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  1. Are the joycon stickers still going to be a thing? They aren't in the list.
  2. You misunderstand my point. I don't care if there needs to be a delay. In fact, I think the entire community would be more than accepting if they had just come out and say it. The problem doesn't even lie in their not acknowledging it until the last minute. Honestly, even being a backer before there was a product isn't a factor. It comes from them continuously reassuring everyone that the March deadline is still expected to be met until the deadline is here and then giving notice about it. It is not about 2 days, its about telling us one thing and changing it at the last minute. Imagine if instead your ski resort assured you that they were still operating fine and you were welcome to enjoy your vacation on the proposed date, but the day of they told you they need a few days before you can come. You'd probably think "man I sure wish you'd have told me sooner". Exactly this.
  3. 1) In the Covi update, we were told The roadmap called for March release, so it's entirely reasonable to expect a release on 3/31. To have the first hint at a delay to come on 3/31 comes across as a bit disrespectful, since it seems unlikely that they didn't have any idea there would be a delay until day-of. 2) This is definitely not the first instance of communication issues with CG. Just looking through some of the various threads here, you'll see communication has been a problem pretty much since the beginning. Don't get me wrong, it is much better than it was. I think a lot of us just assumed that the hiring of a community manager would play out differently than it has been. Perhaps iamisom just spoiled us, perhaps the forums are just deader than I think. Nothing against Mary, she has been wonderful and a big reason why the communication is better now. In fact, I'd love to see more than a post a day from her! 3) There was only assurance that the deadline would be met. The DD community is quite understanding and forgiving. The problem was that every interaction with CG included something like "but it still is on track for March". To go back to the movies analogy, imagine we have the outing set and you mention "there's that illness going around, but don't worry, still planning on being at movie night." Don't be afraid to say "this sickness is kinda nasty, but hopefully won't have to push back the schedule a little bit." The later still insinuates that the timeline is on track, but offers reasoning in the event something goes wrong. If we reschedule at the 11th hour, it's more understandable.
  4. Something tells me there's going to be a shadowed Djinn coming soon. . .
  5. I disagree. It's more like if the people that funded Apple to build the next iPhone wanted to be given a heads up if their "spring" release suggestion had potential to not be met. Many of the users here backed them from Kickstarter, and a lot of those users already feel betrayed by the PS4/Xbox release delay. Also, there's no demanding that we be told all the secrets. We're not asking for solid dates or even what content is coming next. We just want to be respected enough to be informed when there might be a delay. If we planned to go to the movies together and I told you a few minutes before showtime that I want to reschedule for a couple days later, you'd have good reason to be upset. If I told you the day before that I might have to reschedule, there's much less of a problem. This is 100% accurate, and I could be completely wrong. I just think we live in an era where you can make little comments to defuse potential problems later. Again, not a full write-up update like they have been doing (which are great for official announcements), but quick comments intended to keep people in the loop. Someone on the forums noticed that a dev mentioned a potential delay, they spread that info as a delay seems inevitable, the userbase is understanding because they were given a heads-up, CG can write up an official announcement for whoever doesn't dig through the forums. Again, not in PR, so this could entirely be wishful thinking and rose-colored glasses. This is the part that is important. I think the majority of users here trust CG when they say they are delaying things to make it better. They've proven that they are working hard and making improvements. If they need to delay things, I don't doubt that most people will be more than accepting because they believe the result will be a better product. After all, "a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad".
  6. The logic of "2 day delay should be known 2 days out" is flawed, but the point you make is accurate. My bet would be there were some bugs the testers found that CG were uncomfortable releasing. Maybe a new save-wiping thing? As a developer, I am aware that we can be notoriously bad at estimating how long something takes to fix, and often times those estimates don't include more testing. And I get it, you want to be optimistic about meeting your proposed schedule. Developing is tricky and unexpected things show up, we understand. All we ask is for communication so we don't feel left in the dark. These forums are some of your biggest supporters and the DD community is fantastic. We're not here to kick while you're down. Even with the lack of communications, we still try to stand up and defend you. If you let us in on what's happening, we can better understand and further help defend when things happen. I don't think anyone is expecting a full press release on every little thing, just when you have an official decision on those. I just want the conversations to include the forums. A quick post like "We're still hopeful to release in March, but bear with us if we need to push it back a couple days" can go a long way. The work being done is really showing. It's come a long way since the beta and it only looks to be getting better. Keep up the great work, and just try to keep us in the loop going forward.
  7. I'm not sure if there was a limit in DD1, but you could definitely have more than 12 heroes. I think it's unlikely they will introduce a limit that would delete characters for legitimate users DD1 had special drops for each boss, I would plan on DDA also having special items.
  8. I really like how the price of an item can be much higher but still considered a downgrade.
  9. PSA: If you want to help deal with hackers, use the reporting functionality built into the game. Posting on the forums is not particularly useful.
  10. You've crushed my dreams of being 2 billion mana in debt!
  11. Given that DD1 got so much love from the community with the modding kit, I'm hoping there is at least hope for DDA to get in on that action. That said, I figured I'd start learning UE4. Is the team locked in on a specific version at this point? Also, poking through the game files I noticed some early draft cinematics. Excitement levels are pretty high right now.
  12. I'd also like to add in that half the maps are new.
  13. There's been multiple requests to allow quick change (F1/F2/F3/F4) while in the inventory, so I doubt there's currently a better way. Hopefully something gets added, though.
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