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  1. This is the latest of anything heard about consoles. Sounds like it's almost ready for official review/release.
  2. I think you might be surprised how many people play solo or exclusively with friends, but there's also the cheaters section. Once you get flagged as a cheater, you can only play with others that have been classified as such.
  3. I saw a decent number of spiders included in builds
  4. You are definitely not the only one with this opinion. Personally, I like to see updates in Steam, since it's easy to access during the download. Plus Steam's systems help promote recently updated titles. So, if every update at least has a change log or something for Steam, I see no issues with copying it to the forums, preferably so it shows up under the NEWS section and not just the Patch Notes. As far as CG responses to posts, I get that reading every posts to find ones that deserve responses can take a while. IMO, Discord has this problem much worse, but that's not the point. Assuming CG has someone expected to interact with the community, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a new post to show up in the Dev Tracker every day or two. Even without reading every post to decide what needs responding to, just opening a couple recently active topics should give at least one concern players have that can be responded with an explanation or generic "we're aware of this and working on it". For topics you notice pop up a lot, maybe consider offering an actual progress report on it. I get that the posts-in-the-forums person may not know the status of everything in development, but if you're constantly seeing users complaining about something like split-screen, maybe figure out where it's at in development and offer something a little more than the generic response. That's not to say you have to read every post. The bigger topics will have multiple posts, usually consistently staying towards the top of the recently active list.
  5. If Bethesda and Ubisoft can release on consoles, I think DDA will manage. Skyrim is 9 years old and it's still got bugs.
  6. For Auras, you can select them by looking at their icon rather than the actual defense. This makes it much easier since the icons are at different heights and do not overlap, though it does make it seem like you need to look at the sky to upgrade some.
  7. In the discord, you can try messaging [CG]Philip
  8. It forces more strategy for quick building with faster hero swapping and limit the XP share to only 4 characters at a time.
  9. Yea, I've had that happen a lot. Seems to be particular angles that cause it, as sometimes the pieces are there with no issues and other times they stay invisible.
  10. This is only true if you are focused on the looter aspect of the game. There's plenty of Tower Defense games where the point of an endless mode is purely to test your build and see how far you can go.
  11. That doesn't mean they can't change some things. For example, DD1 had mana chests to get each build phase and didn't have a double jump.
  12. Alternate possibility, that player has unreliable internet connection. Not saying there aren't toxic players, but sometimes it's legitimate issues.
  13. I don't believe Pure Strategy for Massacre is added in yet.
  14. Was this progress from Early Access? There was a not-called-a reset between then and 1.0 release as well. They had a system in place where you could convert progress over, but at this point you may have to contact [CG] Phillip on the Discord
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