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  1. It's been down for several weeks. The circumstances were pretty unfortunate in that the online service they were using was being removed and they had a pretty short timeline to get something working if they wanted to have multiplayer at all. Unfortunately, when the day came for the old multiplayer service to end, the session browser wasn't finished, but you could still connect directly to other players.
  2. Based on the recent news post, PC should be getting it back in "the coming weeks" and consoles will be worked on sometime after that. No set dates or anything yet.
  3. No mention of split screen? Hopefully it's still on the list of things to do. Aside from that, the only thing I would mention is in regards to the Endless Survival mode. I'm not sure you really need to bother with rewards that exceed the end of standard survival. Perhaps endless Deeper Well could eventually drop stats that you'd find on whatever the current "last" map is, but I don't think it needs to go past that. Even without stronger gear to incentivize, it would probably end up being a decent farm for gold. It might just be because I've played Bloons TD too much, but Endless
  4. In order to play online on Switch, you'll need a Switch Online membership. Unfortunately, the DDA recently was forced to update it's online functionality and the server browser hasn't been re-implemented yet. Currently the best option is to look for players using the DD Discord
  5. You are more likely to get a response in the DD2 Forum or on the DD Discord
  6. Your best bet is probably to email them at: support@chromatic.games I also had issues getting my shirt, but emailing them got it resolved. I'm in the US, but I think international backers were supposed to get them withing a couple months of US backers.
  7. Assuming you are talking about the Rifted enemy, they are ignored by non-fusion defenses. You will need to get a complete set of fusion armor, which drop on wave 15 and 25 in survival.
  8. For the record, they have been doing hour-long dev streams every Friday for a while Not sure if it's helped at all, but about a month ago they did announce this:
  9. I think something like Risk of Rain 2's system would work well. In that game, completing specific challenges would unlock new variations of a hero's abilities. So for a DDGR example, using the Apprentice to defeat X enemies with fire damage in a single run could unlock the alternate Flameburst/Flamethrower tower.
  10. Then there's the topic of having a dev kit for the community. DD1 Had the benefit of releasing new stuff fairly quickly, even if it was just holiday-themed challenges. But on top of that was the community maps. Even if you finished all the currently available official content, there was a plethora of user-generated stuff to keep you going. The fact that DD1-redux exists should be more than enough proof that such a feature is worth it.
  11. Agree, but it is only in EA at the moment, and a full advertised release in this state would likely not go well with non-DD fans. Once it has a bit more polish I hope they give it better marketing before full release. Same here. I've not had the time to play much, only 2-3 runs with the furthest beating the Demon boss when the game crashed. It definitely feels like it's targeted towards multiplayer, but still doable solo. I could see hero skins, but they would likely need to be a package deal. They can always add Holiday-themed hats and Pizza wings.
  12. This kind of transparency is exactly what the community has been begging for since the Kickstarter days. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us in on the thought process and hurdles. Excited to play GR more and see what new things get added. Love this franchise and hyped to see what these "plans both big and small to expand the world of Etheria" will be. Unless it's a Match-3 mobile game. Hard pass on that one.
  13. I agree that it makes sense as it's own game, and the fact that DDA owners can get it for around $7 is great. The only thing that feels weird is that they released it before the PS port of DDA, which is scheduled for May. Maybe they can release together, since they mentioned GR releasing on consoles as well. Regardless, looking forward to playing more and seeing future updates for it. Maybe next up will be a DD Kart Racer.
  14. Any hints on what's next? Trading? Split-screen? Tavernkeep shop?
  15. If you are looking for a group to play with that will help beat it, you will get better responses on the Discord. If you are asking for why the setup you have is not working, then you need to add some more details. What are you building where? What wave are you losing on? Which enemy is causing you problems?
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