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  1. You assume this is an invalid way to play. So long as they aren't joining games of players that want active players (which active upgrade/repair doesn't require being on DPS), then who cares how they play the game?
  2. The orange player icon is correct for the guest player, but the middle icon is not and interacting with it does nothing. This doesn't happen every time, but the few times I've noticed it were after a player joins my tavern and before starting a match.
  3. Given that DD1 didn't launch with NM, let alone Mass and player shops, I can overlook those parts. The bigger issues are the Challenges and Split-screen.
  4. I never claimed you couldn't. You'll notice that there were 3 possibilities, of which liar is the final option: 1) There is legitimate issue, in which case contact support 2) Codes were already received and unsure how to use, which is fine, but ask about how you can access it instead of claiming you haven't been given anything 3) You have received codes and can use everything, at which point you've been given your bacon and eggs and are complaining that you haven't been given that dinner you were expecting to have tomorrow.
  5. And, while you didn't mention them, there's also the KS Giraffe, the VIP room, discord titles, and the Golden Tavern. So, saying means you either need to contact support, you are unaware of how to use it, or you are straight-up lying. The rest are still being worked on along side several other features, like split-screen and Massacre Survival. Just be patient.
  6. Except they also need to work on console versions, split screen play, kickstarter rewards, bug fixes, etc.
  7. Barbarian was first DLC hero, unless you count the gender-swaps
  8. Typical examples are Sanctum (which has a sequel) and Orcs Must Die (also with a sequel). I rather enjoyed Fortified, though don't expect to see anyone else ever playing it.
  9. I'm secretly hoping the console versions have unique items. Like, maybe Switch will have a Yoshi pet or PS4 has a God of War or Ratchet & Clank weapon.
  10. I wouldn't be against an anti-AFK option for games, so long as it could be turned off. Sometimes you want players who will be active, other times you just want to set up and let it go.
  11. I disagree. If they take the approach of better communication, then they can say "We plan to have it out in [month]" and if end of month is approaching, they can just as easily say "We've hit some unexpected issues, so it might be delayed". So long as they give an update a reasonable time before the end of their original estimate, the vast majority of the community will be understanding.
  12. Alternatively, have "Challenge Gear" with lower max stats. Playing anything in NM or Massacre, there's somewhere between a new hero and a fully maxed out hero where it's nearly impossible. If all heroes have this gear on, get some other perk, like higher chances for better gear, increased XP, more gold, unique pet/weapon, anything. You could even have the stats changed based on number of players, so you might have better stats playing solo than if you are in a group.
  13. There will always be people that think a game is easy, no matter how difficult you make it. Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, Battletoads, the list goes on. The issue seems to be coming from people thinking DDA is intended to be a super-hard game. It's not. It's meant to be a grinding game. The game can absolutely be unfairly difficult, just try going straight to NM with a deck of newly created heroes. I bet you end up failing the map a few times. You could probably even get that super-difficult vibe just by switching your equipment up. Try Massacre with only sub-mythic gear, or give your heroes armor from 4 different sets. As with many games, when you hit max level and have overcome all the experiences from end-game, you are over-powered. Some people enjoy this feeling. The ability to go back and see how far into survival you can get with a single Magic Missile turret. It's the New Game+ part of Dungeon Defenders.
  14. Last I heard, they were shooting for Switch in Q3 and Xbox/PS in Q4.
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