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  1. The game is working fine for me. Just tested and Play Online works with no issues. You might try the "Verify Integrity of Game Files" tip. To do that, Right click the game -> Properties -> Installed Files As far as the game seeming dead, there's not been a major update in a while, and they haven't really hyped up any upcoming release for DDA. DD2 is still getting new stuff, but I believe they are focusing DDA development to finishing up some of the Kickstarter rewards. They are also working on DD Next, which is a new game that is supposedly going to be for mobile dev
  2. This is in the game. I believe the "T" key will toggle between the camera angles.
  3. NOTE: Chromatic Games is a US-based company, so communication with them that is not in English may not work. I suggest using something like Google Translate if you plan on messaging them. 1) Hackers are meant to be separate from the general games. If you are seeing a lot, your account may have gotten flagged. If you think this is the case, and have not engaged in any hacking, you can email support@chromatic.games to get the flag removed. 2) If you want to report a player, you will need their account name for the platform you are playing on (Steam ID, PSN name, ...) Along with tha
  4. You get money during your run. It does not carry over to other runs, so the slot machine can only be used in the middle of a run when you visit the tavern.
  5. Pretty sure I've seen others with similar issues. I believe CG is aware of the issue. As for finding a party, you might have better luck on the official Discord.
  6. This has been recorded on the official Discord, so you are not the only one and the devs are aware of it.
  7. They have mentioned that they are looking into adding the weapons in, at least.
  8. This is a feature in the game. You can toggle the top-down mode, default hotkey is T.
  9. The general consensus is that the best loot drops on Hardcore Rifted Mixed Mode (Dune Eater difficulty). It's also generally better with a full lobby, since more players means more enemies, and more enemies means more chances for the good stuff to drop. Aside from that, I believe the relevant change is this: source
  10. The devs are able to look into the details and unflag your account, if appropriate. The best way for you to start the process is to email support@chromatic.games
  11. Based on the Terms of Service, probably not. As for whether your specific script would trigger their anti-cheat, that's up to how you set it up.
  12. I imagine it's possible, but likely not something very easy to implement. Would be great if you could just save a build and have it as a template anytime you start that map again.
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