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  1. I emailed support a couple weeks ago and they responded within a couple days in a relatively pleasant interaction. I also tried contacting support around October/November 2020, and it was horrible. You might just try making a new request.
  2. They are likely going to be adding even more heroes, so eventually you'd need even more slots. Personally, I'd rather have easier hero management like DD1 had, but allow assigning you're "deck" for quick swapping and XP share. That way, you can still easily swap with F1-4, but you can also switch to non-deck heroes if you wanted to.
  3. Because some people want to get a general sense of when it will be ready? Now we know it's not going to be anytime soon.
  4. Not yet. They shifted focus to Xbox release, so hopefully that includes them working on split-screen
  5. Last update for the Switch version was they changed focus to the Xbox version. So, Switch is not going to be released first, but it's not been cancelled.
  6. Maybe we could even label these folders pockets, so we can easily tell what's in each one. And if we could make pockets inside of other pockets, the possibilities are endless!
  7. In regards to future DLC, is there an expectation for how much will be new, never-before-seen stuff and how much will be recreated maps/heroes from DD1&2?
  8. I like this idea. Would be great to see it implemented Personally, I'd rather them just get split into different pets. In DD1, beating the dragon would give you a guardian/animus of your current hero. While some things could use "Hot-To" info, this begins to stray into the excessive tutorial territory. New players won't know how the various things in the tavern work from the start, but as with the enemies and maps, you learn as you go. For example, as you unlock achievements, you'll notice trophies pop up. For the systems that really could benefit from the extra info (lookin' at you transmog), maybe an interact-able board on the wall or book on the counter. That way new players aren't overloaded by tutorial popups. There's also the option for smaller topics (like 1. QoL - "Force Ready All" Awareness and 4. QoL - "T" to change view) to have things on the loading screens like countless other games do. Would love to see this. Could also help with some of the bugged achievements. This is something that would likely need to be done before console versions could release. I can't say I've ever seen a game add more achievements to it's base game after release. There is the option to add for DLC content, though. Great idea. Can use Rocket League as inspiration for this one. Just avoid the loot boxes.
  9. Given that they changed focus to Xbox, the Switch release doesn't look like it'll be here anytime soon
  10. Welcome! Sorry the place is a bit of a mess right now. The community is quite passionate, which can be overwhelming when problems happen with development, but ultimately they are friendly and understanding.
  11. There's a thin white line that can tell you what level a tower is at. For aura/trap it's a white circle around the icon. Also, when trying to target a trap/aura for upgrade or repair, it's often easier to target the icon rather than the actual trap. There's no timer on Survival mode, but campaign has timers. All heroes in your deck get the same XP. Your heroes will not necessarily get the same XP as another player in your game, though.
  12. Whenever you want, but with how slow support is to respond, likely a sooner-the-better thing. I am, but I've also got a copy on Steam. Other than focusing on Xbox first now, there haven't been any updates. Possibly, but unlikely
  13. First, fast-paced games aren't the only thing popular in current times. Currently DOTA 2 is the #2 game played on Steam, and I doubt anyone would consider it "instant-action, fast paced". You can also look at the massive success of Minecraft. Even Among Us is less about instant-action and more about social deduction. I think the main problem with your argument is that you are comparing fast-paced FPS games with a strategy game. Tower defense games are more about where to place what towers to deal with different types of enemies. After you understand the mechanics, it usually becomes a question of how long your setup can hold. That said, DD does have a unique problem since it adds in that 3rd-person action style. While I would recommend the No Towers challenge for those that want more active gameplay, the truth is that towers are are much more important than your hero. So, you will have to spend the time to plan and build, followed by mostly waiting for the waves to end.
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