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  1. Something tells me there's going to be a shadowed Djinn coming soon. . .
  2. I disagree. It's more like if the people that funded Apple to build the next iPhone wanted to be given a heads up if their "spring" release suggestion had potential to not be met. Many of the users here backed them from Kickstarter, and a lot of those users already feel betrayed by the PS4/Xbox release delay. Also, there's no demanding that we be told all the secrets. We're not asking for solid dates or even what content is coming next. We just want to be respected enough to be informed when there might be a delay. If we planned to go to the movies together and I told you a few minutes before showtime that I want to reschedule for a couple days later, you'd have good reason to be upset. If I told you the day before that I might have to reschedule, there's much less of a problem. This is 100% accurate, and I could be completely wrong. I just think we live in an era where you can make little comments to defuse potential problems later. Again, not a full write-up update like they have been doing (which are great for official announcements), but quick comments intended to keep people in the loop. Someone on the forums noticed that a dev mentioned a potential delay, they spread that info as a delay seems inevitable, the userbase is understanding because they were given a heads-up, CG can write up an official announcement for whoever doesn't dig through the forums. Again, not in PR, so this could entirely be wishful thinking and rose-colored glasses. This is the part that is important. I think the majority of users here trust CG when they say they are delaying things to make it better. They've proven that they are working hard and making improvements. If they need to delay things, I don't doubt that most people will be more than accepting because they believe the result will be a better product. After all, "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad".
  3. The logic of "2 day delay should be known 2 days out" is flawed, but the point you make is accurate. My bet would be there were some bugs the testers found that CG were uncomfortable releasing. Maybe a new save-wiping thing? As a developer, I am aware that we can be notoriously bad at estimating how long something takes to fix, and often times those estimates don't include more testing. And I get it, you want to be optimistic about meeting your proposed schedule. Developing is tricky and unexpected things show up, we understand. All we ask is for communication so we don't feel left in the dark. These forums are some of your biggest supporters and the DD community is fantastic. We're not here to kick while you're down. Even with the lack of communications, we still try to stand up and defend you. If you let us in on what's happening, we can better understand and further help defend when things happen. I don't think anyone is expecting a full press release on every little thing, just when you have an official decision on those. I just want the conversations to include the forums. A quick post like "We're still hopeful to release in March, but bear with us if we need to push it back a couple days" can go a long way. The work being done is really showing. It's come a long way since the beta and it only looks to be getting better. Keep up the great work, and just try to keep us in the loop going forward.
  4. I'm not sure if there was a limit in DD1, but you could definitely have more than 12 heroes. I think it's unlikely they will introduce a limit that would delete characters for legitimate users DD1 had special drops for each boss, I would plan on DDA also having special items.
  5. I really like how the price of an item can be much higher but still considered a downgrade.
  6. PSA: If you want to help deal with hackers, use the reporting functionality built into the game. Posting on the forums is not particularly useful.
  7. You've crushed my dreams of being 2 billion mana in debt!
  8. Given that DD1 got so much love from the community with the modding kit, I'm hoping there is at least hope for DDA to get in on that action. That said, I figured I'd start learning UE4. Is the team locked in on a specific version at this point? Also, poking through the game files I noticed some early draft cinematics. Excitement levels are pretty high right now.
  9. I'd also like to add in that half the maps are new.
  10. There's been multiple requests to allow quick change (F1/F2/F3/F4) while in the inventory, so I doubt there's currently a better way. Hopefully something gets added, though.
  11. +1. Just happened to me. There's a reported version you can support here: https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360058211112-Sell-all-button-on-the-filtered-inventory-
  12. I had the game crash during wave 2 of the final level on Hard difficulty and this popped up: I'm guessing "Send" in this case means to the Unreal team at Epic. Does CG also get notified? If not, should we do something to send these to them?
  13. It's intensely satisfying to watch orcs get pinned to walls with harpoons.
  14. You've got a syntax error in your title: if( entitiesAlive == 0 ) But yes, a way to get mobs to continue faster would be nice.
  15. I'd rather have the option to hide the upgrade / sell / repair / drop mana icons in the bottom right. Once you know the keys, you don't need that.
  16. There's reporting functionality built into the game. Use that. These are being worked on. They've mentioned that some of the most extreme cheaters have been perma-banned and others are being looked into.
  17. This is already a thing, but it's hard to see. There's a thin white line by the heath bar that fills a percent based on the tower level. Personally, I'd rather have the icons to easily tell it's level 2 rather than try to tell how far a bar is filled. Currently, I just open the upgrade option and see the mana cost a given tower needs.
  18. Double jump is great, but the physics on the stools/chairs/chicken in the tavern have provided more-than-I-care-to-admit hours of entertainment. Build some towers to make goals and go at it.
  19. I would not expect this. Even if there was a "free for the first week" on some things, I would never think that should hold true for all releases. This is great, but I think it might misunderstand my point. Don't get me wrong, always-free content is great and appreciated. I'm specifically talking about content that is free for a limited time-frame (that being a handful of days immediately after release). It's not expected, but more of an "above and beyond" that made DD1 so much better IMHO.
  20. I started playing DD1 when it was released way back in 2010 (has it really been 10 years already!?) After it was launched, there was periodic DLC, mostly during holidays, that would add some new skins, weapons, and a map. The cool part, though, was that this DLC was released for free for 2 weeks. It really made each release feel like a love letter from the developers to the players, and it made me excited to keep going back to the game (and convince others to buy the game and play it). What are the odds of this being a thing for DDA? Let me be clear, though. I'm not against the idea of paying for extra content. For example, the Lost Shards campaign maps were never free, and there's no problems with that. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I remember the first DLC pack being released, and it was the Ramparts with a Halloween theme, and it was glorious. Even the strange presidential campaign map with the boxing ring and the Demon Lord ref (and PVP). DD1 ended up with 25 expansions, 2 of which are still free on Steam. Having some be free for a couple weeks on release portrayed them as developers having fun making stuff for the community to enjoy, rather than repeated cash-grabs. I'm not saying everything should be free from now on. I'm just saying this was something that elevated DD1 from a fun game to one of my top 3 games of all time. If CG decides to not do this, I'm not going to refuse to play or anything. I just wanted to bring up that this was a thing and have it be considered for future content. You guys are doing a fantastic job with listening to the community and trying to quickly fix bugs and improve the game. The difference between the Kickstarter problems and now is quite evident. Keep up the great work and we'll keep enjoying the game.
  21. Also to be added: bosses, challenge maps, and modes (hardcore, mixed).
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