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  1. I have no fears. I am certain they added the Pink Floyd poster this patch.
  2. Is the Pink Floyd poster ready yet?
  3. How is the design on the Pink Floyd poster going?
  4. Only played them once for the initial tokens on free-play.
  5. I also agree, holding skills hostage so we come back each day is a terrible idea. The skill spheres are not what is going to keep most people playing. New maps and new gear will. I would put skins, tower skins, accessories, themed pets like Betsy egg and really anything you can buy with the real money gems in the token shop. You can even keep the token income slow, I would add other ways to gain them though. The Uber spheres should have a gold cost like all the others.
  6. So I sold all of my eggs, played a round and got a new egg, and it is letting me incubate again.
  7. I already submitted through the tavern keeper but figured I would see if anyone else is experiencing this. Since last night I cannot incubate my eggs. The timer pops up, no egg shows, and nothing happens. If I close the menu and open it again its all reset. I can keep putting eggs in and clicking incubate and they will all be black in my inventory like they are in use. Naturally I selected all of them and let it sit for 8 hours just to see if anything would happen. Nothing did. I have no Idea what broke it. Most likely has to do with the lack of a Pink Floyd poster. Without it everything just falls apart.
  8. Guys, for the low cost of $29.99 you can purchase 300 tokens! Three guaranteed tokens a day wouldn't be so bad if everything else you do in game has a random chance to give tokens as well.
  9. There is already an experience boost when defending the objectives. There was a lot of debating here on the forums and in game whether defending the sub objectives affected loot drops. People would insist the overall item power level of items was higher if you defended the sub objectives. Others said that wasn't the case and that it is better to have more enemies for more loot. The Devs were very vague on the matter and never gave a definitive answer. I do not believe they intend to either.
  10. Unfortunately they have said they have no intentions of having a server list. They plan to expand on the current Matchmaking system instead. Personally I hate it, but what are you gonna do?
  11. 1. Will you guys be adding a Pink Floyd poster to the Tavern? 2. When?
  12. You just want more heroes per deck :P But seriously, a couple issues I see which I am sure can be fixed I am just going to throw it out there: What happens when the level cap changes? If I did prestige at level 60, then the level cap changes to 80, anyone who didn't get to prestige at 60 will have an even harder time than I did. The decks would have to be built, than unable to be changed. It would have to be multiple decks. It doesn't make sense for me to have a character I have never even played, swapping them into my level 60 deck, then all of the sudden that character is level 60. Also, once you prestige what happens to your gear? Adding 1 hero slot each time you prestige will just make the deck pointless. I mean at that point they could just make your account level up and prestige, you can use all heroes and they are all the level of your account. Then you just end up back to square one, debating on whether they should remove the decks or not.
  13. It happens if you are holding a key while loading/before loading. You can do any direction and it will work every time. To fix it all you have to do is press that key again once loaded into the map.
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