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  1. I believe the most up-to-date assumption is 4-6 weeks after Switch version
  2. Banned for posting on this over a year after the previous post
  3. Sanctum 2 came out on PS3 Orcs Must Die! Unchained is apparently on PS4 The rest don't seem to be on any PS device
  4. I have a lot of hope for where DDA can end up. Sure the content can seem thin compared to DD1, but I think it will end up being quite good down the road. DD1 was a lot of fun, despite the EV and Summoner issues, and I'm sure DDA will get to that point as well. My problem stems from beliefs like the classic quote Though perhaps this is outdated philosophy in gaming, since post-launch updates are so common these days. The problems with DDA being launch without some (IMO) crucial features like split-screen might not be as big a deal since it's not like ye olden days where what's on the game cartridge is all you get. It's still a little disappointing, but ultimately it just means DDA will sit in the "Come back to" folder for a bit. I suppose the best way to describe my problems with DDA is that, if someone asked if I wanted to play DD with them, I'd choose DD1 over DDA. Eventually, I suspect that will change, but that's how it is for now.
  5. The problem is most likely where that check is happening. I was having problems just on the Act 2 Hard achievement during EA, but starting new after the launch managed to unlock it naturally. Worst case scenario, they should be able to check on game launch in case the expected trigger bugged out. That way it can prevent wasting resources for constant unlock checks.
  6. I'm all for the Switch version. Can't wait to play DD on the go!
  7. Message [CG] Philip on Discord
  8. As you mentioned, this is a remake of the first game in a franchise. As such, it should be compared to the original in the same way you might do for the Spyro remake, the Final Fantasy 7 remake, or maybe even Pokemon Let's Go. The graphics are much better, there's new QoL features that are much appreciated, and it will hopefully introduce new players into the magic many of us experience when we first played this decade-old franchise. Unfortunately, DD1 has 26 DLC packs plus an amazing community that's made so much extra content for it. Expecting a remake to contain all the content of the base game, plus all the content of it's DLC, plus some content from the most popular community made stuff, plus entirely new things is unrealistic. Even more so when it was only revealed on Kickstarter roughly 16 months ago.
  9. There's a couple short walls that will kill you if you stand on them. It's the side pathways on the walls closer to the middle of the map, near the spawn doors. Both the player I was with and myself could reproduce it every time while playing the Moving Core challenge.
  10. The are the complaints that tend to confuse me the most. DD1 launched with fewer maps and only the first 4 difficulty settings. That was sufficient content for the launch of DD1, so having Nightmare and the campaign of Massacre, along with 3 extra maps, included at "launch" of DDA should make for enough content. I'd have to agree that the problem likely comes from players that brought in their EA characters so the relatively minor amount of added content between the ending EA build and the 1.0 release build was not enough. I think the complaints regarding broken promises about the launch are also valid. There's still a lot of users that are waiting for split-screen and the Switch version (promised at launch) as well as those waiting for other console versions (promised in Q3).
  11. Message [CG] Phillip on Discord
  12. To be fair, they have been doing pretty well in the dealing with bugs department. The game does consistently get more stable, but squashing bugs isn't enough to keep the player base coming back. I appreciate that CG is working hard on this during pandemic issues and having a pool as an office, but it was their choice to come out of beta into early access when they did. It was also their choice to do their official release when they did. It's true that no game is ever perfect, but they had a checklist of things that were expected in the finished product. When you decide to classify your game as "released" without some of those things (like local co-op), then expect players to be disappointed and frustrated. Especially when the communication with the community has been a consistent problem since the beginning. So many problems could be alleviated by simply saying something before doing something. The DD community is one of the better ones. They are passionate about the games, they can be pretty forgiving about mistakes when made right, and they can be very patient and understanding if given the opportunity. If CG says they need to delay a release, the vast majority would be fine with it. Instead, they release with missing features and the whole "Legacy" problem.
  13. When they finally add in local co-op
  14. Most likely, new characters will be paid DLC
  15. It's come a long way from how bad it used to be. They are still working on optimizing it, but a lot of users seem to not be having issues at this point.
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