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  1. It also seemed crazy bright. Hopefully that gets toned down a bit. Maybe making it semi-transparent would help. The maps look really good, though. Along with the comment about half the maps in the game being new, I'm hyped.
  2. Guess we're back to this point now.
  3. Just saw the DD:A trailer in the Switch Indie World Showcase video on the Nintendo YouTube channel. The game is looking pretty good. The only things I've seen so far are Kickstarter video and some images in the updates. Is there somewhere that stuff is being uploaded that I'm missing? Also, it mentioned the Switch timed exclusive being released in 2020. Is the PC version stilled planned for October? Edit: There's also this slightly different version that's just the trailer
  4. To stay true to the thread, we should just start counting down to the next October.
  5. I think we are all ok with CG taking the time they need to make DDA the best it can be. This thread is mostly just to build the hype and show excitement. If they push back the release date, then just make the number bigger and continue counting down. Also 50 days
  6. I was only considering the host for blacklists. If player A is on my blacklist and hosting a room, I wouldn't see it. If player B is hosting the room and Player A happens to also be in it, I would see it. It makes the feature a bit less useful, but helps with the host kicking issues.
  7. I agree that a reporting system would be a pretty expensive option and I suggest it as more of a "stretch goal" solution. It would require additional development time to add in all the logging and systems to look into various accusations. Not necessarily an impossible option, but unlikely. When DD2 was still relatively new, it had a rep system (haven't played in a while but I think it's gone now). It was simple and took no time to use. How I would expect it to work is, when you exit a map, whether it's from being kicked or completing it or leaving on your own, you are able to give an optional up/down to any player that was in that match while you were. As for good players turning bad, either give players the option to have the rep calculation limit by a time frame (past year / month / week), or have the built in calculation give higher weights to more recent ratings. If there's still worry that the rating system will be abused, then have up = +1, down = -1, and no vote = 0 and use an average. The actual algorithm will likely need tweaking, but you get the idea. Also note that getting kicked isn't an immediate down vote. Neither is kicking someone giving the host a -1. Specifically on the "Let's say a troll starts playing the game and keeps doing bad stuff and ends up with a garbage reputation but then starts really loving the game. Is that person doomed from playing with anyone who picked "good reputation only"." remark. Yes. If you are a new player and you are only being toxic and a total jerk, then you should expect to have to put in work to fix your reputation. Same as in other online communities or even in real life. Perhaps that seems harsh, but a brand new player that's also toxic and a troll isn't something I'm concerned with catering towards. I think the idea is that if a player blacklists you their hosted games don't even show up in the list for you. Likewise, if you blacklist someone, they aren't offered as a game for you to join. There's not a "You are banned" message on trying to join. As for getting blacklisted when you go AFK, even if unintentionally, just accept the single instance of it. If a host doesn't want AFK players then they should be able to remove one simply using host-kick privileges. If that player keeps joining and going AFK, they should be able to blacklist them. If it happens to me that after unintentionally going AFK I get blacklisted by some user, so be it. It's not a room I would care to be in since I tend to play in a way that I might go do something and end up AFK for a few waves.
  8. I liked the Zamira set. Was kinda disappointed that it was the only of it's kind.
  9. When trying to play in the editor, the DLC heroes are locked (EV, Summoner, etc). How do you unlock them for use in DDDK?
  10. Does this still work? I tried a few times and it always reverts back to the previous .dev version.
  11. The "Setting Up Waves" link still seems to redirect to this post. The others work, though. Thanks.
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