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    Item Check Thread

    Thank you so much Plane!
  2. Blizzard

    Item Check Thread

    IC Please Items
  3. Thanks!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to all the other winners!
  4. I'm in! GL everybody! Happy Hollyday!
  5. Same as before, if you are missing something, contact Trendy and do not play DD. However Howling Werewolf is actually a bad weapon for gaining Mana because it deals way to much damage. Ult Blasters are not rare only the gloves if they were decent. If you feel satisfied I could give you an Ult Genie and Blaster and probably also some new gloves. Don't get me wrong, I've lost some decent items by myself but everything can be replaced. I know that you have lost some items as well as I do. :( Thank you, it would be on your side a little compromise. But nobody will return my event items?
  6. Gone not only Mana master: Now i standing in my afk shop and right now from my Jaster disappeared Howling Werewolf (event item), ULT Blaster Rifle and ULT gloves. 04.12 - mana mastret is missing from item box. 04.13 Yesterday - Howling Werewolf (event item), ULT Blaster Rifle and ULT gloves disappeared from the hero.
  7. Bad, I'm unsatisfied! I bought the game, spent the money. And no tech support! The fact that I had lost items it's your glitch! Need to compromise, to seek a way out of this situation, and not what you said - "we can not return to you items". Give something in return! So you lose players!
  8. Sorry about that! We were away at PAX East 2014. Did our support team get back to you? I am wrote on email and received a reply: T.E. Community Support (Trendy Entertainment) Apr 17 16:10 Hi, Due to your account being logged into multiple times on TrendyNet, your past saved data was overwritten and unfortunately we cannot replace those items. We sincerely apologize for the frustration this has caused you. Sincerely, T.E. Community Support Team
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