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    Drop Mana

    I kinda missing the drop mana feature from DD. I was in a position where the squire needed mana and i had some left, would be awesome to drop your mana so your party members can use it.
  2. Pinda

    Tower Types

    I'm loving the upgraded graphics that come with upgrading towers, really nice improvement. Along those lines I wouldn't mind seeing varied upgrade paths that let you specialize your towers more than just upgrading them (ex frost tower upgrade for single target or an aoe type freeze) so that you could adapt to whatever situations you were facing on any specific level. I like this idea, would add allot of diversity in this game
  3. Basically you could have a button then when pressed and held down, would release mouse for the time it is held down, and you could click on the map to ping the location. (And in the future hover over skills/other players to see their basic stats. This is already being suggested here : http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?109272-Ingame-communication
  4. Do you know where in the map they got stuck? i pushed some goblins of the rails near the east lock, they got stuck in near the stairs. its hard to explain but i have a screenshot showing. Just don't know where to upload it (NDA)
  5. Pinda

    Field of view

    I personally think the characters are too zoomed in. how does the rest feel about this ?
  6. I'm just playing 1280 * 720 (windowed) for now. Would love to be able to play this fullscreen on my resolution
  7. Description : When killing monsters in their spawn points you cannot retrieve the mana. Should it be even possible to kill the monsters before they are leaving the purple barrier ?
  8. Description : Monsters sometimes get stuck in walls. This is really annoying since you need to find them to finish a wave Date : Thread Date
  9. My resolution is not supported 1440 * 900.
  10. Woo I am finally Orange :D How do you get your title and color in orange anyways ?
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