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  1. I don't think the uniqueness of the Summoner was the problem. The biggest issue is he has his own DU pool. Now, every map needs to either be balanced off using double the map's DU (i.e. Summoner required to win) or the Summoner is ignored and any build that includes him gets an easy win. Personally, I loved the Summoner for pretty much the same reasons you've mentioned, and I agree that any hero should be viable for any map, even if not optimal. However, I don't think a single hero should be required for every map. I'd love to see new characters, or even enemies, that add differen
  2. Noticed the Rogue didn't get any changes. I agree, he's perfect.
  3. I've had crashes on the PC version a few times, and I know others have as well. Whether they are all related or not is unknown, but in my case, the frequency on PC is about the same as you've mentioned. Various updates have made it better, so it could be that the Switch version just needs to catch up.
  4. We'll miss you. Hopefully you can still get added to the dev room, as you definitely deserve it.
  5. I believe the consensus is that the EXP resets are visual bugs caused by switching heroes. You should still be getting the XP, just your progress bars for it might not be showing correct values. As for getting XP, you'll most likely want to do NM Promenade Survival runs, maybe starting somewhere around wave 16-20.
  6. I found myself always missing these. I'd randomly notice them while building and realize I've missed most of the dialogue. Maybe if there was a small audio cue when it popped up. I'd also be fine with voices for the heroes. I'll volunteer to voice the Monk XD
  7. This is a problem on all platforms. The only workaround I know of is to exit the menu, swap to the hero you want to change stats on, then re-open the menu. This was something I appreciated in DD2. Each map that added a new enemy would show a short clip of it on your first run. Would love to see a similar thing in DDA.
  8. As consolation, here's a picture of our new pupper:
  9. Communication has been the main issue for the entirety of development, and it's not limited to just the Switch. They have been getting better with it, but there's still a ways to go. At this point, the expectation is basically to assume whenever something get released, something is horribly broken. So, just wait until the next patch or two and then jump in. Yes it sucks that the Switch version i sin such a poor state, but there's also a validation process done by Nintendo that's preventing the fixes from getting pushed in a timely manner. Keep being patient.
  10. They mentioned it in the Friday stream on Twitch
  11. You might need to email them at support@chromatic.games
  12. Thank you so much for this. It's about time there's a formal process that's not "talk to the guy in the trench-coat behind the old Blockbuster".
  13. You can try emailing support@chromatic.games If you were playing online, the save data should be backed up. Unfortunately, DDA doesn't seem to work with Steam's cloud backup system.
  14. Survival achievements appear to be bugged at the moment. There's some discussion of it on the Official Discord Server
  15. I don't think they've confirmed anything yet. The mushroom hat is only available for a short time after the Episode 1 patch. So, it seems likely for there to be similar exclusive items in the future.
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