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  1. While I like the idea, I'm not seeing this as something likely to be implemented. If nothing else, because it encourages solo play, since building defenses with other players isn't supported as a save option. Plus, as heroes improve defenses, some positions might become invalid (like if an aura size increases and now intersects with the crystal). However, here's some ideas on how I would implement it. Make it sort of like a "record" feature. You record yourself building the setup (initial wave only) and have the option to save it (which includes time and mana spent). Then, when you attempt to "replay" the recording, it verifies that you have sufficient mana and time on the build timer and subtracts the necessary amount. The time spent may require a more complicated formula, though, since Hero Casting Rate and Hero Speed stats might affect if the current hero could still manage to build that fast. Perhaps just verifying that the values are not lower than when you created the template? If you make each template saved to the hero, you can easily verify the character still exists and use the current stats for the tower. Plus, if you can find a way around the timer issue you can support each player building with their own characters (i.e. I can build my Squire defenses while a friend builds Monk auras). The best option I'm thinking for the time issue is to track how much time is subtracted for the template building and when a new player builds one it checks against that and if their setup took longer it subtracts the difference. Example: 1. Player 1 takes 40 seconds to build Huntress traps (build timer subtracts 40 seconds : total subtraction is at 40) 2. Player 2 takes 45 seconds to build Apprentice towers (build timer subtracts 45-40=5 seconds : total subtraction is at 45) 3. Player 3 takes 30 seconds to build Monk auras (build timer doesn't subtract since 30-45<0 : total subtraction is at 45) This setup also has the benefit of not actually requiring it to be restricted to a certain wave. So long as each tower verifies placement before the template build it, it can be done during any build phase.
  2. I feel like at least one ability/tower needs to have a "slip" effect. Maybe instead of ability 1? For tower, I like the idea of a bubble wall. Enemies stop to attack it, then it pops and causes knockback. Have it setup with a timer to blow up the next wall, and I'd call it great. Maybe even have that be an add-on option for non-bubble physical towers.
  3. One of the things I enjoyed doing in DD1 was going back to Deeper Well and playing Easy Survival with a single tower (on a buff beam) to see how far it could manage. I was thinking of how this could be made into a game mode, since it gives the early levels more replay-ability and highlights just how far the heroes had advanced on their journey. It should also help encourage new builds. I'm not completely sold on my implementation, but here's my thoughts. Basic idea: You have fewer DU to build a map than standard. This could be as simple as a challenge for a single map or as integrated as an option for any map. Idea 1: You start off with 75% DU for the map. Each wave decreases the DU further (this can be a % of the previous wave or a set number). The next combat phase cannot begin until your setup costs less than the new DU max. This might require you to sell some towers (though I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of the game randomly removing some if there's a desire to have a timer). Idea 2: When selecting the map, you can set a DU handicap which lowers the DU from the start and doesn't change it afterwards. I imaging the UI being a DU slider where you can set the value between 0 and whatever the normal max is. If you can beat the map with a single Harpoon, set the value to 6 and that's what it is (or set it to 4 and hope for the best for your Jester present).
  4. I like the idea on this. Some accessories have multiple colors, so it might be nice to be able to pick specific colors to keep. For example, if you have a Yellow top hat with a White band and a Black top hat with a Blue band, you might want the end result of a Black hat with a White band. Not really. It might make it more difficult, but nothing impossible. I imagine it like the final dragon boss of DD1. If ranged fighters could hit it while it flies to deal damage and melee fighters could hit it while landed.
  5. I kinda liked this as well. There were many times when I had to choose if upgrading/building was worth the risk of not getting to switch characters (most of which I tried to build and ended up stuck for that wave). On the other hand, I could see the swap mechanic allowing for more intricate challenges, like having a boss that requires switching between range and close-up combat. If they really want to keep it, I could go for it being removed in one of the harder difficulties or as a challenge mode like Mixed Mode was. After all, the lower difficulties didn't have timers anyway so getting stuck as a builder wasn't really a thing.
  6. I kinda like this idea. Maybe a hero that takes some inspiration from the Spy class in TF2. You can have each ability be disguising as a different enemy type with increasing cost per the enemie's rank (i.e. goblins are the cheapest, maybe have orcs at the highest). Then the player could influence lower ranked enemies, like telling the archers to rush a tower or compromise the kabolds explosives so they blow up immediately instead of getting the chance to charge. Could even take the Barbarian idea and have no towers to allow more enemy types.
  7. Monk: Krillin (changed to Tien for adult costume) Apprentice: Squishy - I put all the points in Mana Bomb so it could cover the entire tavern, so he dies pretty easily Squire: Leeroy (as in Jenkins) Hunter: Starkiller Summoner: Krona (any other comic book nerds?) Barbarian: Hulk EV: Jolteon Jester: Harley Quinn My co-op partner named their Apprentice Vivi
  8. DPS Monk WASD or Arrow keys
  9. Even DD1 had DLC characters. I think most people would agree that any characters that are ready to play when the game releases should be free, but if they want to make a new hero after release, I don't see a problem with charging a little extra for it (as long as it's not a crazy OP hero that becomes required for any build). On the topic of DLC, I did appreciate how DD1 released it for free for 2 weeks (at least for most of them). Would absolutely approve of that model if DLC is going to happen. Agree. I could maybe see an argument for having a hero-version and tower-version of any given hero (mostly because that's what I did when the gender-swaps released).
  10. Absolutely. Mods really help extend the life of a game and allow new things to be made without taking the time and energy away from whatever the devs are working on.
  11. Pet breeding - take the stats of one pet and give it the color palette of another. I'd be willing to allow something similar to the unranked mode of DD1 where your hero can be copied into and then have different inventory. Then you can have someplace for players that just want to constantly power up until either the numbers overflow or their hardware can't handle the number of enemies. Aside from that, the mini-bosses can be "checkpoints" so the next time you start the level you can jump to that difficulty. I remember something like this in Pokemon X/Y. Am I the only one that pictures a Mad Scientist style hero as a Kobold? I'm thinking something of a steampunk-style.
  12. I enjoyed the way DDE did pet eggs. I'd still want actual pets as rewards for challenges, but I didn't mind hatching them.
  13. Not saying they will all be welcome additions, but I suspect the following DD2 features to show up: - A hub map instead of joining random taverns - Premium currency shop (generally cosmetic items) - More of a tutorial - Pet eggs - Auto-collect features for drops - Elemental combos - More customization options (such as skill spheres and tower skins) - Better loot drop visuals (colored light pillars from the items) - Daily/Weekly challenges Also likely to appear are some new maps/defenses/weapons/modes/etc from DD2.
  14. I wouldn't be against no timer on the initial build and then just no build phase after you start.
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