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  1. but should we also be attempting to hack the game? I'd be more than happy to see what could be done hack-wise, but unless CG explicitly asks for it, it's unwelcome. Plus, they've already said the save data in the beta is not how it will be done at launch, so giving feedback of hacks wouldn't be relevant.
  2. After playing a while, the quick-swap grew on me, so I like that addition to DD1. The XP sharing, though, is a bit much. Maybe if it was something like non-active heroes in your deck get a fraction of the experience the active hero gets? That way it can still encourage playing as different heroes.
  3. Was hoping one of the videos would have a date -_- Guess I'll just hope for Black Friday Beta
  4. I'll just leave these here in case you missed them:
  5. Paint.NET, Make 4 layers, find and image for each layer, size each, profit.
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