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  1. It's not been released on the Switch or the PS4 yet. The expected release date for the Switch is on the Soon of Someday. The PS4 version is expected to release on [REDACTED]
  2. If I remember correctly, there's a key to toggle the view. I think it's default to something like T, but you should be able to see it in the keymapping settings
  3. The trophies can be unreliable to unlock. Hopefully it gets fixed at some point
  4. Split Screen is planned, but not currently implemented in any version of the game. There's no official release date for it yet, either
  5. Holy guacamole, Batman. That's a pretty big commitment. How often are you guys expecting to release an Episode? I know there's constant cries for new content, but please don't rush anything and end up with something like Halo 4's Spartan Ops.
  6. I'm on board with this request.
  7. Was looking around the secret room in the tavern and noticed our new CM doesn't seem to be represented. There's plenty of wall space left, so make it happen.
  8. Achievements have been unreliable since they were first added. I somehow managed to get "Completed all maps on Hard" but not get "Completed all Act 3 maps on Hard"
  9. They are Fridays on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/chromatic_games
  10. Split screen was in the Early Access build for a short time, but removed for technical issues. It's been asked about for about a year and their replies have always been "It's on the list, we're working on it." Hopefully the release of the Xbox version gets its priority bumped up a bit and it can be fixed sooner.
  11. To answer your other question, you can contact support by emailing support@chromatic.games
  12. Maybe Xbox is different, but on Steam there is an achievement for completing the tutorial. It's called "Good Student".
  13. There's definitely a storyline and cinematics on a few maps. If the Xbox version isn't playing anything, then it's definitely a bug.
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