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  1. Does fireball damage scale with number of players?
  2. 1. I think the Player Trading is supposed to be in the same update as the new mode. If not, it might be the next patch. 2. Switch is definitely the lest powerful console of the 3 planned for release. They've been working with Nintendo on optimizing for the Switch for months. The good news, those optimizations will likely carry over to all systems. The bad news, it's still not enough. While I can't say for certain, working with Microsoft means additional help in optimizing, but this time for the Xbox. Given that Microsoft should be the best choice for how to improve performance of Unreal Engine games, and the better hardware (and probably easier access to dev machines for remote working), this should be a much more attainable goal. After it's running well on Xbox, any new optimizations should carry over to the Switch, meaning it'll be closer to release without directly working on it. This time, with the added benefit of other console players getting to play.
  3. Support teams have been crazy slow for most companies recently. Sending multiple requests is likely only going to make it worse. I get that your patience has run out, which is why you're asking for a refund in the first place, but try to have a bit more.
  4. This is an unfair statement. Sure, console versions are horribly delayed, but that doesn't mean everyone at CG should be working on them. I imagine the programmers are swamped trying to optimize everything they can, but other departments might not have the skillsets to offer any meaningful contributions to the current state of the Switch version. There's no point in staff sitting around doing nothing just so users don't think they are wasting time on side projects. Sure, they could work on DLC for DDA, but that's a similar problem. Xbox/PS players are so far in the dark about when they can get a chance to play the base game, and PC players are already getting new content added? I mean, did they back the game in early development and are expected to wait for a Game-of-the-Year edition or something?
  5. You'll have to be more specific as to what codes exactly you haven't gotten. Codes for beta were sent out, as were codes for the game. They've also sent out the golden tavern, crystalline skins, KS Giraffe pet, and rift skins.
  6. It is noteworthy that a lot of the maps in DD1 were added later as dlc. Some are even community maps that were added from Steam Workshop. As for being paid, I think it's fair to expect. IIRC, the only free DLC was holiday themed things, which was only for the first 2 weeks it was released, and community maps.
  7. Philip is likely going to tell you to email support@chromatic.games
  8. I keep hoping that it's just CG killing the forums and shifting focus to Discord or Twitch or something. But the fact that there's not even been a patch to the game in over a month is disheartening. I get that there's a lot of major things that need working on, from console versions and split screen to bug fixes and player shops, but they made the choice to bring it out of Early Access, so I have to treat this as a released product. That said, DD1 released on October 19, 2011. It's first DLC was Halloween-themed content on October 28, 2011. Even putting aside that the DLC was free for the first couple weeks, I can't help but be saddened if DDA, being "released" for nearly 5 months, does not have anything.
  9. I don't think we have anything more to go on than Soon™ The last update we had was over a month ago, and even that was a pretty tiny patch. I have doubts that the next dlc/content will be by the end of the month, but hopefully they've got something big coming after all this time.
  10. Honestly, your best bet is going to be to message CG_Philip on the discord. The support email has been notoriously slow, likely from being understaffed. I'm not sure if last time you maybe posted in one of the discord rooms or messaged him directly, but maybe try posting the opposite way this time. If that's a room, I'd suggest #help-chat-dda
  11. The biggest features you missed are split-screen play and console versions. I understand that these features will likely not add anything for most of the people currently playing, but there's a lot of people waiting to start the game until these are implemented.
  12. I mean, technically they announced the Switch date, it's just that date was Feb 2020...
  13. Lavamancer is a proposed idea on the roadmap
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