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  1. We need conjoined twin Ogres that are twice as strong, twice as fast, twice as smart, twice as snotty
  2. I really like playing this game, but it's all about grinding for new gear. A wipe would take us longer to grind up to great gear again, compared to a reroll, so I'm all for a wipe, I want a reason to keep playing :]
  3. Just a small hotfix, but in it we address two potentially major issues. Let us know if these help you! Bug Fixes: Resolved a few memory leaks that could potentially cause players to crash. Resolved several lag issues related to the social tavern.
  4. Dear Trendy, as a group of professionals devoting all of your time into DD2, whom I assume have strategically discussed when and why to disclose your course of action on the topic of the item revamp, I encourage you to tell us whenever you feel like it, even if that isn't in the immediate future.
  5. Dirigible


    The spheres could potentially be problematic giving players an unfair advantage if they have the money to buy keys. I can see someone not liking this, but since it's a cooperative game and not competitive, I'm fine with this
  6. Dirigible


    I agree with everything here :D
  7. I tried to pick the least serious names I could imagine, because who cares
  8. Not sure if that is the reason that they are taking it out, besides something about animations not working right, but I think making it so that each mob can't be affected by the same trap more than once would be the easiest way to fix that setup from being OP That would make traps absolutely terrible though unless you heavily multiplied their damage. |: Between the damage from being in an electrical aura whilst being knocked up, then the time spent in it whilst stunned, plus the extra combo damage, then the time to walk to the next geyser at the other end of the aura, knocked up, stunned again, combo damage again, then the damage from any AA/flameburst/any towers nearby during that whole duration, I still think it could be extremely viable to use a geyser/aura combo, especially in a meta where DS isn't a primary stat which would the few options for CC much more valuable If you had a constant stream of enemies all close to each other, at the geysers default cooldown, it might hit like half the enemies, so I would imagine with DS being a secondary stat that they should probably lower the reset timer on geysers to compensate a bit. Of course this is all my opinion, and if you think different I can totally respect that, we can't really know anything until we see how it all goes down
  9. Not sure if that is the reason that they are taking it out, besides something about animations not working right, but I think making it so that each mob can't be affected by the same trap more than once would be the easiest way to fix that setup from being OP
  10. If you were to play with friends, wouldn't the people getting more xp and loot just snowball ahead of their friends. I also agree with the reasons posted against this idea. I can empathize with the OP and understand the benefits, but overall there are too many problems that would arise, at least in my opinion.
  11. I feel like you shouldn't be able to use this feature on a map unless you've already beaten it x times, otherwise it could trivialize the excitement of playing on a new map for the first time and trying to figure out a good placement strategy yourself. If i could just go into a new map and load up a blueprint, and know that i can easily pass it, it would feel silly not to do it.
  12. I've had a few toxic encounters, and i really wish i could block chat from certain users
  13. I think the passive stats are the ones called secondary, so it's removed as a primary stat and turned into a secondary stat mktsang quote: dps hero has to chase 4 (HD/AP/HCC/HCD) I think most people would rather get HCC, HCD, and either HD or AP, but likely not both (though maybe that's what you meant). I see melee doing really well with HD because of the huge cleave and faster attacks, and ranged doing well with their short cooldown aoe/multitarget abilities. mktsang quote: My opinion on Critical chance: I know this might be too early to worry about Critical chance, but if the devs team decided that critical chance is going to scale by percent,the result is going to be catastrophic. For if Critical chance is scale by %, players in early levels will see no improvements on their performance. Since +1% critical chance is hardly noticeable. And in later levels, if the critical chance reaches 100%, there will be no need to farm for more critical chance, which will end up having the same problem we have right now, that everyone will be chasing after 2 stats. I completely agree, I can only imagine a few ways to "fix" this, such as making it so that you can't get any gear that has 2 important stats together, such as DCC/DCD/DP, and HD/HCC/HCD, though that's quite a few variables to cut out, so maybe not. Another way would be to have different map modifiers, such as "crit chance is capped at x%" for harder maps/difficulties. This of course leads to that underwhelming feeling, assuming you are playing endgame stuff, of hitting a cap and knowing that all the time you previously spent getting the gear would fall off. If the cap is just globally put at 25-40% or something, I feel like it wouldn't be silly to build those stats, yet not so crazy that it's OP. Ideally it would be in the realm of being a viable build, but not any better or worse than just building straight damage. It would just be weird trying to loot better gear and get that lucky max roll on DCC%, which matches your current gear, but have all the other stats be greater than your current gear. mktsang quote: Uber towers will also keep the same visual as the basic tower because they want to make tower skin a reality, and having uber change the look of towers could be confusing. Just to clarify for everyone, ubers affect projectiles, skins affect the tower, and these can be done together, but putting an uber on and taking it off will change nothing other than the projectile
  14. I don't see how lifesteal would be bad if it was designed properly. Make it to the point where it's useful but not useless or overpowered. I feel like percentage health return is bad because it can only get so good before it either becomes too strong, or before you hit the hard cap. For example, lets say the cap isn't OP, and you want to max it out. Lets say there are 2 item types that can get % lifesteal, weapons and gloves, and lets say they each cap out at like 10%, once you hit that, you will never be able to improve on it with future items, unlike numerical values (when you get a flat amount back per attack). The game has horizontal progression where all values go up slightly, thus allowing it to basically go endlessly if they wanted to add endless difficulty levels. Having both the attack damage, and % health returned both scale would be a horrible value if not for a really low cap on it :/
  15. If they ever make a champion with abilities/defenses that scale off of move-speed, it could prove to be interesting. Or perhaps an ability that, for a few seconds, lets you mark enemies by being near them, and once the effect wears off it detonates to damage those marked enemies, thus having tons of movespeed could let you mark a boatload of enemies. There's definitely an advantage to having movespeed, and there's potential for them to make it more useful, but as it is right now, it's too easy to get so much movespeed that it just makes things more difficult :/
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