 (in a public game O_O) and servers go poof :'(
  6. Made one of these threads in the trading forums, no answers. So, price check?
  7. if the reload wasn't so bad, then yes. Cant waste 49+ upgrades on reloads. Not worth it. 355 ammo doesn't help to make up for the terrible reload?
  8. I've gotten to the point where I have 2 options left. Quit, or hack. Getting into NM is absolutely ridiculous. I have a fully geared basic mythic tower app (469,424,289,484 stats) and I find it impossible to even begin to start making my way into NM mode. Sure I could probably do T1/T2 maps, but they don't drop anything worth picking up. I can solo my way to wave 3 on Endless Spire survival, but in the past 6 runs not a single upgrade has dropped. It seems to me, someone who hasn't done many NM modes yet the only way to get into doing NM modes is to either hack your gear, or get someone who ha
  9. There are 5+ games up right now with that title. Come on trendy, get the ban stick out.
  10. what are you going to do when the cap goes up again lol you thought 70-74 is bad :p Well hopefully the new content will be doable at 74 and you can slowly work your way up to the next level cap by playing, not grinding more insane glitter that you've already done 5000 times.
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