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  1. Do you have any sets you could make with your leftovers? About cheap stuff, builder sets. Watched what i have left, i've got somes coals (like 4) & a few cubes, and my char are naked, asides of my jester wich has some little stuff, thanks to someone. If you cba making a set i'll try looking at your stuff by myself, but i stopped like 3 years ago, so i can't quite remember everything. I'd rather have multiple okish trans/supreme sets for my builders than a strong one wich would sink my few cubes left.
  2. Damn, i (re)started DD2 yesterday (well, bought it 2 years ago and didnt like it in fact) and kinda instantly felt nostalgic of DD1, so i'm reinstalling. I went here to the forum to see what changed a bit, and i see you posting. Might not remember me, but i do ! We didn't play much but we did some trading & talk a bit, with pancakez & some more people, in the steam group chat :) Anyways GL selling theses ! I'll see what i have left once i'm done reinstalling, but anyways i kinda gave everything away when i left ( https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/105161/ )
  3. SID: punisher160 Link to my profile : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982556583
  4. Well, my 200th post, just to say, GG TO THE WINNERS. Thanks everybody for the messages, and ppl, see u later, on steam, dd2, whatever !
  5. Okay guyz, i'm gonna close it sooner as planned. Sry for that, but i dont think i can be here at the planned hour, so.. I already have the winners, keep an eye on the thread, i'm gonna edit !
  6. You should blackout some stats or its gonna be dupe for sure...
  7. at least 5+, not that bad as dps ( 550+ )
  8. At least 3 Years ago, now i have more hairs, a beard, and i'm still drinking beer like on the pic! ( And i'll pass on the cube, since i'm quitting )
  9. This auction isnt dead, i still need the cubes for my giveaway ! Bump :)
  10. Yo ! It is time for me, time to leave this very addictive game. I met much people, maybe some hate me, maybe some not, but anyway, i dont think it was a time waste. I think i can say i have some new friends, and, maybe i'm gonna leave the game but, i hope i'll continue to have to possibility to talk with em.. It was fast, i'm not a old one, so maybe most of you dont even know me, but well, it was some pretty interesting months. And anyway, i'll, at least, try DD2 ! (Ok, el genius, i'll use your method, so i pretty copied your thread, dont hate me !) this is how it will work: You can sign up by leaving your SID and a lil word. NOTE: you can only sign up once, if I find your name twice you will be disqualified. NOTE2: Maybe it looks rude but, i'm not gonna give anything to someone with 2-3 posts, or to someone i know as a hacker or a a*shole. I'm not gonna choose the winners, but i keep the right to disqualify someone ! When will the winner(s) be announced: No entry accepted after the 5th day of February at 4PM UTC +01 . The winners will be announced the 5th day of February at 8PM UTC +01. Winners will be chosen with random.org Available prizes: -Barbarian SET [spoiler][/spoiler] -Jester SET [spoiler][/spoiler] -Squire SET [spoiler][/spoiler] -Monk TOWER SET [spoiler][/spoiler] -EV SET [spoiler][/spoiler] -Summoner SET [spoiler][/spoiler] -Monk BOOST SET [spoiler][/spoiler] -Trapper SET [spoiler][/spoiler] -105 Cubes -32 Coals -Mana Master -Howling WereWolf -Something Blue -Dwarven Miners Mask -Groovy Mask -Vile lord's Clutch List of Winners: 1. Barbarian SET: emilio2013 PAID 2. Jester SET: m3n4s0s PAID 3. Squire SET: AeroZ PAID 4. Monk TWR SET: Sir Pancakez PAID 5. EV SET: Nato4eyes PAID 6. Summy SET: ezelking PAID 7. Monk BST SET: hut PAID 8. Trapper SET: Quang13 PAID 9. Mana Master: ijohanne PAID 10. Howling WereWolf: niblebit PAID 11. Something Blue: LukeVestergaard PAID 12. Dwarven Miners Mask: Tears PAID 13. Groovy Mask: djrandyran PAID 14. Vile lord's Clutch: Zeus87 PAID 1. 30 Cubes: [COLOR="[[483,hashtags]]"]mkjo PAID 2. 15 Cubes: CarnivorousCarrot PAID 3. 15 Cubes: Lone Salamander PAID 4. 10 Cubes: mach PAID 5. 10 Cubes: Daikyi 6. 10 Cubes: Zieni PAID 7. 5 Cubes: dejsav PAID 8. 5 Cubes: StillPad PAID 9. 5 Cubes: BaraCuda PAID [/COLOR] 1. 8 Coals: [COLOR="[[483,hashtags]]"]Pernox 2. 8 Coals: Klaz48 PAID 3. 8 Coals: EagleOne PAID 4. 8 Coals: xFuNz PAID [/COLOR] GG Everyone
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