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  1. I believe the idea is to make it so all your heroes can be useful in both build phase and combat phase. It also doesn't prevent you from having multiple of the same hero for various specialties, but it can allow you to start combining some together. Personally, I like the change, but it definitely can take some getting used to.
  2. Not at launch. This is still being worked on.
  3. Message [CG] Phillip on Discord Also, if you want to help deal with hackers, use the reporting functionality built into the game. Posting on the forums is not particularly useful.
  4. Well, they quoted a different user. So, it likely wasn't intended as an answer to your question.
  5. The only things they've said about the PS version: 1. The Switch version will be first 2. They plan to have it out before 2022
  6. In progress. It's allegedly in the verification process. The closest thing we have to a date is that CG hopes to have all console versions out by 2022
  7. The post about the PTR (Public Test Realm) is here: The survey can be accessed through the Start/Esc menu in game (on the PTR build). There should be an option like PTR Survey.
  8. I think every act had 2 new maps, 2 old maps, and the encore was always an old map. Also, DDA isn't meant to be a complete recreation of DD1, so it's not surprising some old maps are missing. There's also plenty of people the think there's too many returning maps, so a bit of a can't win issue there. I mean, the merchant in DD1 was never really used. The gear he sold was terrible. Yea, this has been complained about for a while now. I was hoping it would be included when the release to consoles happened.
  9. Trading and Player Shops are yet to be implemented. I think this was hinted at coming out after the upcoming Episode 1 DLC, but before Episode 2. And a chicken you can kick around. And chairs that can be played with. And a section for trophies. And 2 secret rooms. And hidden ducks. The Blacksmith is where you go to change your hero's appearance. It's a bit confusing, but you start creating your outfit by clicking the gear in the top corner. Yes. They are working on the Episode 1 DLC which adds 2 new heroes, 4 new maps, new enemies, and new gear. I believe they
  10. Are the upcoming console ports expected to have the Episode 1 content as well, or is it going to be a DLC kind of thing?
  11. I'm able to edit colors on ancient characters from the before-times, so it should be possible. It's not very intuitive, but the gear in the top corner should be there for all heroes, and you have to create a new entry for each character before you can change their look.
  12. As much as I disliked the Barbarian, this hero has me genuinely excited. Hopefully it doesn't outclass all the other heroes and become the only one seen during combat waves.
  13. It's not been released on the Switch or the PS4 yet. The expected release date for the Switch is on the Soon of Someday. The PS4 version is expected to release on [REDACTED]
  14. If I remember correctly, there's a key to toggle the view. I think it's default to something like T, but you should be able to see it in the keymapping settings
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