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  1. This has been recorded on the official Discord, so you are not the only one and the devs are aware of it.
  2. They have mentioned that they are looking into adding the weapons in, at least.
  3. This is a feature in the game. You can toggle the top-down mode, default hotkey is T.
  4. The general consensus is that the best loot drops on Hardcore Rifted Mixed Mode (Dune Eater difficulty). It's also generally better with a full lobby, since more players means more enemies, and more enemies means more chances for the good stuff to drop. Aside from that, I believe the relevant change is this: source
  5. The devs are able to look into the details and unflag your account, if appropriate. The best way for you to start the process is to email support@chromatic.games
  6. Based on the Terms of Service, probably not. As for whether your specific script would trigger their anti-cheat, that's up to how you set it up.
  7. I imagine it's possible, but likely not something very easy to implement. Would be great if you could just save a build and have it as a template anytime you start that map again.
  8. Aren't there new runes only available on the new map?
  9. Yes. And you would definitely know if you played the PTR version, as it requires user action before launching the game.
  10. You might message [CG] Philip on the official discord.
  11. Are you playing online? I'm not sure if the "Play Offline" option unlocks it. If you still don't have it, you can email support@chromatic.games and they'll get it unlocked for you.
  12. You aren't talking about stuff you got from the PTR, right? That stuff won't transfer when the PTR ends. If it's not PTR related, you can email support@chromatic.games to see if they can help out. They've been able to restore lost progress before.
  13. Likely, you violated this portion of the ToS with your script: I'm not familiar with sandboxie, but I highly doubt they care about running virtual machines, let alone whether they could even detect it. If you want to try and reverse the flag, you can email support@chromatic.games
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