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  1. Paint.NET, Make 4 layers, find and image for each layer, size each, profit.
  2. nVIDIA paper airplane or origami crane?
  3. I'm sure I could find a way to play the concept art...
  4. Perhaps I missed something. Is there a reason you think the codes will be region locked? IIRC, the PS4 isn't region locked anyway.
  5. It also seemed crazy bright. Hopefully that gets toned down a bit. Maybe making it semi-transparent would help. The maps look really good, though. Along with the comment about half the maps in the game being new, I'm hyped.
  6. Guess we're back to this point now.
  7. Just saw the DD:A trailer in the Switch Indie World Showcase video on the Nintendo YouTube channel. The game is looking pretty good. The only things I've seen so far are Kickstarter video and some images in the updates. Is there somewhere that stuff is being uploaded that I'm missing? Also, it mentioned the Switch timed exclusive being released in 2020. Is the PC version stilled planned for October? Edit: There's also this slightly different version that's just the trailer
  8. To stay true to the thread, we should just start counting down to the next October.
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