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  1. Remembered my password for my old forum account haha its me Zed123 I was intrested in the first one but if Veetoo wants them thats fine c:
  2. What about unlimited mana cap instead of filling our inventories with mana token but then i suppose hackers would have like 99999999999999999999 man carry around with them...
  3. So in the realm of DD1 one there were many event hosts who helped the community but what about DD2 event hosts? Will the dd1 ones be the same for DD2? Me personally i would love to be and event host to pay back the community from all my sins, and help you guys get those SUPER SWAGGY event items not trying to be beg. BUT WHO KNOWS WILL THERE EVEN BE EVENT ITEMS...
  4. No offence taken my man, I can see where it might be confusing to someone new. As it has already been stated, the items are purley collectible and cannot be obtained through farming. now as for your "1." The items/currency that is moving from the person Im trading to my items box are not being used as it anyway so it will not damage the economy, rather help it and this is why; As of the moment all the currency that is being bid in my auction is unused currency. What I plan to do is move a few of my personal items in order to get all of the unused currency. Then through giveaways, in s
  5. Ppppppsst do it quietly so they wont notice 1
  6. Seeing some purple comments, which we received in our last thread about the new forum theme. The other suggestion was blue. How's this? Blue is really nice, purple needs too be brighter imo.
  7. ^because its always sad whenever you lose someone. you were a good guy imo. so no, we cant be grateful for something like this Everyone should be grateful I have QUIT, I'm only twelve years old.
  8. not wanting to start a conflict, but why is there a pic of u asking someone to buy ur stuff? I am gonna give you a chance to explain this, because i dont understand it. Can't everyone be grateful thAt I have QUIT??!!
  9. Just report hackers and dont care what others think about you as long as you have fun. Here are lots of nice players around who always helped me when I asked for help. Seriously, on the internet you should not even give a care about haters. I dont get it. Goodbye! I get enough of it irl so I don't wanna put up with in a game that's meant to be fun
  10. Too many haters on me, so many hackers, game makes me feel sad. All my dreams and hopes are gone to work at trendy when in older, Peace out and enjoy defending.
  11. there are many people on the forums that would probably do this, but there are also some that would do this for just 1 of the items (since he is now accepting bids on them separately) .....
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